Sunday, March 3, 2002

Studio 3 - Sunday, March 3, 2002

This was one of the first studio 3 sessions we ever recorded at CIUT. The session was recorded on Sunday March 3rd, 2002 and it was live on the show. The band at the time featured Drew on vocals, Andy from the Class on guitar, Jim on bass, and Taras on drums. This session was recorded by Ben Edgar.

RIOT99 - Rise Above (CIUT)
RIOT99 - Decade on the Dole (CIUT)
RIOT99 - Destroy the City (CIUT)
RIOT99 - New York City Girl (CIUT)
RIOT99 - Nun Fucker (CIUT)
RIOT99 - What are they Fighting For (CIUT)
RIOT99 - Self Destruct (CIUT)
RIOT99 - Dirty Schoolgirls (CIUT)
RIOT99 - Cancer in Society (CIUT)
RIOT99 - I Just Wanna (CIUT)
RIOT99 - Last Year's Youth (CIUT)
RIOT99 - Fuck America (CIUT)

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