Sunday, October 29, 2017

Radio - Sunday, October 29th, 2017

The B-Girls will be recognizing their 40th year since inception with a show on Saturday at the Rivoli and we got to speak with Cynthia Ross about the show, the band, and the new release - Bad Not Evil. You can hear the show on the player above or download an MP3 of the show here.

THE B-GIRLS - Fun at the Beach (Bomp!)
THE B-GIRLS - B-Sides (Bomp!)

Pure Pressure are a local hardcore band and we met the singer, Karla, on the last episode of SHEXD. Karla let us know that she was moving away for a year and so we wanted them to come in and record a session and do an interview which happened on October 3rd. Here is that session

PURE PRESSURE - Intro / Negative Peace (CIUT)
PURE PRESSURE - No Conscience (CIUT)

Friday, October 27, 2017

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Protruders studio 3 session

I have heard people talking about the Protruders and guest hosts have played some Protruders on the show in the past. In the Pure Pressure interview I learned that Rob, the guitarist, played in the Protruders. I learned after the session that Joe and Isle were travelling down to Mexico for an indefinite amount of time and that we should try and record and interview them before they make their move so we set to getting them in here. So Rob set up about making this happen on the band's end and I worked out the station's end and we met on this day. The band features Joe on guitar and vocals and Isle on drums and vocals. They were in a band called Kappa Chow from Sackville, New Brunswick. Jarrett, is from Vancouver and met Joe and Isla in Calgary and approached them about being in a band. When they all moved to Toronto they ran into Rob and the line up was formed but both Jarrett and Rob were playing bass. Eventually they worked it out so Jarrett played bass and Rob played second guitar. But Isle plays stand up drums which is different than most drummers and adds to their unique sound. Joe's vocals remind me of Doc Dart from the Crucuficks. The band has quite a few recordings together with some more coming out which can be found on their bandcamp page.  Tonight we recorded the following songs:

1. Subway Crash
2. Controller Controller
3. Hot Glue
4. Ugly
5. Tax Evasion 101
6. Hydro-Phytol-Oxy-Plastick
7. Poison Future
8. Principal John

The band also recorded multiple IDs:

ID 1
ID 2
ID 3
ID 4

We interviewed the band after the session.

All audio was recorded by Ian Wilkinson. Aldo, from Punks and Rockers recorded the video and this was the first time he did a love stream of the session so the video below is missing some audio until someone uses a mic.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Radio - Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Last night there was an attack by the Proud Boys on some folks from the scene and so we started out with a little discussion on this latest menace. You can hear the show above or download an MP3 file here

DEAD KENNEDYS – Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Alternative Tentacles)

DICKS – No Nazi’s Friend (SST)
FLESH RAG – I’m Sick (It's Trash)
PROTO IDIOT – Yes Yes Yes Yes (Slovenly)
FLAT WORMS – Red Hot Sand (Castle Face)

I usually do a Top ten on a monthly basis but I have been super busy and as a result we are playing catch up with our Top 10 programming. Here are some of my favourite runners up for August 2017.

GAZM - Livin Like I Wanna (Byllepest Distro)
HARDWARE - Rut (Self-Released)
HACK JOB - March of the Killer Klowns (Angry Scenes)
JOCKSTRAP – Jockstrap (Self-Released)
BULSCH - Tiw (Blow Blood)
SKIFTANDE ENHETTER - 800 Spänn (Self-Released)

Top 10 - August 2017
10. PROM NITE - It's Boring (Self-Released)
9. EXHAUSTION - Warping (Destructure / Distro Y)
8. THISCLOSE - When Will It End (SPHC / Byllepest Distro)
7. ABOLITIONIST - We are the Pinnacle (1859 / Different Kitchen)
6. FIT FOR ABUSE - Testosterone OD (Painkiller / Warthog Speak)
5. FRIED EGG - Halfassed Hand (Beach Impediment)
4. SOCIAL DIVORCE - Trump University (Self-Released)
3. AUSENCIA - Mi Lugar En Este Mundo (Verdugo Discos / Discos MMM)
2. BURNOUT - Tempest (To Live a LIe / Blast House)
1. LONG KNIFE - Only a Reflection (Beach Impediment)

BARONEN & SATAN – Headcuts (Dirty Water)
THE CRAMPS – Surfin’ Dead (Enigma)
PSYCHED TO DIE – Scatter Brained (Dirtnap)
ENIGMAS – Windshiled Wiper (Zulu)
THE ROUTES - Dysphoria (Greenway)

Here are the runners up for September Top 10.

