Monday, November 15, 2010

Various Artisits "Board to Death BC" ep

A new regional compilation coming from BC. It looks like they also have skateboarding in common. Unfortunately there is not anything else in here by way of information about the bands. The HOOVERS start this comp out with a screaming loud hardcore number. This is the standout of the comp for me and makes sense that they would start the comp with this. The HOOVERS are from Vancouver. CHINA CREEPS also play straight forward hardcore. They remind me of the DAYGLOS even though they sound nothing like them. Must be the skating connection. RETARDS ON CAFFEINE contribute a new song to this comp. Different from the ep. The band is a three piece and play as fast as they can. It sounds like sloppy thrashing hardcore. And the production sounds like it is recorded in a space ship. KEG KILLERS are a pop punk band . OVARY ACTION have that party sing-a-long sound like “the Kids are United” cover by 7 SECONDS but with more of a SOUP or SCHLONG feel to it. Very different sounding bands giving us a good idea of the new bands in the Vancouver scene.

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