Monday, February 23, 2009

Radio - Sunday, February 22, 2009

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TEENANGER - Minimum Wage (Telephone Explosion)

Studio 3 Session
TEENANGER - Cheap Thrills (CIUT)
TEENANGER - Junkyard Wife (CIUT)
TEENANGER - Homecoming Queen (CIUT)
TEENANGER - Carole Pope (CIUT)
TEENANGER - Brain Hiccup (CIUT)
TEENANGER - Girls for Days, Legs for Miles (CIUT)
TEENANGER - Minimum Wage (CIUT)
TEENANGER - Lebanese Lightning (CIUT)
TEENANGER - Interview (CIUT)
TEENANGER - Dr. Uggs (Telephone Explosion)

Top 10 – Newbies in 2008
BIRDS OF A FEATHER - Goodness (Commitment)
BLACKOUT - Secrets (Profane Existence)
TOYOTAS - Extinction of the Nerds (Radio 81 / P Trash)
LOGIC PROBLEM - Double Crossed (Sorry State)
SMART COPS - Il Vile e Il Futuro (Sorry State)
SOTATILA - Kontrolli (Kamaset Levyt)
POSITIVE NOISE - No Hardcore (Punks Before Profits)
VILE NATION - Up All Night (Even Worse/Kangaroo)
SACRED SHOCK - For a Living (Schizophrenic)
FIX MY HEAD - Fuck Evan (Radio 81 / P Trash)

SOCIALCIDE - Will Call (Even Worse/ Kangaroo)
INSTANGD - Hjartattack (Sorry State)
AKUTARE - Inject Blues (Schizophrenic)
ZIP GUNS - Speedway (Meaty Beaty)
TAKE CONTROL - Fuck the Consequences (Commitment)
BRAT PACK - Soft Money (Dirty Faces)
DISCO VOLANTE - 1984 (Not Enough)
EMPTY GRAVE - Monotony (Absent)

LOST CAUSE - Ending Time (Self-Released)

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