FRENZAL RHOMB - I'm Shelving Stacks (As I'm Stacking Shelves) (Fat)
HARDWARE - Not Gonna Give It (Self-Released)
LEBENDEN TOTEN - Static (Iron Lung)
PLOMO - Río de Mi (Self-Released)
NOPE - No Hope (Self-Released)

Top 10 – September 2017
10. ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - Black Pearl (Horace Faith) (Cleopatra)
9. BAD COP BAD COP - I'm Done (Fat)
8. OUTCRY - It's a Joke (Self-Released)
7. AVT - Mentiras, poder y corrupción (Grabaciones Corruptas)
6. HYENA - El silencio (Agonia de Vivir)
5. QUE LASTIMA - Paradise (Self-Released)
4. BROTHER - Resist (Self-Released)
3. GOOLAGOON - Culture Shock (Self-Released)
2. SHIT BLIMP - Beat my Ass (Self-Released)
1. PISSNG MATCH - Go Get Your Gun / Piss Test (Feral Kid / Discount Society)

Demo Feature
This is Prom Nite’s fourth cassette which just came out. You can find this on their bandcamp page.

PROM NITE – Happy People (Self-Released)
PROM NITE – I Deserve Your Attention (Self-Released)
PROM NITE – Retired (Self-Released)
PROM NITE – I Don’t Want to Talk to Pigs (Self-Released)

THE LUCKY ONES – Don’t Bore us get to the Chorus (Stumble)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Radio - Sunday, October 15th, 2017

Tonight's show is just an all music show with lots of new and old material. You an download an mp3 of the show here.

PIG / CONTROL -Flucht (Sabotage)

BATTERY -Throughout (Revelation)
AK47 - This Racist Country (Self-Released)
SHIT BLIMP -Beat my Ass (Self-Released)
DIASPORA -Disillusioned (Self-Released)
BOOJI BOYS -Sweet Boy (Cruel Noise)

DUDS – Elastic Seal (Castle Face)
METAL URBAIN – Lady / Coca Cola (Cobra)
THE FALL – Glam Racket (Matador)
MOVE – Casa Domani (Scared Bones)
SAMHAIN – Black Dream (Plan 9)

DURS COEURS -Chateau de Cartes (Discos MMM / Imminent Destruction)
ABOLITIONIST - Not Alone (1859 / Different Kitchen)
DECRANEO - Sacrilegio (Campary / No Glory) - Mallorca
THE INSANE -El Salvador (No Future)
DISSEKERAD -Systemfel (Skrammel)

MEAN MOTOR SCOOTER – Brainhole (Dirty Water)
NO FUN – Fall for a Circle (Werewolf T-Shirt)
LES LULLIES – Don’t look Twice (Slovenly)
ESCOBAR – Big Town (Dirty Water)

REHASHED -1000 Ways to Die (Unrest)
DOOMHAMMER – Slaves (Crowd Control Media)
ZOMBIES NO - Zombies
BASTARDHAMMER -Wankerfight (Extreme Ultimate)
MODERN FIDELITY - Blister Pack (Beat on the Brat)

DIRTY FENCES – Love for Higher (Greenway)
CITY SLANG – Cold Dead Nights (It’s Trash)
ROBOT – Reality Through Me (Self-Released)
COMEBACK KID – Outrage (New Damage)

SPEAR - Black Sheep (Self-Released) - Cincinnati
CASTIGO -En vigor (Self-Released)
COMPLETE LOSS - Black Heart (Self-Released)
NEKRA – Expatriate (La Vida Es Un Mus)

HALDOL -Nostalgia for Dreams (World Gone Mad)
CAT AND THE UNDERDOGS -The Cops are Coming (Kite)
THE PROWLERS -Serial Pousseur (Insurgence / Aggrobeat / General Strike)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Barrie called Self Will Run Riot. They were brought to our attention by long time listener and musician Scott Marston and have a bandcamp page.

