Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fathers studio 3 session

Fathers are a new band from Toronto started up by Jada (singer) and Arina (bassist), but it was only recently when they got Josh on drums and Cale on guitar that the band became the version that recorded the recent six song demo "Gain". I came across the "Gain" demo from a link found on the Facebook event page for the Ajax show which was the first show Fathers played. But I met Jada at the IWD takeover of EXD and she was interested in having the band come in and record a session. In my interactions with Jada she talks like a rapper and espouses a big appreciation for Drake, so that is an influence on her. I wonder if the Beastie Boys might be a similar trajectory given she has a foot in each world. Even some of the vocal delivery shares the influences. Arina used to play in Cunt Punt, which was an all women band that I wanted to get into the station but learned that they have broken up.

The music is rudimentary in terms of punk. The band would often jump into loungey jazz improvs in between songs. They also have a lo fi sound. All of this reminds me of early Minutemen. But lyrically the subject matter focuses on sexuality the same way the Submissives did. 

We recorded the same songs from the "Gain" recording. you can download these new versions here which include:

1. Boy Pussy
2. Lover Boy
3. I Gotta Piss 
4. Bath Bomb
5. Silver Dick
6. New Phone Who Dis

The band also did IDs based on their songs:

Fathers CIUT ID
Fathers EXD ID

The session was mastered by Ian Wilkinson and videotaped by Aldo Erdic for Punks and Rockers.

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