Sunday, June 16, 2024

Radio : EXD 1288 - Sunday June 16, 2024

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On this edition of EXD, a tribute to Eddie Leeway, a piece on Canadian y2K screamo, some thoughts on shows past and upcoming, flying the freak flag for pride, some new releases and a demo feature by Hamilton’s Cease. This show was put together by Andre Zadorozny, Bee Traverse, Christian Overall, Nicky Tcherven, Rob Ferraz, Stella Tago, and Stephen Perry.

STRIKNIEN D.C. - You'll Never Beat The Irish (Self-Released) 

New Releases (Chris)
MARCEL WAVE - Something Looming (Upset the Rhythm / Feel It)   
ΚΕΦΑΛΟΚΛΕΙΔΩΜΑ - Εξαπατημένος. (Extreme Earslaughter)  
SUBDUED - Machine Hell (LVEUM)  
HIGH ANXIETY - Jesus Scathes (Self-released / VCC) 
SIHIR - Kerajaan (LVEUM

VERIFY - Discreet Weapon (Self-Released) 
ROMANTIC GORILLA - Never Say Die (Sound Pollution)
HUMAN FORM - We are Happy People (Self-Released)  
NECRON 9 - Not Me (Unlawful Assembly
NO COMMENT - Soiled by Hate 

Eddie Leeway (4/19/24) (Andre)
LEEWAY - Enforcer (Profile) 
LEEWAY - Mark of The Squealer (Profile) 
LEEWAY - Soft Way Out (Profile) 
LEEWAY - The Future (Ain’t What It Used To Be) 
JUICE - World War 3 (WAR ) 
FUCKED UP - Stimming (Fucked Up)  
QWAN - Running (Self-Released) 
TEMPER TANTRUM - Eyes On Me (Self-Released) 

THE NOT - Girl Dick (Self-released)
PEACHES - I Don’t Give A (XL Recordings) 
LEONA HELL - Tranny (Self-released) 
SOGGY - 47 Chromosomes (Gig) 
Z-PAK - Holding (11pm

2001/2002 Canadian Screamo (Left Coast Nicky)
IN DYING DAYS - To: You Know Who You Are (One Day Savior)
AFTER SCHOOL KNIFE FIGHT - My shattered glass heart (Self-released)
THE CORTA VITA - Soil Management Makes Sense (Farway)
KATJA - Diapsalmata (Gorgeous Industries)  
ABANDONED HEARTS CLUB - The Abstraction of Form and Function (Self-released)  

New Post Punk (Stephen) 
GENERACION SUICIDA - Dime Donde Esta (Vitriol
DELUXXE - Sweet With Sin (Self-Released)

EXEDO - Collide (Dirt Cult)
STOP DROP REWIND - Air Quotes (Self-Released)
SMALL MAN BIG MOUTH - Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously (Self-Released)
THE LOTTS - Speed of Sound (Self-Released)

Demo Feature 
Cease are a power violence band from Hamilton playing a show next Saturday at Toronto Style. Also on that bill will be Nercon 9 from Milwaukee and Workers Comp and Human Form who you heard in Bee’s set at the top of the show. One of the member’s, Luther, books some shows in Hamilton. And this recording is great.  

CEASE - Un (Self-Released)
CEASE - Duh (Self-Released)
CEASE - Twa (Self-Released)
CEASE - Kat (Self-Released)

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Radio : EXD 1287 - Sunday June 9, 2024


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On this edition of EXD, we have a set of Bovver boogie woogie with Street Panther and 45 Adapters. New releases by Wreckage, Jalang, Unsanitary Napkin, Termination, Extortion, Open Wounds, and Peace Decay. A demo feature by a band out of Montreal called S.W.E.A.T. But up first, happy pride everybody - Let’s get this party started with some LGBTQAI punk programming starting off with some classics (Limp Wrist, The Dicks, Tribe 8) and some new releases by bands like High Anxiety, Crisis Party and Desiccate. 

WAYNE COUNTY AND THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS - Trying to get on the Radio (Attic)

LGBTQAI+ punk classics (Stephen)
LIMP WRIST - The Ode (Lengua Armada)
MIDDLE AGED QUEERS - Gary's Making Biscuits (Sell the Heart / Outpunx)
THE DICKS - The Dicks Hate the Police (Radical / 1-2-3-4- Go!)
TRIBE 8 - Het Punx (Opie N Alli's Song) (Alternative Tentacles)
THE GAY AGENDA - Bear Fucker (Self-Released)
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - Screaming For Jizz (Buddyhead)

Happy Pride (Chris) 
HIGH ANXIETY - Trans Rights Now!! (Self-released / VCC)  
COCKRING - Altar Call (Self-released)   
CRISIS PARTY - Numbers (Self-released) 
DESICCATE - Shrinking (Self-released) 
T.U.C.K. - Fuck Me (Self-released)  

New Releases (Nicky) 
TERRY GREEN - Repeats (ZBR)  
TERRAMORTA - Punto Di Non Ritorno (ZAS Autoproduzioni)  
WRECKAGE - Screaming Out (Scheme
NOOSE SWEAT - Murder Suicide - A (Coxinha)
NUVOLASCURA - It comes in plagues of consciousness… (ZBR

