Sunday, November 28, 2021

Radio - Sunday, November 28th, 2021


On tonight's EXD, we have more listener appreciation with Dave Busch, appreciation of Japanese crust, appreciation of mullet, appreciation of punk from Soweto, appreciation of Freddie Mercury, appreciation of new hardcore, appreciation of egg over chain, and the roots of Trigger Happy. Download the show here.

CHECKPOINT - Sounds of the City (Self-Released)

Thanks to all those who donated to CIUT and credited EXD as the show you listen to. It means a great deal to us. We are almost at our goal and we ask that if you haven't donated yet you do so now - and click on the Donate button. We are starting off tonight's show with a testimonial by Dave Busch who was interviewed about the Eve of Darkness book with Fran Grasso back a few months ago. 

MOB 47 - Never Again (Speedstate / D-Takt ja Rapunk
Dave Busch testimonial 
THE URGE - This is Radio Clash (Epic) 
SKUMSTRIKE - Outbreak of Evil (Self-Released)

Classic Japanese crust
EFFIGY - The Day the Devil Reigned (Wicked Witch / Crimes Against Humanity)
HAKUCHI - Individual God (MCR Company)
CROCODILE SKINK - Discrimination (D.I.Y.)
AGE - A Ghost in the Insanity (Black Water / HG Fact) 
ABRAHAM CROSS - Same As War (D.I.Y.) 
BATTLE OF DISARM - Lost… (One Coin / Tribal War Asia) 

SWEEPING PROMISES - Pain Without a Touch (Feel It / Sub Pop)
THE CHISEL - Harry May (Wardance)
BEASTIE BOYS - Mullet Head (Colombia)
STRANGE COLOURS - Another New World (Slovenly)
THE UGLY - Screw the System (Ugly Pop)

PERESTROIKA - Lahempana Loppua (Boring / Legless Bull)
SEMTEX 87 - Iron Mongrel (Helta Skelta)
TCIYF - Street Food (Self-Released
GROINOIDS - Doy Doy Doy (Fatalist / Boston’s Finest) 
STRAW DOGS - Tie Your Mother Down (Restless) 

All new releases
OUST - Never Trust a Politician (Sabotage / Autoreverse)
SOCIA LA DIFEKTA - Fajro de Kolero (Beach Impediment
AIHOTZ - Humana Esperanza (Discos Enfermos
TOWER 7 - Green Piece (Roachleg

Egg punk set
KRIMI - Wax Resist (Helta-Skelta)
BARRERA - Medida Preventiva (La Vida Es Un Mus
RAY LUXEMBURG - Following (Beaver Beat) 
I BRAINEATER - Frosted Lips (Self-Released)
HOME FRONT - Seagulls (La Vida Es Un Mus

SCHOOL DAMAGE - I Seen You In the Obits (I Buy / Rad Girlfriend / Brain Candy) 
GALACTIC CANNIBAL - Slave Song (Encapsulated / Underground Communique / Lost Cat) 
SHAME ACADEMY - Excitement (Combat Rock
THE FALLOUT - Walk in the Sun (Rebel Time

Demo Feature 
Tonight’s demo feature is a band called DEEP END who were being treated as something special in the Toronto hardcore scene because they featured members of Degenerate Youth who were a great band out of Mimico and Al Nolan who loved the Descendents and was trying to make a band like that. After Deep End’s demise Al and Mark would start TRIGGER HAPPY. But we are going to hear Deep End’s first release which was a cassette called “Suck”. “Suck” came out on a fledgling new label called Epidemic. This was not a demo but it was a cassette which qualifies it for our demo feature so we are playing it tonight.  

DEEP END - The Last (Epidemic) 
DEEP END - Your Brother's a Flamer without me (Epidemic) 
DEEP END - Crush (Epidemic) 
DEEP END - This Really Happened (Epidemic) 
DEEP END - Way Out (Epidemic) 
DEEP END - Swarmed (Epidemic) 
DEEP END - Seven Digits (Epidemic) 
DEEP END - Out to Lunch (Epidemic)

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Radio - Sunday, November 21st, 2021

