Friday, July 18, 2008

UV Rays “…Are Sick of Humans” ep

This is the UV RAYS third release and it is consistent with the previous two outings in capturing an early raw punk sound. The band goes back to punk’s roots and draws inspiration from bands like MC5, the DEAD BOYS, and the wreckless abandon of the GERMS. The opening track is titled “Failed Generation” which brings to mind RICHARD HELL’s “Blank Generation”, but UV RAYS’ song is more an observation on the current state of apathy that pervades today’s scene. The band does covers of BLACK FLAG and GANG GREEN live but “Sick of Humans” doesn’t contain any of these. The ep has a version of “Monster Mash” that has been re-written about the recently departed guitar player, Pat, who was quite the party animal. And in talking to the band that party element is a part of what gives the UV RAYS their feeling in a sound. This is a similar experiment to band’s like BRUTAL KNIGHTS and DISRESPECT, except the UV RAYS are going for a snotty punk sound. They pull it off. (Feral Kid c/o Eric Bifaro / 379 Ontario Street / Buffalo, NY / 14207 / USA / - SP

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