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Radio : EXD 1228 - Sunday November 27th, 2022

Want to thank everyone who donated to CIUT's fundraising drive. Specifically Dave Stevenson, Michail Markatselis, Jane Farrow, Sunaya Sapurji, Aaron Brown, Craig Wattie, Erik Lovblom, Chris Labonte, Craig Hinshelwood, John Di Marco, John Viktorin, James Glaspey, Betsy Carter, Soft on Crime, Jamie Stowe, Shawna Carlton, Mark Evard, Steve Milo, and Adam Furukawa. Those are the ones we know about. The station is short on our goal and we ask if you haven’t donated that you do so now at Donorbox

On tonight’s show we have a few features of new material, some mixed bag sets a tribute to Keith Levene who passed, an anarchist corner feature on Rudi P, and our demo feature will be the Endless Blockade and their second demo. Rob’s gonna get things started. Download the show here (320 BR mp3).

ARBOGAKVINNAN - Samma Skit, Andra Grisar (Self-Released

New Stuff (Rob) - 12:53 
BANDA DESTRUIDA - Radicalito (Beer City) 
MODERN CYNICS - Stop (Dirt Cult) 
TOEHEADS - Mixed Up (Big Neck) 
WEREWOLF JONES - Don’t Look Now (Big Neck) 
CLUTTERED - This Rusted Bike Lock (Self released) 

Julian Keith Levene tribute
was a founding member of the Clash and Public Image Ltd his punk and post punk guitar sounds have been described as "both melodic and discordant, sonorous and violent". In 1976, he helped persuade Joe Strummer to leave the pub rock band the 101ers and join the Clash. Although he left the band before their first studio recordings, he co-wrote "What's My Name", which appeared on their first album. After the Sex Pistols disbanded, Levene and their lead singer John Lydon co-founded Public Image Ltd (PiL). He was involved in the writing, performing and producing PiL's first three albums: First Issue, Metal Box and Flowers of Romance. He was described in the BBC's obituary as "one of the most influential guitarists of all time... who helped pioneer an angular post-punk sound that is still regularly cited". 

THE CLASH - What’s my Name (CBS) 
PiL - Annalisa (Virgin) 

New releases (Chris)
FRACTURED - Morality of War (Phobia / Trujaca Fala
PHANE - No Need To Breath (Phobia / Trujaca Fala)
PUBLIC ACID - Siphon (Self-Released / Voice From Inside / La Vida Es Un Mus)  
BAREBONES - Black Seeds (Break the Records)   

André Set 
LEXAN - Union Hoax (Delayed Gratification) 
IDEATION - Blunt Instrument (Dynastic Yellow Star Label) 
MUTE - Digital Hell (Invisible Audio) 
PLASMA - Kiss The Void (Invisible Audio) 
MAHRIA - Mask (Dog Knights Productions) 
TORCHES TO ROME - This Is Not A Step (Ebullition) 

All Canadian, mostly new releases (Stephe)
URBAN BLIGHT - Urban Blight (Deranged) 
ROUGH CUTS - Street justice (Self-Released)
THE BARE MINIMUM - Back in the D.P.R.K. (Self-Released 
THE HOLDOUTS - Secondhand Smoke (Cursed Blessings) - from St Catharines on a release titled “325” ep 

90s crust (Chris) 
GLOOM - Defector Disturbing People (MCR Company / Crust War) 
FORÇA MACABRA - Medo (Genet / Angry / Agipunk) 
DISKONTO - Jag Vägrar Lyssna (Crust As Fuck Records) 
ASSÜCK - Dataclast (Sound Pollution Records / R.A.S.P.) 

Rudimentary Peni (Anarchist corner) 
RUDIMENTARY PENI - Media Person (Outer Himalayan) 
RUDIMENTARY PENI - Teenage Time Killer (Outer Himalayan) 
RUDIMENTARY PENI - Quarter Dead (Corpus Christi) 
RUDIMENTARY PENI - Pig In A Blanket (Corpus Christi) 
RUDIMENTARY PENI - Radio Schizo (Corpus Christi) 
RUDIMENTARY PENI - Night Gaunts (Outer Himalayan) 
RUDIMENTARY PENI - Dream City (Outer Himalayan) 
RUDIMENTARY PENI - Blood for Seed (Sealed) 
RUDIMENTARY PENI - Path of Glory (Sealed) 

Demo Feature
The Endless Blockade were a super group power violence band in the city featuring Andy Nolan who had been in Ebola, Sawn Off, Shank, and Nation of Finks. Matthew Carrol was also a new arrival from Halifax and played in a band called Capital Death. Ryosuke Kiyasu was also a newcomer from Japan and played on this demo recording. And Ben Edgar also played in the band. They recorded two demos and this is the second one. 

THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Timebomb (Self-Released) 
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Barely Legal (Self-Released) 
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Demograhics (Self-Released) 
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Haymaker vs Manowar (Self-Released) 
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - The Endless Blockade (Self-Released) 
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Island(Self-Released) 

INTENSIVE CARE - Collapse (Iron Lung)

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Radio : EXD 1227 - Sunday, November 20th, 2022

Tonight we are raising funds for CIUT. You can go onto our site at and visit the donate page or there is a peer to peer fundraising page that we have set up where funds go directly to CIUT. Many things about this station are free. The volunteer time that hundreds of us put in every week. The programming is free. It’s not behind some paywall. The programming is diverse. It is done by learned experts - people who have dedicated the majority of their spare time following their scene. Very little advertising, so you don’t have to endure endless amounts of commercials to get to hear the thing you tuned in for. CIUT has figured out how to do a lot with so very little, but we do need to make up some operating costs and we could use your help. Find one of those funding portals and pitch in. It takes a community to keep a radio station broadcasting. 

On tonight’s show you will hear lots of people talking about the merits of the show. I was touched but listeners and musicians who spoke about what the show means to them. There will be a lot of covers because covers of songs are fun and punk bands do a lot of them. I am also excited to share an interview with Don Pyle and Martin Sorrondeguy in the second half of the show about a double launch release party on November 26th that you should know about. Don has a new photo book coming out called Shot in the Mirror and it sounds like it is going to be amazing. And Martin has a new issue of Susto coming out.

Download the show here

CHUBBY AND THE GANG - Getting Beat Again (Partisan

Covers (Andre)
Jack from the The Flying Hotspur Podcast (Part 1) 
ZEKE - Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac) (Epitaph

Covers (Rob)
THE B-MOVIE RATS - Borstal Boys (Junk)
THE MODERATES - For What It's Worth (Hyped)
THE OUTLETS - You Told Me (Modern Methods)

Covers (Chris) 
SKITKRIMES - Fight Against The Plutocrats (Confuse) - (Razored Raw)
ACTION - Blame It On The Youth (Xtract) - (Punkcore
INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL - Americans Out (Oi Polloi) - (Self-released)  
DISTHROAT - They Call This Progress (Excrement of War) - (Victim)
DECADE - Where There Is A Will (Discharge) - (Unreleased) 

Covers (Andre)
Julian the Twin (Part 2) 
NEGATIVE APPROACH - Borstal Breakout (Sham 69) (Self-Released

Covers (Rob)
NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Right Brigade (Self-Released)
BLIND PIGS - New Generation (Hearts Bleed Blue / Neves / Detona)
SONIC YOUTH - Nic Fit (Geffen)

Covers (Andre)
André’s Testimonial (Part 3) 
EARTH CRISIS - Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream) (Victory

Testimonials (Chris
CRISIS PARTY - Exist (Dirt Cult
Matty Grace - Crisis Party/Cluttered Testimonial 
MARTHA - Dom Kan Inte H​ö​ra Musiken (Masshysteri) - (Drunken Sailor)
DESICCATE - Raw Nerve (Self-Released)  
Kenny - Desiccate Testimonial 
NAPALM RAID - In Conspiracy With Satan (Bathory) - (Self-released)
SQUANDER - War crimes (Greymatter Tapes
Greg - Squander Testimonial 
DEPOPULATION DEPARTMENT - Born To Die In The Gutter (Discharge) - (Loner Cult / Hecatombe / Romantic Songs / Crust as Fuck)    
WARKRUSHER - Visions Of Mortality (Audacious Madness)  
Tom - Warkrusher Testimonial 
SEPULTURA - Orgasmatron (Motörhead) - (Roadracer / Takt Music / Estúdio Eldorado / R/C / Roadrunner / MG / Güneş Plak Ve Kaset / Far East Metal Syndicate / Jigu / I.T.M / Radio Tripoli)

So fundraising is on and we are doing are best to not torture with begging and pleading, but the station does need your help. Nobody’s really sure how live broadcasting might work at CIUT in this next phase of covid but we continue to work at bringing you a unique two hour of showcase of the week in punk. And we are not always so current affairs based but we do work to bring you things relevant to this scene in the form of playing bands or doing interviews or having features. And so that is where this next feature fits. On Saturday November 26th at the Annex Hotel a launch party is being thrown for the release of a new Don Pyle book called Shot in the Mirror. The book is being released with a number of features which we talk about in the interview. And Martin Sorrondeguy is co-releasing an issue of Susto which makes a collage piece of art out of some of Don’s photos which sounds pretty spectacular. And Martin will be playing music at the event. I had the chance to speak with these two prolific and important people in our scene. And here is that interview.

