Tuesday, March 5, 2002

The Attack "Mental Health" ep

The Attack are a band from Vancouver. They played a show here and some folks thought they were nuts because the singer went into some psycho therapy talk about how his needs to work on male chauvinism and an ex-girldfriend accused him of rape. Most people didn;t know how to take them after that and I get the sense that the dude is trying to attone for the accusations. Admirable. I think this is the story behind the first song. Anyway most people were just weirded out by the singer's admission and responded by makng fun of him. They didn't have much cred in this city as a band, but this record is pretty raging. This was a record they had come out on a label from Long Beach called Dispossessed. The songs on here are:
1. I'll Take Misogyny in Hardcore for 100, Alex
2. I Quit
3. Perfect Situation
4. Making Amends
5. Frustration
6. Mental Health
7. My Work Here is Done
8. Dancing on their Ruins
After they broke up I think some of the members started a band called Chuck Norris.


  1. No one in THE ATTACK went on to be in CHUCK NORRIS, but they did go on to the following bands:
    NORM was later in FUCK ME DEAD and was an early member of GO IT ALONE and I believe SHOOK ONES.
    MARK/KRAM went on to be in GO IT ALONE, DEVOTION, KEEP IT CLEAR, and possibly others.
    JEFF went on to play in FUCKED UP KID, LIMB FROM LIMB, FEAR OF TOMORROW, and has been doing shows in Vancouver under the CHARGED//DISTORTED moniker for years.
    No idea what METAL STEVE did after this.

    The guy that put this out was the singer of ESPERANZA, who put out a killer demo and had some great songs on the first Hysteria comp.

    Regardless, this 7" rages, and I think still holds up.

  2. Does anyone have MP3s of the attack 7"?!