SELF WILL RUN RIOT - Self Will Run Riot (Self-Released)
SELF WILL RUN RIOT - Beer Diary (Self-Released)
SELF WILL RUN RIOT - Epidemic (Self-Released)
SELF WILL RUN RIOT - Self Indulgent Narcissist (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, October 15th, 2017

NDY 2017 Gig #15 features:

Lust for Youth (from Copenhagen)
J.S. Aurelius
Carla Boregas

This show is at Double Double Land

Flyer - Sunday, October 15th, 2017

NDY 2017 Gig #12 features:

Harley Flanagan (doing Cro-Mags songs)
Career Suicide
Fury (from Anaheim, California)
Red Death (from DC)
Witchtrial (from DC)
Gazm (from Montreal)
Cell (from Montreal)

This show is at Coalition (282 Augusta Ave) at 7:00pm, All Ages.

Flyer - Sunday, October 15th, 2017

NDY Gig #11 featuring:

Druj (from Oklahoma City)
Collagen (from Victoria)
Dream Probe (from Champaign, Illinois)
Prom Nite

This show is at D-Beatstro (1282 Bloor St W) at 2:30pm, All Ages.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Flyer - Saturday October 14th, 2017

Gig #9 of NDY 2017 features:

Inmates (from Cleveland)
Kohti Tuhoa (from Finland)
Rik and the Pigs
Vanilla Poppers (from Cleveland)
Guilt Parade

The show is at Coalition T.O. (282 Augusta Avenue) and is All Ages.

Flyer - Saturday, October 14th, 2017

NDY Gig #8 features:

Trapped Under Ice (from Baltimore)
Krimewatch (from NYC)
Primal Rite (from San Francisco)
Wild Side

The show is happening at the Velvet Underground (508 Queen St W) at 5:00pm, All Ages.

Flyer - Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Gig #7 for NDY 2017 features:

Public Eye (from Oregon)
HVAC (from NYC)
C.H.E.W. (from Chicago)
Pure Pressure
Malingerer (from Winnipeg)

This show is taking place at D-Beatsro (1282 Bloor Street W) at 2:30pm, All Ages.

Flyer - Saturday, October 14t, 2107

Gig #6 for NDY 2017 features:

Incendiary (from NYC)
Sect (From Raleigh, Portland, and Toronto)
Glory (from Boston)
Hotheads (from NYC)
Spiritual Cramp (from San Francisco)
Illusion (from NYC)
Real World

This show is at Coalition (282 Augusta Ave) starting at 2:30pm, All Ages.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Flyer - Friday, October 13th, 2017

Gig #4 for NDY 2017 features :

Lebenden Toten (from Portland) 
L.O.T.I.O.N. (from NYC)
Xylitol (from Olympia)
Narcoestado (from Mexico)
Sanction A
Rina (from Mexico City)

This gig is at Coalition (282 Augusta Avenue) starting at 7:30pm.

Flyer - Friday, October 13th, 2017

This is gig #3 for NDY 2017 featuring:

Glue (from Austin)
Haram (from NYC)
Patsy (from New Orleans)
Boogie Boys (from Halifax)
Fried Egg (from Charlottesville)
Rashomon (from DC
C.H.E.W.(from Chicago)

The show is at Sneaky Dees (431 College St) starting at 5:00pm.

Flyer - Friday, October 13th, 2017

The second gig for NDY 2017 is at D-Beatsro (1292 Bloor St W) at 2:30pm featuring:

Acrylics (Santa Rosa, California)
Marbled Eye (Oakland, California)
Closet Christ
Radiation Risks (from Buffalo)
Pay Back

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Flyer - Thursday, October 12th, 2017

The first gig for NDY 2017 features

Rakta (from Brazil)
Pelada (from Montreal)
Marbled Eye
Que Lastima
Black Leather Jacket

The show is at Coalition (282 Augusta Avenue) starting at 8:00pm. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Flyer - Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

The show will include thirty-one diverse artists from the global punk community working in distinct and unique visual art practices, operating both within and outside of punk. This exhibition will showcase artists who present an unusual take on punk art and who challenge punk tropes with their work. The opening will take place on Wednesday, October 11th and the show will be up for the duration of the fest during shop hours.