Tonight is fundraising and in keeping with past shows we are doing an all covers show. Also on tonight’s show we have testimonials from listeners and past guests who have also requested some songs. How can you donate? Go to and click on the donate button. Donations of $89.50 make you eligible for our grand prize draw. Giveaways include a couple of Entertainment prize packs, a full year pass to Supermarket or a trip for two to Reykjavik, Iceland courtesy of Inspired by Iceland. There is a page on the website that goes into details on these goodies, but we hope you think of one of those weekly staples that you look forward to. Download the show here


SCREECHING WEASEL - Blitzkreig Bop (Selfless)
BATTERED WIVES - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (Bomb)
Cleave Anderson
WAYNE COUNTY - Max’s Kansas City 1976 (Ram)

CHIXDIGGIT! - Don’t Believe What you Read (Delmonico Records)
GROOVIE GHOULIES - I Don’t Like Mondays (Delmonico Records)
THE BOOMTOWN RATS - Barefootin’ (Ensign/Mercury/Mulligan)

THE DOLLYROTS - Breed (Self-Released)
THE MUFFS - Kids in America (Capitol / Sympathy for the Record Industry)
FREE KITTEN - Oh Bondage Up Yours (
Sympathy for the Record Industry)

NOTHING TO LOSE - 867-5309 (Self-Released) 
Chris Iler 
RAMONES - Do You Remember Rock n Roll Radio (Sire)
SMALLTOWN - Radio Radio (Pirates Press

CONCRETE SOX - Moustache (Acting Like a Maniac) (Manic Ear/Weasel/Boss Tunage)
ROCKY AND THE SWEDEN - Crime for Revenge (Diwphalanx Records)
DECADE - WhereThere is a Will (Unreleased)

BLIND PIGS - Light’s Out (Neves / Hearts Bleed Blue / Detona)
THE DICTATORS - California Sun (Epic)
BLITZ - Suffragette City (Vomitopunkrock)

RABID DEFIANCE - You Hate Me and I Hate You (Self-Released)
Grant Coates
ANXIOUS PLEASERS - Street Where Nobody Lives (Neon Taste
THE FORGOTTEN REBELS - Eve of Destruction (Star) 

Mike Imploder
THE VAPIDS - Kissin' the Carpet (Double Hell / Mom's Basement / Surfin' Ki)
BISHOPS GREEN - Do Anything You Wanna Do (Longshot / Randale)

PHANE - It's a Timebomb (Thought Decay) 
INEPSY - Hell On Earth (Tankcrimes / Unrest
Nick Popovic - Senile Decay 
MOTORHEADCAHE - Over the Top (Unreleased)

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Radio Airplay - Sunday, November 14th, 2021

On tonight's EXD, we celebrate national pickle day. We feature some new archival releases. (S.F.A.) We feature a ton of new releases (Paprika, Urin, Boss, Suffocation Madness). We feature some ultra rare releases (Rocky and the Sweden / Boris / Scalpo). Some soon to be released material (Glom Allt). And a California oldies set featuring releases from 1978 (F-Word / JJ-180 / John Vomit and the Leather Scabs). Tonight’s demo feature is a band from Hamilton called Stay Down. Download the show here

SKANKIN' PICKLE - I'm in love with a girl named Spike (Dill)

SFA - 95 Average (Refuse)
SUBURBAN MUTILATION - El Salvador Stomp (Reamed Pork Rex / Beer City)
LEECHES! - Blind (Self-Released
GET IT AWAY - They Live, We Sleep (Self-Released) 
K.K.G. - Dual Heads (Break the Records
PAPRIKA - Git II Heaven (Iron Lung)

ROCKY AND THE SWEDEN - Up in Smoke (Self Released)
GLÖM ALLT - När Världen Försvinner (Self-Released)
URIN - Bezwstydnie (Iron Lung)
HOLOGRAM - Innnate (Iron Lung
BORIS - 形骸化イマジネーション - Ghostly Imagination (Self Released)

DOORS AND FLOORS - Full Moon Tonight (Self-Released)
POSTAGE - Onward (Dirt Cult)
TABLE SCRAPS - Heat Beat (Hells Teeth)
HEX OFFENDER - The Dagger (Self-Released)

NOOGY - Whatever (Self-Released)
MANIC HISPANIC - Mexican 'Merican (Smelvis
THE QUEERS - Gas Money (Sexy Baby / Cleopatra / Tapehead City
BULLSHIT DETECTOR - La Boite De Pandore (Keponteam
YAWP! - Pinochet (Kangaroo) 

