Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Vapids "Charm School Dropouts" LP

Hamilton's answer to the Ramones have been at it for many years. Back in January 2000 Jimmy, Scotty, Johnny, and Chuck knocked this out. It came out on Amp Records in 2001 and features a tribute to Tommy Ramone. Surfin' Ki Records out of Italy decided the world was ready for a vinyl release. I missed out on the original CD release so I am glad to hear it for my first time on vinyl. Songs like "Satellite Debris" hit me from out of nowhere. This was limited to a pressing of 400 copies. The songs on here include:

1. I am a Square
2. Make Mommy Proud
3. Pocket Full of Nails
4. Appetite for Adrenochrome
5. In for the Kill
6. Monkey Beach
7. The Bad Lieutenants
8. Iron Will
9. Tommy Ramone
10. Satellite Debris
11. When the Lights are Out
12. Product of your Family
13. These Kids are Sick
14. Secret Destroyer

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