Friday, July 18, 2008

Shitreign s/t CD

SHITREIGN have released their debut CD and it’s a doozy. Before we begin, Kudos to the cool plastic less sleeve. The CD is housed in a folded cardboard gatefold sleeve with minimalist graphics screened onto both sides. It’s pretty intriguing...I certainly spent a few minutes examining the packaging for future projects. On to the music. SHITREIGN are from Peterborough and I know this but when I flipped this disc in I could have sworn they from the market. Yes remember when Kensington Market had it’s own scene within the scene. These fine folks would have fit nicely into that scene. Socio political lyrics reminding you about ecological damage, email addictions and beheadings in Africa ( I wish there was more info about the event that moved the band to write the song) screamed by three vocalists, over a dirty combination of hardcore and some killer metallic riffs. There were a few times I wished the band would just go for gold and rip out some CRO-MAGS inspired metallic tune...but they just teased me with some killer metallic riff or double bass barrage. Definitely a CD that will be on repeated spins and has been at home in the car CD player since I got it. Great lyrics, good music, what else do you need punk? I loved the photo college with the lyrics but damn I am going blind in my old age. Let’s make the font a bit larger. (Shitreign / P.O. Box 342 / Peterborough, ON / K9J 6Z3 / Canada) - CC

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