BOSS - Cash ‘Em In (Static Shock)
SCALPO - Illusioni (Mendeku Diskak
OGRO - Primitivo (Mendeku Diskak
CUIR - Cut Cut (Offside) 
MORBO - Tomado por asalto (Cintas Pepe / Educacion Cinica)

BAD POISON - Brat Magnet (Self-Released
THE HORNY BITCHES - Shut Up And Be Nice (Self-Released)
POSERS - Day-Night (Low Level) 
THE FILTHY RADICALS - Scavenger (Stomp
MDC - Selfish Shit (R Radical) 

BACARA - suiyōbi no ame 水曜日の雨 (Break the Records
FORECLOSE - Fear of Bombs (Blown Out Media
STINGRAY - Guilty (La Vida Es Un Mus
THE ANARCHY - Part 2 (Roachleg / Pig Master)
SUFFOCATING MADNESS? - Disassociate (Roachleg
A set of bands from California with eps released in 1978 and almost everyone of them is the title track.

F WORD - Shut Down (Posh Boy)
HOWARD WERTH - Obsolete (Dangerhouse / Munster)
JJ-180 - Talk Talk (Alona's Dream)
DRED SCOTT - I Believe You All (Red Spot)

Demo Feature
STAY DOWN are a band from Hamilton that released a collection called “Artless Whimper” in 2018. I totally missed it. But you can find it on bandcamp.   

STAY DOWN - Caved In (Self-Released) 
STAY DOWN - Chewing Bricks (Self-Released) 
STAY DOWN - Worn Thin (Self-Released) 
STAY DOWN - Gripping (Self-Released) 
STAY DOWN - Poison Us (Self-Released) 
STAY DOWN - Disintegrate (Self-Released) 
STAY DOWN - God is U.S.A.'s Terrorist (Self-Released)

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Radio - Sunday, November 7th, 2021

On tonight's EXD, we feature some oldies (the Plugz, the Lookouts, Saucer and the Allies) some newbies (Nervous SS, Unidad Ideologica, Disthroat), CanCon (Choices Made, Rhythm of Cruelty, Stangled), new CanCon (So Tired, Languid, The Slime), a feature on the Gilman power pop scene, and an obscure demo from Montreal (Soldiers of Misfortune). You can download the show here

TSF - Square Peg (Self-Released)

DANGEROUS RHYTHM - Wah-Wah (Hip-70 / Polydor)
THE BAGS - We Will Bury You (Artifix)
THE PLUGZ - Wordless (Plugz)
DOA - Whatcha Gonna Do (Friends / Sudden Death)

All Canadian set
SO TIRED - Sing Pretty (Self-Released)
THE HOLDOUTS - Headcase (Self-Released)
SCABS OFF - The Bucket (Goldmine)
CHOICES MADE - What's Your Plan? (Cursed Blessings)
THE SLIME - Death Champs (Self-Released)

All New Set
LANGUID - Smouldering Flesh (D-Takt & Ra Punk Records)
HORRENDOUS 3D - Option? (Whisper in Darkness)
DISEASE - The Massacred (Burning Anger / Rawmantic Disasters)
NERVOUS SS - Deprived of Knowledge (La Vida Es Un Mus)
MUECO - Leaders Of The End (Fuzzed Atrocities

Another All New set
UNIDAD IDEOLOGICA - Inhabilitado Para Reaccionar (La Vida Es Un Mus)
TRAMADOL - Wretched (Donor)
THE CHISEL - Nation's Pride (La Vida Es Un Mus)
WHITE STAINS - Strangle You (La Vida Es Un Mus)
EXOTICA - Is This Life (Great Dance)

PINK LEATHER JACKETS - What You're Doin' To Me (Self-Released)
CHROME CRANKS - Driving Bad (HoZac)
THE ATOM AGE - It's A Mess (Asian Man)
DIRTY FENCES - Full Tramp (Slovenly)
NIGHT BIRDS - In The Red In The Black (Fat Wreck Chords)

DISTHROAT - Stench of Death (Self-Released)
MILK - Bricks (Hysteria/ A-Z Records)
ALIEN NOSEJOB - Fatal Collision (Iron Lung
NANCY - (She’s) Psychic (Erste Theke Tonträger/ Neck Chop)
RATCAGE - Two to Eight (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Berkeley power pop
ISOCRACY - Amilyplympt Three (Lookout!)
THE LOOKOUTS - Living Behind The Bars (Lookout!)
CRIMPSHRINE - The Direction of Things to Come.... (No Reality)
CRINGER - Sunday (Vinyl Communications)
MR. T EXPERIENCE - What is Punk (Sixth International / Lookout!)

