Monday, July 19, 2010

Radio - Sunday, July 18, 2010

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THE DIODES - Blonde Fever (Live, unreleased)
Interview with Aldo Erdic about Circa 1977: The Diodes
THE DIODES - Time Damage (Rave Up)

RIGHT IDEA - Clear Your Head (React)
COKE BUST - No One to Impress
CROSS CHECK - Cross Check
GLUE - Born That Way

WOVEN BONES - Creepy Bones (Hozac)
THE PEOPLE'S TEMPLE - Make You Understand (Hozac)
DOWNBELOWS - Where Ya Been Baby (October 32nd)
DEVIL DOGS - Backstage (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
TRANZMITORS - Look What Your Doing (Cat Call / Ugly Pop)

TOTAL TRASH - No York (Self-Released)
CRUDE SS - Chaos (Uproar)
JENNY PICCOLO - One Watt (31G)
FROM ASHES RISE - the Last Word (Jade Tree)
CHUCK DAMAGE - Living Blind (Hardware)
JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD - U Got the Look (Infinity Cat)
LAST LAUGH - Deal With It (Self-Released)

GOOD RIDDANCE - Tragic Kingdom (Fat Wrechords)
TRUNK - Be Alright (Raw Energy)
BL'AST - Something Beyond (SST)
GOB - What To Do (Netwerk)
GREEN DAY - My Generation (Lookout)

DREAM DATES - The Mess You're In (Ugly Pop)
GBH - I Am the Hunted (Clay)
DAMNED - Neat Neat Neat (Sanctuary)

NATURAL LAW - Scholarship (Self-Released)
GILDED AGE - Monster Head (Self-Released)
ZHONIA GOLUV - Priviledge (Self-Released)
CAREER SUICIDE - The Last Say (Deranged)
BLANK STARE - Choice or Coercion (Self-Released)
PROPAGHANDHI - Rio De San Atlanta, Manitoba (Fat Wrechords)

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