Monday, November 8, 2010

Radio: Sunday, November 7, 2010

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THE VAPIDS – Satellite Debris (Surfin Ki’ Records)
EVERYTHING FALLS APART – Brace Position (One Percent)

WHITE WHALE – Sunburn (Self-Released)
LAPIN POLTHAJAT – Paskaduunissa (Kamaset Levyt)
DAMAGE – Time Flies (Eldsjal)
GLOM DA – MP3 Ar Fan Inte Punk (Smattra Kang)

JOE STRUMMER - The Road to Rock 'n Roll (Hellcat)
HORSES - Gasoline (Out of Touch)
ANN BERETTA - Forever Family (FBR)
BOUNCING SOULS - Gasoline (Chunksaah)

FARTZ - Is This the Way? (Alternative Tentacles)
CRIMINALS - Radio (New Disorder)
FELCHERS - The Untamed Ruler (Fans of Bad Productions)
EXPLOITED - You're a Fucking Bastard (Dream Catcher)
PANIC - Our Choice is Made (Bridge 9)

MAKUA VALLEY BLAST TEST – Genetic Dead End (Self-Released)
GAS CHAMBER – Spelling Backwards / Return to Shape (Warm Bath Label)
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE – Pathlogized (Schizophrenic)
RECENSION – Consumers…Unite! (Sounds of Revolution)
LOW THREAT PROFILE – Nobody Fears You (Deep Six)
POSER DISPOSER – Dis-Gusting Bird Holocaust (Regurgitated Semen Records)

RIOT SQUAD - Unite and Fight (Rot)
THIS IS MY FIST - Jesus Plus Nothing (625 Productions)
BLITZ - 4Q (No Future)
AT THE DRIVE IN - Proxima Centauri (Fearless)
LATEX NOVELTIES - I Don't Wanna Look Like No Ramone (Punks Before Profits)
SNAKEPIT - Too Late to Die Young (Self-Released)

URBAN WASTE - No Hope (Mob Style)
URBAN BLIGHT - Your Abuse (Static Shock)

GOB - License from A cereal Box (Netwerk)
BANE - Speechless (Equal Vision)
ENVISION - Road Trip (Self Released)

LIFE SENTENCE - Tour Til Death (WalkthruFyre)
SWIZ - Road Trip (Jade Tree)
THE CLASH - King of the Road (Bootleg)
THE SATELLITERS - Outta Here (Sound Flat)
SISSY HAVOC - Finger Painting (Fans of Bad Productions)

ENDOW - Rollback (Self-Released)

ENDOW - Pull the Plug (Self-Released)
ENDOW - Crux (Self-Released)
ENDOW - Cheap Thrills (Self-Released)

ENDOW - Kill Your TV (Self-Released)

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