DICKS - Hate the Police (Radical / 1-2-3-4 Go!)
Interview with Don and Martin

NOFX - Straight Edge (Epitaph)

CIUT fall fundraising 2022

We’re reaching out to you as a listener to Equalizing-X-Distort (EXD) to ask you to support CIUT. CIUT is the campus community radio station that broadcasts EXD, as well as many other unique and underground programs.  As a station we need funds to do things like maintain the broadcast transmitter, to maintain broadcast equipment, and to keep the station running. 

New this drive is a show portal that you can donate to the station through which is found at :

And we think CIUT is worth investing in. There are a ton of shows to check out and most of our listeners are fans of more than one show. 

We also happen to think that what we offer in terms of a punk show is unique.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Radio : EXD 1226 - Sunday, November 13th, 2022

For tonight’s show Andre interviews Adam Croft of Convulse Records about the label, band’s and Denver. I interview Mike from Rough Cuts about the band, the Reds, and their latest recording “Last Call”. There is quite a bit of new material and a demo feature by the Clitboys who were from Milwaukee in the early 80’s. Download the show here

RAT CAGE - In The Shadow Of The Bomb (Lughole / LVEUM)    

New Releases (Chris)
BLACK DOG - Gnashing Of Teeth (Self-released
RESIN - Chaos (1753
BALTA - Hatalom, Atom (LVEUM
CRUTCHES - Stopp I Huet (Phobia / Not Enough / Profane Existance)      

Rough Cuts Interview (Stephe) 
What Do I know about Rough Cuts? Not much. I mean they have been around for about 4 years and they write oi music. They support TFC which how they first came across my radar. They have a split out with Red Alert. They are not too active right now but they just released a new set of songs called “Last Call”. I got to speak with the singer Mike. We talked about Rough Cuts, oi, Toronto, and a bunch of their songs. We’re going to start off with the song “New Breed” which is off their first release. 

ROUGH CUTS - New Breed (Self-Released)
ROUGH CUTS - Interview (CIUT) 
ROUGH CUTS - Reds (Self-Released)
ROUGH CUTS - Interview (CIUT) 
ROUGH CUTS - Nobody’s Fool (Self-Released)
ROUGH CUTS - Interview (CIUT) 
ROUGH CUTS - Come into my Parlour  (Self-Released)
ROUGH CUTS - Interview (CIUT) 
ROUGH CUTS - I’m Done  (Self-Released)
ROUGH CUTS - Interview (CIUT) 
ROUGH CUTS - Rough Cuts (Cursed Blessings
ROUGH CUTS - Interview (CIUT) 
ROUGH CUTS - Carry On  (Self-Released)

New Releases (Chris)
AMMO - Kleptocracy (Web of Lies / Death Won’t Even Satisfy / Static Shock
ELEVATE - Stab From The Front (Breakout / Dirtwave / Richter Scale)
VIOLIN - Parasite (LVEUM
WAR//PLAGUE - Disruption (Phobia)
COTÄRD - Delirio (Neon Taste)   

New Releases (Stephe) 
KEVIN SHORT AND HIS PRIVATES - Punk Strut (Self-Released) 
FRESHLY RIOTS - Blind Like Facists (Bondeskiver / Queer Pills
SLOTH FIST - We're Fucked (Self-Released
CONDITIONS APPLY - Destroy My Quiet (Self-Released)
TOKYO LUNGS - Living on Crumbs (Amok / Toxic Wotsit)

Convulse Records 
On this week's set André speaks to Adam Croft, who runs Convulse Records based in Denver, Colorado. Adam speaks on running the label and its origins, how the hardcore scene in Denver has evolved and grown, and Adam chooses five bands off of the label which he thinks bests represents what Convulse is all about.

