Wednesday, September 24, 1997


We learn from Chris Walter's book "SNFU: What No One Else Wanted to Say", the acronym for the album stands for "Fuck You Up Like a Bad accident" and comes from a Wesley Willis quote.

This third album for Epitaph started in May 1996. Simon Head began recording demos for pre-production. The actual session was recorded at Mushroom Studios by Pete Wonsiak and mixed at the Greenhouse by Dave "Rave" Ogilvie in mid-June, 1996.

This album came out on September 24th. 

The songs on the record have stories behind them.

1. Stepstranger - is a song about Eric, who was Chi's stepfather. The song was inspired by his mom's death which inspired him to lash out at the guy who treated her so badly. 
2. You Make Me Thick is a fast song about bulimia. The song targets the extremely unrealistic weight standards set by the fashion industry. Bif Naked, who struggled with eating disorders most of her life, sang backup vocals and her appearance wwas not a coincidence.

3. Bobbitt - The lyrics are laced with Chi's sick humour, but Dave Rees' drumming stands out. Simon Head also plays keyboards in the song.
4. Better Then Eddie Vedder - is a song about the fickle nature of stardom
5. Don't Have a Cow - is a song about Mad Cow Disease which pokes fun at carnivores even though Chi claims to be one himself
6. Fate - is a song the band made a video for. The song creeps with a bass line and ominous lyrics. The video was shot in a schoolyard in East Vancouver (East 33rd and Main Street)
7. Dean Martian - is a wacky afterthought to end Side A
8. Charlie Still Smirks - is a twisted song about Charles Manson with references to Axl Rose
9. Spaceghost, The Twins & Blip - the lyrics seem to be taken word for word from a Saturday morning cartoon
10. My Pathetic Past - is a song that re-visits Chi's trials and tribulations of his adolescence and being bullied
11. Michelle Pfeiffer's Diaper - is a bizarre song with gross imagery
12. The Kwellada Kid
13. Elfie Schlegel - the song expresses the Canadian gymnast's flexibiliy and is more a song about his own aging
14. Gaggle of Friends - is a glib dismissal of Chi's former schoolmates

The band was not happy with the cover artwork. Brad Lambert wanted to recreate a drawing of Chi Pig's of babies in a sardine can, but it was only half done. That and a confusing acronym for a title, the band gave this release more challenges to do well.

The meaning to the songs come from Page 171 of Chris` book.

Sunday, September 14, 1997

Soy "Tales from Tofugrpahic Oceans" ep

This band is a three piece power violence band from Victoria. The songs on here are:
1. People who always fuck up on their plurals and possessives really get me down
2. Podgy
3. Ballad of Wendy grutlin
4. Context is Everything

Saturday, September 13, 1997

Thursday, September 11, 1997

Wednesday, September 10, 1997

Kill City Butchers "Music for Children of All Ages" ep

The Kill City Butchers were from Toronto. I remember seeing a demo so I think they had a tape out before this ep. "Music for Children of All Ages" came out on Beer City Records. Mike Pedrow of the Soup Club recorded this ep. The songs on her are:
1. 85%
2. Let's Go Trip the Inline Skaters
3. Sweet Death
4. Bring that Party Down
5. The Lord He Shall Redeem Me
Here is the lyric sheet.