Sunday, July 8, 2018

Radio - Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Lots of new punk and hardcore for tonight's show. Download the show here

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Come and See (Prank)

BESOKARNA - Anna Greta Leijons Ögon (Heartwork)
DIRTY NEGATIVES – Automatic Lover (Self-Released
TRANSIT COPS - Episode 666 (Self-Released
WHIP KISSER - You Are Not My King (Self-Released
WLMRT – My Ass My Ass My Ass (Self-Released

CHEAP CASSETTES – Black Leather Angel (Rum Bar)
THE WHY OH WHYS – Without You I am Nothing (Beluga)
CHILLER – Strangers (Dirt Cult)
WILD ZEROS – Motormouth (Nerve Centre)
THE DARTS – Subsonic Dream (Alternative Tentacles / Dirty Water USA)

NO/BREAKS – Bliss (Self-Released)
EXIT UNIT – As Statues Fall (Deep Six / Draw Blank)
VIOLENCIA - El powerviolence esta muerto (Self-Released)
CRAWLER – End (Self-Released)
CRUMB - Be Afraid (Self-Released)
STRAFPLANET - Servants of the People (Contraszt!)
VEUVE S.S. - Beton - Arme (Nerdcore)

CHAIN WHIP – How Many Chances / These Eyes (Neon Taste)
OPPRESSED LOGIC – Derranged (Cheap Ass)
PREDATOR – No Face (Total Punk)
RED MASS – Rat Race (It’s Trash)
45 GRAVE – Slice of Life (Enigma)

DAMN YOUTH - Nazi Punks-Bangers Fuck Off! (Self-Released)
CRUTCHES - Mangeling For Freedom 
CRIMEX - Innocent Lives in Ruin (Self-Released
SVART UT - Warsystem (by Skitlickers) (Self-Released)
NARCOLEPTICS - Atrocious Privilege (Self-Released)
NO QUESTION - Double Negative (Kitschy Spirit

KHIIS - Tokhme Sag (Self-Released)
MASS ARREST - Pass me the Dossier (Self-Released)
SNOR - S.Y.F (Self-Released)
STUCK PIGS - Go Away (Self-Released)
SOAKIE – Cream (Blow Blood
BB AND THE BLIPS - Lucky Country (Blow Blood)
CHEETAH PRINT - Love in the Attic (Self-Released)
THE WORMS - Psycle Paths (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
No Blues are a new power pop quartet from Hamilton featuring members of the defunct BORN WRONG and current members of BLACK BARON and SCRAPHEAP. They credit influence like the NERVES, RADIOACTIVITY, and LOVE TRIANGLE. This demo is put out by Blowblood out of Melbourne. You can get the demo on bandcamp.

NO BLUES – So Far (Self-Released)
NO BLUES – Kiss for Luck (Self-Released)
NO BLUES – Caffeine Shakes (Self-Released)
NO BLUES – Bad Grammer (Self-Released)
NO BLUES – I Want You (Self-Released)

GERMEN - Declaracion de suicidio (Self-Released)

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