Friday, July 18, 2008

Various Artists “High Art for the Low Down” Dbl CD

What is “High Art for the Low Down”. It’s END PROGRAM’s space opened up to the local scene and touring bands as an all ages venue that does shows. The space is called Sieasta Nouveaux and reminds me of how Burnt Ramen operated out of San Francisco area. See the Ramen Days documentary for reference. Existed out of an old warehouse space in the lower eats end shows have been going on for the last three years and bands that have played have given up a track to make this compilation. There’s a lot of great stuff on here. There is a lot of variety. And it represents a huge part of Toronto’s historical underground over the last few years. The INFEST like nature of TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM, to the metal exploits of RAMMER, which is a show I got to see. And the liner notes accurately capture the filled to capacity, sweaty pit, frenetic explosion that takes place at the events. A.N.S. from Texas give up a track and there are dozens of locals that most folks outside of Toronto probably haven’t heard of. This is one of many T.O. centered comps coming out in the next little while and is probably one of the most accurate as it is a form of living document. (High Art for the Low Down / – SP

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