YAMBAG - Capture The Flag (Convulse) 
RAW BREED - G.D.K (Convulse) 
COMPASSION - Pacing Animal (Convulse) 
CANDY APPLE - Re-Animator (Convulse) 
GEL - Predominant Mask (Convulse) 
Demo Feature 
THE CLITBOYS were a hardcore band from Milwaukee between 1982 and 1984. Best known for their single “We Don’t Play the Game”, but one of the first places I heard about them was as a reference in Meatmen’s “Punkerama”. Anyway I came across an early demo of the band’s 7 out of 8 songs not on the ep. I thought it would make for a great feature. 

THE CLITBOYS - Time for Another War 
THE CLITBOYS - Have Faith 
THE CLITBOYS - Apathy Rules 
THE CLITBOYS - 3rd World War 
THE CLITBOYS - We Don’t Play the Game

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Radio : EXD 1225 - Sunday, November 6th, 2022

Coming up on the show we will do a new feature called anarchist corner which will take a look at MDC. There will be a vintage segment feature on Scarborough so paying love to the burb in the east. But the overall theme of tonight’s show is new releases from everybody. So everyone has new material…… And a demo feature by ABOMINATRIX. Download the show here

AGRAVIO - Amigos del Estado (SPHC
New Releases (Chris
SIBAFÜ - キ (Black Hole/ A-Z) 
PHANE - Vacant (Self-released)  
ASILE - Brume De Guerre (PILS) 
SKITKRIMES - Human Off Switch (Razored Raw) 
KOMPLEX VINY - Optickej klam (Phobia) 

Anarchist corner (Stephe)
Anarchism has been a feature in punk rock from the Sex Pistols singing about “Anarchy in the UK” to it being taken more seriously with that wave of bands in the early 80’s that Ian Glasper writes about in his book “The Day the Country Died” with bands often referred to as peace punk bands. We have been talking about doing a feature on the show that would look at various anarchist bands in a feature like segment and I was telling this to Chris LaBonte who plays in the Hard Toms. His band Son of Happy got to play with MDC at the anarchist unconventional in 1986 here in Toronto and thought MDC was a natural for this segment. So having thought about it for a week I think he is right and so i thought I would start this feature off by looking at MDC. MDC was a punk band from Austin originally known as the STAINS. The band released an early version of John Wayne was a Nazi on their own label R Radical Records in 1980 and then moved to San Francisco forever being known as a band from San Francisco. Here’s that early recording of their classic song. 

STAINS - John Wayne was a Nazi (R Radical) 
MDC - Dead Cops - America's so Straight (R Radical) 

So MDC move to California and their is a band from L.A. known as the STAINS so they had to change their name. The band played a show with BLACK FLAG in Orange County and witnessing the violent attacks by the police at the show they decided to called themselves Millions of Dead Cops. So we heard that coming out of this first set. The name MDC was a three letter acronym that took on a new name with every release. The band prompted other bands to do the same even causing a local band to make fun of it by calling themselves MSI which stood for More Stupid Initials. MDC stood for many progressive radical issues at the time. “America’s So Straight” becomes one of the first songs to challenge hetero normative culture. The Millions of Dead Cops album is an incredible album for so many reasons. I remember listening to that album and my views on punk rock opened up like no other record. Lyrically they took on many issues like American foreign policy, the prison industrial complex, fast food chains, the separation of church and state, dysfunctional families. Some of these concepts had been introduced through anarchist bands in the UK but they were a little more drawn out in theoretical methods. A bit more black and white. A bit too simple. MDC presented concepts of progressive ideas in everyday ways. Here are a couple of more tracks from that album…..because it is too great not to leave out a two song medley in the first set. We’re going to start off with the song that has a chant that is used today at defund the police rallies showing the longevity of their ideas and the speaking truth to power that makes it thoughts before their time. 

MDC - Born to Die (R Radical) 
MDC - I Hate Work (R Radical) 
MDC - I Remember (R Radical) 

The lightning stop and start parts of their songs really changed the way how hardcore was written. And crossover would soon make in roads with DRI essentially writing the next iteration of stop and start hardcore. Bands like Stark Raving Mad would up the ante. I think MDC were starting to make their next releases even more substantial. Borrowing on the anarchist style of CRASS records releases their next two releases become single issue focused releases with poster sleeve self covers that fold out into nine panels of information. Picking up on the “Corporate Deathburger” theme the first is those singles is called “Multi Death Corporations” which ties in ideas of the military industrial complex and anti nuke movement seamlessly. So we’re gonna start off with that. 

