Sunday, July 22, 2018

Radio - Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

Tonight's show features a mixed bag of punk with some themed sets based around subject matter. There is a set on Sex Ed curriculum featuring local band's on the topic which always surprises me how forward thinking the punk scene is. And there is a set that is pro-immigration punk songs. And a new band from Barrie bis our demo feature which is a band called Heavy Petter. Download the show here.

FLASH HOUSE - No Solution (Self-Released)

A Sex Ed Curriculum was introduced into the Ontario education system with the last government and the new conservative government is scrapping it kicking off a series of protests in various ways. But in looking back at some of the bands that have been on the show they have been writing about how the sex ed curriculum has a little short sighted specifically VCR. So I put together a set of punk from Toronto of bands addressing issues around sex, sexuality and gender issues. Just to add another voice to the debate and protests. 

VCR – B.D.S.M. 2 (Murdr City Video / Barfbag)
PROM NITE – Friendly Boy (Self-Released)
S.H.I.T. - Collective Unconsciousness (Iron Lung)
INACTIVIST - Pessimist-Feminist (Self-Released)
ANTI-VIBES - Strange Strange Love (Self-Released)
FATHERS - Lover Boy, Leather Daddy (CIUT)

MORON’S MORON – Rate Your Teacher (Slovenly)
BIG SCHOOL – Who Do You Think You Are (Self-Released)
X – The Once Over Twice (Slash)
DBOY – Nowhere Man (The International Performance Recreation Council of Russia)
REVEREND HORTON HEAT – Now, Right Now (Interscope)

THE RUN UP - 500 Guns (Self-Released)
THE FALLOUT - Another Way (Longshot Music)
CLASS ASSASSINS - Run For Cover (Insurgence)
THE REBEL SPELL - Breathe (Rebel Time / Harvest King)
DRAGGED IN – Breathe (Self-Released)

GANG OF FOUR – To Hell with Poverty (E.M.I.)
THE ACCUSED – Neat Neat Neat (Transparent)
THE CLOVERS – Ca Plane Pour Moi (Sazanami)
ANMLS – Pirata (Slovenly)
D.I. – Johnny’s Got a Problem (Flipside / Gasatunka)

So much in the news on immigration and I started thinking of songs that had a pro-immigration slant to them. 

DESCENDENTS - 'Merican (Fat Wreck Chords)
RHYTHM PIGS – Thanks for Coming
DOA - Just Got Back From the USA

ASALTO – Dualidad - Argentina
ORSETTI HC - The Great Democracy Swindle
TRAUMAS DE LA INFANCIA - Sigo vivo – Argentina
VIDA PODRIDA – Guera – Berlin

SCHOOL JERKS - Arrogant Order
TORTUR - Fear of the War
TOM SHORE - Wrong Friends
WAR VOMIT - Venomous Clouds – Philadelphia

CHELSEA – They Don´t Care What You Want
TURBONEGRO - Part II Well Hello
USA BIG DOGS - Wicked Man
WAR FEVER – Ingrained – San Diego
JIMMY VAPID - Hills Have Eyes
P.M.S. - The Sort Out

Tonight's demo feature came to me from Rob Freeborn who passed on some links to some current bands out of Barrie. Heavy Petter is one of them. Rob plays in a band with Casey and Corey called the Speed Humps so Heavy Petter is their other band. Speed Humps will get featured at a later date. You can find the Heavy Petter demo on bandcamp. We featured the "Satan Rules!" release. 

HEAVY PETTER – Such a Drag (Self-Released)
HEAVY PETTER – The World (Self-Released)
HEAVY PETTER – Calling on the Dateline (Self-Released)
HEAVY PETTER – Crazy, I Was Crazy Once…. (Self-Released)

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