The artists participating in the show are:

Shiva Addanki
Joe C.
Alexandra Eastburn
Sebbe Elbourne
A. P. Fiedler
Olivia Gibb
Anahit Gulian
Alex Gutnik
Anneli Sanaye Henrikkson
Corona Iniguez
Catherine Joyal
Andrea Lukic
Kevin McCaughey
Arielle McCuaig
Cassidy McGinley
Alex Micallef
Arina Moiseychenko
J. Party
Jonathan Petersen
Jill Pucciarelli
Oriol Roca
Héctor Sudor
Eugene Terry
Unity Press
Kohei Urakami
Erika Verhagen
Chelsea Watt
Youth and Rust

The show takes place at Faith/Void (894 College Street, Basement) starting at 7:00pm and going until 11:00pm.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Radio - Sunday, October 8th, 2017

This is the seventh year for Not Dead Yet and the fest remains with a lot of highlights packed into five days of punk throughout the city. Greg and Chloe came in to give us highlights from the various whows. You can download a copy of the show here. For more details about this year's fest please go to  your social media site of choice : Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook. You can listen to the show on the player above or download an mp3 file here.

PELADA – No Hay (New)

QUE LASTIMA – Sangre Morena (Self-Released)
WHIP – Trapped Inside My Head (Self-Released)
RAKTA – Raiz Forte (Iron Lung)
MARBLED EYE – Primrose (Self-Released)

ACRYLICS – Momma’s Boy (Neck Chop)
RADIATION RISKS – Help by the Beatles (Lumpy)
GLUE – Enemy (Katorga Words / Video Disease)
PATSY – Eat It (Total Punk)
RASHOMON – Develop and Genocide (Self-Released)
BOOJI BOYS – I Dream of Booji (Drunken Sailor)

SANCTION A – Sullivan (Self-Released)
XYLITOL – Atrocity Man (Thrilling Living)
NARCOESTADO – Quiero Libertad (Discos MMM)
RINA – Vulnerables (Cintas Pepe)
L.O.T.I.O.N. – Vid the Pigs (Toxic State)
LEBENDEN TOTEN – Near Dark (Wicked Witch)

INCENDIARY – Front Toward Enemy (Closed Casket Activities)
SECT – Seventh Extinction
GLORY – The Fact (Triple B)
ILLUSION – I.O.T. (Self-Released)

MALINGERER – Fuck Me (Self-Released)
MIL-SPEC – Insight (Self-Released)
HVAC – Hit My Limit (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CHEW – Black Sheep (Self-Released)
PUBLIC EYE – Left Side (Best Before 84)
PRIMAL RITE – Sensory Link to Pain (Revelation)

INMATES – Cement Shoes (Human Stench)
VANILLA POPPERS – Rock Bottom (Self-Released)
KOHTI TUHOA – Masskuolema (Svart / Southern Lord)
MOMMY – NY Pedestrian (Toxic State)
DRUJ – Scaphist (Sself-Released)
COLLAGEN – Moniker (Self-Released)
DREAM PROBE – La Guerra Contra La Probresa (Self-Released)
PROM NITE – It’s Boring (Barfbag)

CAREER SUICIDE – Borrowed Time (Deranged)
FURY – Dense (Triple B)
WITCHTRAIL – The Modenr Sacrament (Self-Released)
CELL – Contempt (Self-Released)
CRO MAGS – Street Justice (Rock Hotel)

LUST FOR YOUTH – Tokyo (Sacred Bones)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pure Pressure studio 3 session

Pure Pressure is a hardcore band from Toronto that takes their inspirations form the straight edge sound. I first found out about them from the SHEXD crew and we featured their demo in July 2016, which was a couple of months after they released their demo. Karla was on the last episode of SHEXD and she told us that she was moving away after Not Dead Yet so we worked to try and get a a studio 3 session scheduled with the band before they broke up. It is unsure if the band is breaking up or not but they have a studio recording to release so there is more to happen with this band. The band features Karla on vocals, Rob on guitar, Greg on bass, and Nolan on drums. Rob played in Severe and currently plays in the Protruders. Greg played in Violent Future and currently plays in S.H.I.T. Nolan is from Calgary and played in Desgraciados and currently plays in Siyahkal. So the members in this band are busy, but who isn't these days? The band recorded the following songs:

1. Intro / Negative Peace
2. Searching
3. I'm Not
4. Witness
5. Open Case
6. No Conscience
7. Same Old Act
8. Delusional
9. 10.28
10. Tides

Pure Presssure recorded an ID for CIUT and an ID for the show. We also did an interview.