SMIRK - Precious Dreams (Iron Lung)
MESS - Fire Fire Fire (Self-Released
RHYTHM OF CRUELTY - Hollow Eyes (Self-Released)
DEKODER - What's Left (Self-Released)
STRANGLED - Body Bag (Crude City)

Demo Feature
SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE are from Montreal and they had a couple of recordings released, but this one was released in 1996 and is called “Pay Attention….”

SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE - Neighbours (Self-Released)
SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE - Everybody Dies (Self-Released)
SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE - Average Joe (Self-Released)
SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE - Urban Safari (Self-Released)
SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE - Mommy (Self-Released)
SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE - Alcoholic with a Gun (Self-Released)
SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE - Message to Myself (Self-Released)
SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE - Old MacDonald (Self-Released)
SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE - New Age (Self-Released)
SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE - Soldiers of Misfortune (Self-Released)
SOLDIERS OF MISFORTUNE - Grass Song (Self-Released)

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Radio - Sunday, October 31st, 2021

On tonight's EXD, we have two celebrations of life in the local scene – Adam Wood (Sick of Shit, At What Cost, and Life Imprisonment) and Jordan Prokopick (Tight Nuns). And a number of spooky punk tunes to keep Hallow’s Eve going right up to the witching hour. You can download the show here

THE DAMNED - Torture Me (Bronze)

Adam Wood, was the singer from SICK OF SHIT. He passed away earlier this week. Grant and Keith from Sick of Shit share their memories about Adam. 
SICK OF SHIT - State of Grace (Schizophrenic)
Jamie Problem shared his memories about Adam Wood.
AT WHAT COST - Everyday’s a Tragedy (Self-Released)
There is a gofundme campaign to help raise money for Adam's funeral costs. 

TIGHT NUNS - Tyler the Creationist 
Prokopick from TIGHT NUNS passed away. Cory played with him in the band and he shared his memories of Jordan with us.
TIGHT NUNS - I Went To Church Once (Self-Released)

Punx are fucking seeing fucking ghosts
DESTRUCTORS - Son of Sam (Illuminated)
ENGLISH DOGS - Nosferatu (Rot / LM / Combat)
MAU MAUS - The Kill (Pax)
ATTAK - Murder in the Subway (No Future)

ISAAC ROTHER AND THE PHANTOMS - Witches Brew (Self-Released)
THE MYSTRYS - Witch Girl (Orbit)
LES HELLCATS - Go-Go's Monsters go! (Fans of Bad Productions)
THE REVILLOS - (She's Fallen In Love With A) Monster Man (John Peel Session, 13/05/1981)
KILLROY AD - Giant Spiders Attack (Self-Released)

All crusties screaming loud nights
G.I.S.M. - Death Agonies Screams (Dogma / Beast Arts / Relapse)
DEVIATED INSTINCT - Open Wound (Prophecy / Black Konflik)
TERRORIZER - Dead Shall Rise (Earache)
ZIG ZAGS - Afraid of the Dark (Castle Face)

BAD MANNERS - Monster Mash (Magnet)
45 GRAVE - Evil (Bemisbrain)
TALL BOYS - Take A Walk (Big Beat)
THE MAKERS - Death of Mr. Monster (Estrus)
SAMHAIN - Horror Biz (Plan 9)

Gruesome punk hits
RAMONES - Chain Saw (Sire)
THE REZILLOS - Flying Saucer Attack (Sire)
SCREAMING DEAD - 20th Century Vampire (No Future)
ATTAK - Demon (No Future)
DESTRUCTORS - Northern Ripper (Illuminated)

Toronto new wave
NASH THE SLASH - Dead Man's Curve (Cut-Throat / Dindisc)
BLUE PETER - Do The Robot (Ready
THE GOVERNMENT - Get You Sleepin' (The Modern World Incorporated)
CRASH KILLS FIVE - What Do You Do At Night (Ugly Pop) 
NEGRO JAZZ FUNERAL - Happy Sad (Green Fuse)

PURA MANIA - La Aburrida Historia De Una Banda Cualquiera (Sabotage / Incendia)

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Radio - Sunday October 24, 2021

