Friday, July 18, 2008

Terminals CD

The TERMINALS are a new three piece from Toronto made up of Joolz and Roddy from REPEAT OFFENDER, THE SPAZMZ, and SPOTTY BOTTY fame. They keep getting back to make more angry music. This time they teamed up with Twitchy who was in SHITLOADSOFFUCKALL. Out of their influences list they remind me of FILTH meets CRASS. I also hear influences like PANTYCHRIST, the BELLA BOMBS, and the FALLOUT in their sound. The band pulls off a cover of JOHNNY CASH’s “Sam Hall” with enough country twang to give it a country punk feel. The band also experiments with some free styling at the beginning of “Asphyxiation” but the rap is very political in nature a la Chuck D, which isn’t weird when you realize that Twitchy is also in HOBO BANDITOS, which is a local progressive rap group. But having said that the ringing guitar of “Pissin on the Electric Fence” reminds me of the ADICTS and the vocals remind me of the FREEZE. The country and rap references are more anomalies to the straight forward punk that the TERMINALS bash out. It’s raw, it’s primal, and it’s angry. (Terminals / - SP

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