Saturday, July 3, 2010

Flyer - Saturday July 3, 2010

This show was moved from Parts and Labour to the Polish Combatants Hall. Loads of people I talked to on the night were excited about the prospects of drinking Polish beer. And there was some old army uniforms as a display that made the event a little more bizarre. It didn't hurt that the last time I had been here was for an Estonia confirmation ceremony some 29 years ago. So the whole thing started off with a bizarre twist.

Bastard Noise were the final band of the evening. The Man is the Bastard logo was hung on an old bass drum skin above the drum kit like a entrance medallion. There was a lot of set up that went in to their set. They had a guirney, which I was hoping was going to get worked into the performance. No such like. Eric Wood and Sean Connell started in to what seemed like an improvised power violence jam. Then the noise effects which sounded a lot like UFO noises were added to the mix. It was brutality. I hadn't seen Eric Wood in over 25 years. I put on a Pillsbury Hardcore show back in the day, which was the origins of this band. They've come a long way....

Here is a shot of the band and the crowd.

Eric Wood on bass and vocals

Matt Carroll joins in on a song in the Bastard Noise set.

The Endless Blockade played their last show. The guitarist Ben has moved to Bermuda and so there was lots of razing him on his new digs. They added a noise mixing guy to their sound. It was fitting but I get the sense that this was nothing new. Matt was surging into the crowd and at one point someone didn't take too kindly almost resulting in a fight. But power violence can't wait for these minor conflicts and Matt had to get back to singing. The set ended in a cacaphony of noise.

Here is Andy Nolan getting into the first song taking a deep breathe. He's got a mean Mike Dean stance.

Ben Edgar and their drummer Eric

And the noise mixmaster for the Endless Blockade set. He brought this guitar like noise maker out at the end of the set like a little solo performance.
The Rita went on before the Endless Blockade set. That was a guy with peddles that I didn't find interest beyond the sound cannon training. Someone passed out during the set.

Abyss played next. This is the first time I got to see them. Pretty powerful in a Swedish crust kind of way. Dave from Rammer sings for them and he is a great frontman. Loads of headbanging and quickwitted banter in between songs. Here are some photos of them.

Disciples of Christ played first and they were from Baltimore. Someone was telling me that they may contain members of Magrudergrind. I didn' t get the camera out for their set but there was upside down crosses on the amps so you know it was on the up and up.

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