On tonight's EXD, we feature a lot of international including material from China (NONAME), Czech Republic (N.V.U. / Nezfales), and Panama (Hez). Chris does a feature on Turtle Island and a Discos Enfermos label profile. And a sneak preview of the soon to be released Total Nada ep in our demo feature. You can download the show here

PLASTIC GANGSTERS - One Law For Them (Hardcoretrooper)

N.V.U. - Rock 'N' Roll Schwindell (Black Point)
SIEKIERA - Siekiera (Warsaw Pact)
CITIZENS PATROL - The End of the World (Self-Released)
DISTURBANCE - Constable Cockney (Streetmusic Berlin)
NEZFALES - Iggy Pop For President (Cecek)

International Hardcore 2021
X2000 - En el 2023 (Ruido Total Discos/Oscuridad En Mi Vida
CANARY - Instant Wall (UCA) 
VIOLENT SPIRIT - Nightmare (Self-Released)
ROCCON (六根) - 悪意を求むな (Schadenfreude) (Break the Records)
DAUðYFLIN - Klossakyssir (Ruido Total Discos/Oscuridad En Mi Vida)

BACKSTREET SCUM - Defund the Police (Self-Released)
ROUGH CUTS - Knockout Saturday (Cursed Blessings)
NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Right Brigade (Self-Released)
IDIOOTTI - Kultainen 60-Luku (Alternative Action)

Modern classics from the North of Turtle Island
BOOTLICKER - Modern Science (Static Shock/Neon Taste)
WARKRUSHER - Bloodlust (Self-Released)   
ACID SHOWER - Hammer Smashed Dick/ .666 Magnum/ Rock Salad (Horrendous Manifestation / Doc Dank’s Herbal Remedies for the Soul / Craniophagus Parasiticus / Sick Phoque / Sonic Bath / Table Scraps / Ulcersted Flesh) 
RITUAL WARFARE - Repulsive Addiction (Sewercide)   
PHANE - Soothsayer (Phobia)
DOGMA - New World (GYO 2020/A World Divided)

THE PUNCHING NUNS - Only a Fool (Self-Released)
THE ZODIAC PANTHERS - I Don't Gotta, But I'm Gonna, Cause I Wanna!
JIMMY VAPID - Born in a Bad Mood (Self-Released) 
CHIXDIGGIT - Miso Ramen (Fat Wreck)
REAL SICKIES - Communication Breakdown (Stomp)

Discos Enfermos 2021
FARMACO - Descolonizar (Discos Enfermos
Venganza - Militancia Virtual (Discos Enfermos / Youthanasia) 
PÖLS - Despues De La Tormenta (Discos Enfermos / El Lokal/A-Z Records)
HEZ - Esposas (Discos Enfermos / Lógica Ciega / A-Z Records)
INYECCION - Vigilante (Discos Enfermos / Educacion Cinica / Planeta Destrozado) 
CLACKAMAS BABY KILLERS - Island of Iguanas (of Dr. Moreau)
EVERYBODY'S ENEMY - Big Mac Fuck You! (Teki) 
HAT TRICKERS - Undead (45 Revolution / Radio Underground)
THE JANITORS - 4Q (Une Vie Pour Rien?)
NONAME - Get Free

SHATTERED FAITH - Reagan Country (Posh Boy)
THE VAXXINES - California Screamin
IMPLODERS - Vertagogo
NEON CHRIST - We Mean Business (Southern Lord / DVL)
QUARANTINE - Mouth Off (La Vida Es Un Mus)
OUST - Genocide at Sea (Self-Released) 

Demo Feature 
Total Nada are a four piece hardcore band from Montréal. Right now Total nada is: Boris: vocals, Andrés: guitar, Ashly: Bass and Etienne: Drums. Formed in the fall/winter of 2019 this is their debut ep, set to release on Discos Enfermos in 2022. They’re influences are Italian hardcore (Bed Boys or Stinky Rats), South American punk (Ataque Frontal or Crimen Impune), and American HC classics (SSD, Scream or Dead Kennedys). You can find this recording on bandcamp.

