Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

SWITCHBLADE CHEETAH - Nightmoves (Goat-fi)

SYSTEMATIC DEATH - Step (Systematic)
JUDGEMENT - Process (HG fact)
PAINTBOX - Back Reporter (HG Fact)
CORRUPTED - Anciano (HG Fact)

THE EXISTERS - I Can’t See (Unreleased)
THE EXISTERS - Spadina (Unreleased)
THE EXISTERS - Cake (Unreleased)
THE EXISTERS - Don’t Talk About It (Unreleased)
THE EXISTERS - Future Shock (Unreleased)
THE EXISTERS - Think Big (Unreleased)

CROWD OF ISOLATED - No One Can Stop Us (Trust)
JINGO DE LUNCH - What You See (Trust)
RAPED TEENAGERS - Mor Ahl (Chicken Brain)
BARN AV REGNBUEN - Ponga Profit tog Kapital (Barveplatter)
HERESY - Never Healed / Conform / Standing Hard (Dogma)
RIPCORD - Lies. Lies. Lies (Raging)
CONCRETE SOX - Eminent Scum

VOIVOD - Voivod (Metal Blade)
BLASPHEMY - Intro - Atomic Nuclear Desolation (Osmose)
CONQUEROR - Chaos Domination (Evil Option)
REVENGE - Death Hirtage (Built Upon Sorrow) (NWW)
DARKTHRONE - Canadian Metal (Peaceville)

Demo Feature
GUILTY FACES - Nightmares (Self-Released)
GUILTY FACES - Scum (Self-Released)
GUILTY FACES - Untitled (Self-Released)
GUILTY FACES - Glass Bullets (Self-Released)

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