MDC - Multi Death Corporation (R Radical) 
MDC - Chicken Squawk (R Radical) 

We finished up “Chicken Squawk” which is the best known song from the “Millions of Dead Children” ep. That single and the arguments laid out for vegetarianism is the reason why I am a vegetarian today. My brother photocopied the content of those sleeves and made anti-McDonald’s flyers. The band started playing “Rock Against Reagan” shows with Big Boys and Bad Brains. HR finds out that Randy Turner from the Bog Boys is gay and this leads to a heated argument between HR and Dave Dictor which results in the song “Pay to Come Along” which gets released on “Rat Music for Rat People volume 2” so we are going to hear that… 
MDC - Pay to Come Along (CD Presents) 
MDC - Missile Destroyed Civilization (R Radical) 

“Missile Destroyed Civilizations” ends the PEACE comp which becomes the bar from which no other comps have been able to meet. An international comp with bringing attention to a single cause like war. 55 bands on the comp from around the world on a double LP rivalling the second MRR comp “Welcome to 1984”. This comp came with a 72 page zine/book. In more recent times Dave Dictor has continued his compilation work recently releasing a series of comps called “Punk for Ukraine” which was a 6 CD set and a Myanmar Resistance compilation. This is on a new label called Grimace Records. MDC would go on to release a shit ton of records (9 albums / 3 singles / 10 splits). Lots of amazing releases on all of them. The band stopped and restarted. But this is the stuff that I found most influential from MDC. Had a huge impact on my life. Had a huge impact on the scene. They would run a show space called the Farm, which would become a blueprint for punk run event places that people lived in like squats. Had a huge impact on activism. So that’s my take on MDC. 

NewStuff (Rob) 
1876 - DGAF 
ETERAZ - Blood Drunkard (Iron Lung) 
HEADCHEESE - Loss Prevention (Neon Taste)
GENERACION SUICIDA - Fuego (Drunken Sailor) 
A.I.D.S - Blood on Blood (La Vida Es Un Mus) 

New and Old (André)
FACE DOWN - Cursed In Sickness (Tribunal) 
BERTHOLD CITY - Out Of Darkness (War Records) 
CINDERBLOCK - Breathe The Fire (War Records) 
SCOWL - Idle Roaring Room (Flatspot) 
LAW OF POWER - $80 Devil (Flatspot) 

Scarborough punk 
Scarborough is one of the original six boroughs that make up Toronto. It is the borough to the east. It is the place that gets made fun of the most out of all the boroughs of Toronto. When I was a kid we would see rows and rows of strip malls. But in hindsight I would say that this wasn’t unique to Scarborough. When I was growing up the subway was being extended through Scarborough Town Centre to Kennedy station which was great dystopian futuristic underground to play in. Scarborough was home to many immigrant communities which may have been a reason why Scarborough became the butt of many jokes. I grew up in North York very close to the Scarborough border. Scarborough goes from the lake to Steeles so it is a borough that spans the entire height of the city. The Beaches communities are older more established communities. As you move north you get more high rises and lower income places. The northern areas were victim to post WWII planning. You either need a car to get around or you are victim to hours on public transit so there is a feeling of being under serviced or being on your own. But in some ways that environment helped create some of the best bands in our scene. Being out there on your own. Living in a place that people shat on. Being from Scarbrough embues residents with the underdog fighting spirit. Here are some bands from Scarbrough and surrounding area to make this point. 

THE MODS - Step Out Tonight (Bomb) 
A.P.B. - Constant Threat (NRK) 
SWINDLED - Hymn #84 (Swindled) 
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Kill The Press-Pantyhose-Plastic Punk-Street Car Windows-Baby Killer (NRK) 
BLIBBER AND THE RAT CRUSHERS - Nazi Punks Go Bowling (Self-Released) 
Current melodic punk (Chris
PÖLS - Otras formas (Discos Enfermos / El Lokal / A-Z, Exabrupto)    
SWEET REAPER - Fun Dip (Self-Released / Alien Snatch) 
CLUTTERED - Dysphoria City Limits (Self-Released) 
1-800 MIKEY - Plushy (ETT / Under the Gun)  
NANCY - Captain Lou (Neck Chop / ETT) 
PISS KINKS - Why Don’t They Catcall Me (Dirtbag Distro) 
CONDITION - Signed in Blood (Iron Lung)
ACID BLOOD - To The Grave (Jan ML / Maja Von Lobeck)
INTERROBANG - The Inclement Weather (On the Fiddle)
DISOLVENTE - Mi Desesperacion (Self-Released
BUTCHER BABY - Beer, Weed And Three Lines Of Speed (Self-Released
OTOBOKE BEAVER - George and Janice (Damnably) 
RASHOMON - Nin-Gen (Iron Lung)
LEXICON - Bleak Future (Iron Lung) 
WOUND MAN - Infection (Iron Lung)  
Demo Feature 
ABOMINATRIX are three submissive slaves from the dank, dark corners of rock n roll. ABOMINATRIX are playing at the Bovine on Saturday November 12th with Anxious Pleasers, Private Lives, and Shiv and the Carvers. You can find this recording on bandcamp.