Ian Wilkinson recorded this session in our hallway outside of studio 3. Aldo Erdic recorded the session by video. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Radio - Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Inspired by the dancehall inspired set at the end of Prophesy we went with a ska tribute to Green Day by this band from Oakland. Tonight's show features an oi inspired punk, some power violence, a feature on punk from Barcelona, and a demo feature with Ninos Rata from Montreal. You can download the show here.

SKAMERICAN IDIOT -Circle Pit of Broken Dreams (Self-Released)

MIDDLENAME - Sunday, Some Wey (Self-Released)
JUSTINE AND THE UNCLEAN - Passive Aggressive Baby (Rum Bar)
LOCAL RESIDENT FAILURE - Dead Letter (Self-Released)
SIDEWALK - Fuck Knowledge (Self-Released)
BLISTERHEAD -Blood on Your Face (DEadlamb)
BLIND MAN DEATH STARE - David & Goliath (Arrest)
KENNY KENNY OH OH -Deep Red Swollen Eyes (Contraszt)

Catalunya is undertaking a referendum today that has seen police crackdowns, websites being taken off-line, and city governments being stripped of their resources. Here is a set of Barcelona Punk through the years as Barcelona is the major city of the region and has had an amazing scene through the years. There are songs amidst this set expressing some of the frustrations of living under Spanish rule. This is mostly in chronological order.

ELS MASTURBADORS MONGOLICS -El Rock de l´escola (Munster)
ULTIMO RESORTE -Barcelona es diferente (Floy Y Nata)
FRENOPATICSS -El heroe nacional (Vomitpunkrock)
DESECHABLES -El Vampiro (Anarchi)
INTERTERROR -Problemas de estado (Citra)
KANGRENA -Madrid Vaya Pastel (Self-Released)
DECIBELIOS –Subversión (Self-Released)
ANTI-DOGMATIKSS -Ellos O Tú (Tralla)
BUDELLAM –Catalans (Macaco)
24 IDEAS -My Nation Is Crap (Amok)
OPCIO K-95 -L'hora de passar comptes (Fire and Flames)
CULANDRA -Yo vine a fucar (Self-Released)
FINAL SLUM WAR -After the Bombs (Discos Enfermos)
SUICIDAS -Vives sin sentirte vivo (Kamaset Levyt / Contergan / Disundead)
UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE -No hi ha esperança (La Vida Es Un Mus)
GLAM -No existo (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ABSURDO - BCN 92 (Discos Absurds)
ANARQUIA VERTICAL –Movimientos (Antitodo)
CHAOS BCN -Fake Democracy (Self-Released)
SEWER BRIGADE - No Shortcuts to Glory (Mad Nutcher / TKO)
THE BITE –Doublethink (Daily / B-Core Discos)

HARD SHOULDER - I Don't Like You (Self-Released)
SAVAGE BEAT - Trench Warfare (Savage Beat)
GRIT - Push on Through (Self-Released)
FIT FOR ABUSE - The Real Kids (Painkiller / Warthog Speaks)
SABOTAGE - Mitt barn (Pretty Shitty Town)
SHAMELESS – Hipsters (BDS)
DISPARO - Mercenarixs del punk (Self-Released)
SYNDROME 81 - N'oublie Jamais (Primitor Crew / Savage Beat / Offside)
DEAD HERO - La vida continua (Self-Released)
GENERACION SUICIDA - Yo No Se (Self-Released)
NINOS RATA – Demencia (Self-Released)
CRUX - Keep on Running (Vomitpunkrock)
SEX SCENES – Smudge (Self-Released)
PARANOID VISIONS -West One (Shine On Me) (Overhground)
GOGOL BORDELLO -You Know Who We Are (Cooking Vinyl / Casa Gogal)
ABH -999 (Evil)

Here is a set of contemporary power violence for a change of pace.

TERCO - Usted, Parasito (Self-Released)
GAY KISS - Conceit (Self-Released)
SICK MACHINE - Indoctrinated (Self-Released)
KONFORM - Plague of Humanity (Self-Released)
SHACKLES - Self Substantiated
FACELESS BURIAL - Excoriate (Iron Lung)

I saw Ninos Rata at last year's Varning fest. I realized that the singer had helped us as a translator with bands from Cuba when they visited our show. I finally became aware of a demo for the band through RunState Tapes.We already played one song earlier in the show. Here are the other three.

NINOS RATA – Final (Runstate)
NINOS RATA – Vidas en Ruina (Runstate)
NINOS RATA – Histeria (Runstate)