Thursday, February 13, 1997

The Neos "Fight with Donald" ep

Back cover with a great band shot of the Neos.

Flyer Collage in the record. Click to enlarge.
Biography page. Click to enlarge.
This is a 7" of early Neos material made up of rehearsal tapes. According to the liner notes though I think it was one rehearsal tape that was good enough to make the grade in restoring. I think the recording was from September 28th, 1980. This was released by Break Even Records and Schizophrenic Records. The songs on here are:

1. No Tyme 4 Romance
2. Conscripts
3. Just Like All the Rest
4. Opposition to all Violence, even if Committed in Self-Defense
5. Ripped Off
6. Destruct
7. (Almost) Typical Obligatory Anti-Government song
8. Don't Want To Be
9. Sleeve
10. Bobby Sands (Die for the Cause)
11. Sexual Revolution
12. Other World
13. School Punks
14. where Did You Go Wrong ???
15. Churchgoers Motive
16. They'll Destroy Themselves
17. Fight with Donald

Acrid / Bombs of Death split ep

Bombs of Death were a project band made up of Max Ward and some folks from Assuck. they did a split with Acrid. No Idea released this. The songs on here are:
1. Elementary
2. Boiling Blood
3. Love is not Part of this Song