Sunday, July 15, 2018

Radio - Sunday, July 15th, 2018

For those who followed the World Cup, France won their second title so we will start out the show with a band from France. You can download the show here.

RIXE - Rapport De Force (La Vida Es Un Mus)

The first set features bands from the country that came in second which is Croatia. This set couldn't be possible without the research and help of Aldo Eric, who is a mainstay on the show and introduced us to Beri Sabolic, who programmed a radio show back in Croatia called "Ill in the Head" and guest hosted shows on the Balkans on this very show. He was super generous about informing us on bands from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzogoinia, and Macedonia and you can search these shows under the tag _NOTES FROM BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN.

MRTV KANAL – Oglasi (Dallas)
TERMITI - Nova umjetnost (Dallas)
PROBLEMI - Uzalud pokusavam (Rest in Punk)
PARAF - Zivjela Jugoslavija (RTV Ljubljana)
KAOS - Betonska Djeca (Kaos Produkcija Rjeka)
BLITZKRIEG - Tko je kriv (Ne!)
YARS - You spin me round (Like a record)
OVERFLOW - Empty Tonight (Slusaj Najglasnije!)
PASMATERS – Gone (Self-Released)
PERONOISEPORA - Nuclear future (Self-Released)

Here is a set of French punk to represent the winner starting out with a song that is used by MRR radio as their intro song. It comes from a compilation might recognize this song as the opening track to the radio show. The song comes from a sampler compilation that came out in 1978 for Skydog International called "Skydog Commando".

PURA VIDA - Last Night (Skydog International)
DOGS- 19 (Melodies Massacre)
ABJECT - Rien De Nouveau A l'Est (Skydog International)
1984 - D Section
CALCINATOR – Electrifié (Faites Le Vous-Meme)
CAMERA SILENS - Est Ouest (Sydney Town)
SCRAPS - Le Pen Fuck You (Aaltrack)
NO CLASS - Liberté, égalité, fraternité (Chaos Productions)
STARSHOOTER - Quelle Crise Baby (Pathe Marconi)
GUERILLA POUBELLE - Culture Poubelle (Crash Disques)
THRASHINGTON DC - Egg Raid on Mojo (La Fee Verte)
LOST BOYS – Kaliningrad (Ainu / Krusty le Clown / Noise Til Death / Positively Negative / Offside / Emergence / Shogun)
GASMASK TERROR - Pour L'exemple (Solar Funeral / I Feel Good)

Top 10 – June 2018
10. NARCOLEPTICS – Evasion (Warthog Speak)
9. FRACTURED – Schoolyard Mentality (Deep Six)
8. PHYSIQUE - Life's No Fairytale (Iron Lung)
7. CRIMEX - The Boot (Fuckers Will Pay)
6. PISSJAR - Shitty Generations (Urinal Vinyl / Religious Vomit)
5. VEUVE SS – Deboite (Self-Released
4. LOUD NIGHT - Conventional Destruction (Self-Released)
3. SCUMRAID – Propaganda (Iron Lung)
2. HONEY - Mindless Violence (Self-Released
1. STRAFPLANET – Klassenfeind (Contraszt!)

Runners Up for the Top 10
SECT MARK – Moth (Iron Lung)
DWARVES - Nowhere Fast (Burger / Greedy)
RETIREMENT “Priced Out” ep - Live For Nothing (Iron Lung)
I.S.S. - Armchair Aryan (Richard Spencer's Gifts) (Sorry State)
GELD - My Own Most Hopeless Case (Iron Lung)

O.U.T. –Satisfied 
STRUL – Snorvalp (Self-Released)
DISTURBIO – Disturbio (Self-Released)
NO-MAS – III (Self-Released)
SEPTIC ROT - Restless Dead (Self-Released)
OI! TORITER - Working Class Heroes 

Tonight’s demo feature is Dead Cells from Vancouver/ they released a six song back in April that we are getting to play tonight. You can listen to the demo on bandcamp.

DEAD CELLS – Effigy (Self-Released)
DEAD CELLS – Bell (Self-Released)
DEAD CELLS – Return (Self-Released)
DEAD CELLS – Stave My Name (Self-Released)
DEAD CELLS – This Time (Self-Released)
DEAD CELLS – Message Rouge (Self-Released)

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