Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update: Sunday July 18, 2010

We put up some more old Studio 3 sessions for you to check out. We went back to the oldest missing sessions which were :

The Class from Toronto who played on Sunday January 6, 2002
Riot99 from Toronto who played Studio 3 on Sunday March 3, 2002.
The First Day from B.C. who played in Studio 3 on Sunday June 21, 2002
R.A.M.B.O. from Philadelphia played in studio 3 on Sunday August 25, 2002.

Vince Carlucci was also very helpful with sending us some old flyers of Cardboard Brains and Johnny and the G-Rays and a few others that were up at his exhibit. They have been posted up under the Flyer archive by date so check out new additions under 1978 through to 1981. Thanks Vince. Steve Koch and Henry Martinuk have also been sending more of these our way.

I have also been uploading more items about a variety of bands under our myspace site under the photo albums.

We also posted up the transcript of an interview Greg Dick did with the Ugly. And the interview can also be downloaded in a PDF format. See cover image below.

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