Saturday, November 13, 2010

Update: Saturday, November 13, 2010

Simon Harvey, one of the founders of this show, did a fanzine when he was first getting into the scene called Breach of Discipline. I came across issues 1 and 2 and so I scanned them and put them up as downloads. Issue 1 contains interviews with MSI, BSL, Son of Happy, Schizoid, and BFG among others. Issue 2 contains interviews with SNFU, Youth of Today, Dick Lucas of the Subhumans, Black Donnellys, Insecticide, Confront, Sons of ishmael, Sudden Impact, Flecks of Drool, Missing Link, and NFG.

A shitload of old MRR reviews have gone up of releases by Canadian bands. I was using the Operation Pheonix Records site as a source on that. I have spent the last three weeks going through it. I also found a lot of old scene reports for various parts throughout Canada. Look them up under the MRR search item.

The Studio 3 session for I Object from Buffalo has just been uploaded to the blog. Mark Rodenhizer was able to get the Leghounds to do a Studio 3 session on Saturday June 5th, 2004 and their session finally got uploaded with CD like artwork. I also uploaded sound files for the Career Suicide session recorded on March 23, 2008 complete with CD artwork. All the sessions are ready for download.

I put up a number of releases under the release archive, which includes two Endless Blockade split with Hatred Surge and Warzone Womynthe Vapids from Hamilton, No Problem from Edmonton, and the  Young Canadians from Vancouver.

A load of Fratricide flyers were uploaded to the blog in honour of the Fratricide release that Ugly Pop just put out. The zine archive has gotten pretty extensive.

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