ABOMINATRIX - She Walks All Over Me (Self-Released) 
ABOMINATRIX - Cuckolder But Wiser (Self-Released) 
ABOMINATRIX - S(he)&M(e) (Self-Released) 
ABOMINATRIX - I Get What I Deserve (Self-Released)

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Radio : EXD 1224 - Sunday, October 30th, 2022

Welcome to Equalizing-X-Distort for the night before Hallowe’en, so most if not all of tonight’s show has a tie in to tomorrow. Near the end Andre does a beatdown feature. And a Kamloops band named HEADCHEESE will be tonight's demo feature. Download the show here

THE FERTILIZED EGGS - Trick Or Treat Smell My Feet (Dirtbag Distro)  

Dirtbag Distro Halloween Mixtape #3 Highlights (Chris)
SKOTOS - Concealed Carry 
PARADISE TAX - Sneaker Wave  
STEREO JOY - Dionysus  
Dirtbag Distro Halloween Mixtape #3 Highlights Part 2 
TOTAL SHAM - Bloodsucker  
BILLIAM - It’s Spooky 3  
GHOST BEEF - Mutants Run This Town  
DUMPSTER RATS - Monster Mash  

Emissions Hallowe'en (Dave Stevenson) 
YDI - Haunted House (Southern Lord
THE PROWL - Wicked Annabella (Self-Released
CRUCIFUCKS - You Give Me The Creeps (Alternative Tentacles
GHOUL - Proud To Be Creepsylvanian (Tank Crimes

DIE KREUZEN - Halloween (Touch and Go
PART 1 - Black Mass (Pusmort) 
BATTALION OF SAINTS - I Wanna Make You Scream (Taang
M.O.D. - Man of Your Dreams (Caroline) 
POISON IDEA - Getting The Fear (American Leather

Toronto post punk (Stephe) 
NASH THE SLASH - Blind Windows (Cut Throat)
TBA - Through My Fingers (Smash) 
JOLLY TAMBOURINE MAN - Sweater in Sri Lanka (Assembly Language) 
NEON ROME - The Magical Summer of 85 (New Rose)

Rob’s set 
THE SOFT BOYS - Wading Through A Ventilator (Delorean)
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY - Release the Bats (4AD / Missing Link)
UNWOUND - Murder Movies (Kill Rock Stars)
BORN AGAINST - Well Fed Fuck (Vermiform)
SHOTMAKER - Drown (GAS Religion)

Vancouver new wave (Stephe) 
THE BRAINEATERS - I, Braineater (Wrong World)
ZELLOTS - Vampire Love (Supreme Echo
FEMALE HANDS - Stop All Biology (Quintessence) 
UJ3RK5 - Booty Dread (Quintessence) 
SI MONKEY - Get Rigid (Friends) 

Beatdown set (Andre) 
BULLDOZE - The Truth (Self-Released) 
NEXT STEP UP - Karma (Gain Ground) 
IRATE - Awakenings (Self-Released) 
WORLD DEMISE - Can’t Relate (Flatspot
SWEAR TO GOD - Six Feet Deep (Self-Released
SUNAMI - Feds Watchin’ (Creator-Destructor) 

Demo Feature 
Headcheese are a band from Kamloops that we heard a few weeks back in one of Chris’ sets. They have a full length out on Neon Taste. On the label’s site they have tagged their release with comparisons to White Pigs and Brutal Knights.

HEADCHEESE - I Can’t Win (Slow Death
HEADCHEESE - Loss Prevention (Slow Death) 
HEADCHEESE - I Wanna Be Special (Forces) (Slow Death)