TOTAL NADA - El camino mas facil (Discos Enfermos)
TOTAL NADA - Asimilacion (Discos Enfermos)
TOTAL NADA - En deuda (Discos Enfermos)
TOTAL NADA - La rabia (Discos Enfermos)
TOTAL NADA - Regulados (Discos Enfermos)
TOTAL NADA - Total nada (Discos Enfermos)

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Radio - Sunday October 17th, 2021


On tonight's EXD, we start out with a celebration of life for Dave Robert’s life. More affectionately known as Tank, his friends Zero and Mongo share stories and Gary Topp shares some live Ramones for his soundtrack. We also talk to Fran Grasso and Dave Busch about a new book on Toronto’s underground metal scene titled “Eve of Darkness”. Chris showcases some of the newest Japanese punk releases. There is a covers set to gear you up for the special fundraising show. And Desperate Times gets featured for their second time in the demo segment. Download the show here.

STUPIDS - People In Your Neighbourhood (Children of the Revolution / Toxic Shock / Boss Tuneage)

Tribute to Dave Roberts 
Many people knew Dave Roberts as "Tank". He worked security for the Garys in the early days, of the Toronto punk scene. But he would go on to do so much more. Mongo and Zero share stories about Dave Roberts on tonight's show including things that you may not have realized about this gentle giant. Their stories blew me away. 

RAMONES - Judy is A Punk (Live at the New Yorker) - thanks to Gary Topp for this
Tribute from Mongo and Zero
RAMONES - The KKK Took My Baby Away (Sire)
Tribute from Mongo and Zero
ELVIS COSTELLO AND THE ATTRACTIONS - Watching the Detectives (Stiff)
Tribute from Mongo and Zero
THE STRANGLERS - Tank (United Artists)

An on-line tribute was held earlier today for Dave Roberts that you can watch here

The New Wave of Japanese punk
KLONNS - Gehenna (Black Hole)
THE SMOG - Lost My Mind (Going Underground)
THE GEROS - Toxic (Debauch Mood
KLONNS - Amon (Black Hole) 

BAD WAITRESS - Strawberry Milkshake (Royal Mountain
NICE CAT - Sugardaddy (Self-Released)
WINE LIPS - Eyes (Stomp
S.U.G.A.R. - British Smile (Alien Snatch
GRUESOMES - One Good Reason (Alien Snatch
Fundraising is coming up in November. We usually do an all covers show but we have been collecting way too many covers so here is a set of all covers.

JED WHITEY - State Violence State Control (Deranged
DEAD IDEAS - Nazi Punks Fuck Off! (Ill in the Head)
THE RESTARTS - Does Your Mother Know (Active / Malarie)
ANTAGONIZERS ATL - (I'm) Stranded (Sexy Baby)
HAYMAKER - Proud Mary (KB
MR. T EXPERIENCE - Unpack Your Adjectives (Lookout / Sounds Rad)

JOE JACKSON - I’m The Man (A and M)
THE BOYFRIENDS - I’m In Love Today (United Artists)
The TIGHTS - Bad Hearts (Cherry Red / Mad Butcher)
JET BOYS - You Talk Too Much (Sucksex)


The book Eve of Darkness just came out detailing the underground metal scene in Toronto that started in the 80's. We speak with Fran Grasso and Dave Busch who were involved in the book. Fran has been involved in every stage of this book from setting up interviews to transcribing to scanning photos and flyers to intial edits to final edits and the hands on production. And she started a label called Urbain Grandier to follow up the work on this project. I heard Dave was a photographer but he only spoke about his experience stemming as a fan of the metal scene and helped out with figuring out the story lines in this book. And Dave connected us with Ray Berkis who we owe big time for his audio conversions.

SLAUGHTER - Eve of Darkness (Diabolic Force / Utopian Vision / Apocalyptor / Hells Headbangers)
Interview with Fran and Dave
HATEFUL SNAKE - Are You Ready (Urbain Grandier)

You can order this book at UXB Press.

Demo Feature
DESPERATE TIMES are from Halifax. We featured their 2018 demo on the show a few years ago. Sean Boone reached out to us to tell us about their new recordings. They have a split coming out with a band from Mexico called Cotard, but tonight we are featured their cassette “Peace at Last”. 

DESPERATE TIMES - Enough (Self-Released)
DESPERATE TIMES - Peering (Self-Released)
DESPERATE TIMES - Class War (Self-Released)
DESPERATE TIMES - Prison (Self-Released)
DESPERATE TIMES - False Till True (Self-Released)
DESPERATE TIMES - Some of Us Scream, Some of us Shout (Self-Released)