New Canadian releases (Stephen) 
EYE BALL - Violins (Self-Released) 
GOLDEN SHITTERS - Don't Relax (Self-Released) 
BIG FIST - S.T.F.U. (Self-Released) 
DEPOSED - Lipsmacked (Self-Released) 
PURITY CULTURE - Purity Culture (Self-Released) 

New Releases - Chris 
JALANG - Its Fine (Bad Habit / Ruin Nation)  
UNSANITARY NAPKIN - Vortex of Shit (Bad Habit / Ruin Nation)  
タイフーン - Kaiju Power (Sabotage)   
ORDURES IONIQUES - Pyromane (Pils)   
TERMINATION - Absurd Warfare (Bowl Head Inc / Systema Mortal)  

New Releases (Stephen) 
EXTORTION - Snare (Iron Lung)  
PEACE DECAY - Systematic Curse (Beach Impediment)  
MALIGNANT ORDER - 100 Days of Genocide (LVEUM
OPEN WOUNDS - Man in the Mirror (Refuse)  
AMNESIA MORAL - Sociedade Caotica (Self-Released) 

Love your radio station (Stephen) 
Testimonial from Ted Wong (Fast n Bulbous co-host, CHRY) 
JUDY AND THE JERKS - Blight Makes Right (Urban Blight) 
CAREER SUICIDE - Bloodtype X (Chronic Sick) 
CHAIN WHIP - Death Was Too Kind (Subhumans) 
Testimonial from Nevin Doner (Punk in China series) 
Testimonial from Cactus
2-PUMP LOUIE - Not A Day (Leatherface) 
CHIXDIGGIT - Faith (George Michael cover) 
Testimonial from Chris Iler (Fans of Bad Productions, Easy Kill)

Bovver punk 
THE CRACK - The Troops Have Landed (RCA)
ENCHANTERS - Backstabbers (Transistor 66
THE CHOICE FEW- Wrong Side (Last Year’s Youth
STREET PANTHER - Gang War (Alien Snatch)  
45 ADAPTERS - Save the Day () 

Demo Feature 
In tonight’s demo feature we have a raw punk band out of Montreal named S.W.E.A.T. which is a five letter acronym for Systematic Weakening Eating Away Today. It’s a five song cassette starting off with the track “Walls Become Cells”. 

S.W.E.A.T. - Walls Become Cells (Self-Released) 
S.W.E.A.T. - Secret Weapon (Self-Released) 
S.W.E.A.T. - You are only free when you are dead (Self-Released) 
S.W.E.A.T. - Village Idiot (Self-Released) 
S.W.E.A.T. - Weak as piss (Self-Released) 

Ska Outro 
STRIKNIEN D.C. - Fight Them Back (Rejected)
YUM!YUM!ORANGE - Don’t Worry Be Happy (Dona Dona)

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Radio : EXD 1286 - Sunday June 2, 2024

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On this edition of EXD, an all covers show. Punk bands doing covers. You can expect covers of M+M, Elton John, Elvis Costello, Barry White, Wolfpack, Discard, Discharge, Jimmy Hendrix, Rudi P, Shitlickers, Sore Throat, Disrupt, Ah Ha, Billy Joel, Spazz, Dinosaur Jr., Gang of Four, Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind, Blitz, SOA, Unruled, Gang Green, The Partisans, Slaughter, Joy Division, The Kittens, CCR, Bathory, Furious Years of Italian hardcore – Wretched, Subhumans, and the Chessman. Testimonials for bands and listeners. Lots of community love for this show and the local broadcaster. Please visit and click the donate button.


EXD Testimonial - Stella Taego (Kleener)
RECKLESS UPSTARTS - Right Back Where We Started From (Self-Released)
DANKO JONES - Pump It Up (Elvis Costello cover)
FAST CARS - My First, My Last, My Everything (Barry White)
EXD Testimonial from Zach of Puria Mania

BODYBAG - Powerpigs (Wolfpack) (Plague Island / Psychocontrol
暴力装置 - Death From Above (Discard) (Black Konflik) 
DECADE - Where There Is A Will There Is A Way (Discharge) (Unreleased)

JT Chelsea (High Anxiety) - Testimonial 
NOMEANSNO - Manic Depression (Jimmy Hendrix) (Undergrowth) 
UNSANITARY NAPKIN - Blissful Myth (Rudimentary Peni) (Zero Style) 
HIGH ANXIETY - Witch Hunt (Self-released) 

Igör (Electric Masochist)
REGIME - Warsystem (Shitlickers) (Self-released) 
KÄRZER - Suburb is Horrendous (Sore Throat) (Self-released)
WARSHIT - Mass Graves (Disrupt) (Alchemy)

CAP’N JAZZ - Take On Me - E - (Polyvinyl Records) 
GARY SUPPLY - We Didn’t Start the Fire (Bummer Tapes) 
TESTIMONIAL - Arne (Yuki foreverwewillmissyou)
HORSEBASTARD - Loach (Mind Ripper Collective) 
ED-209 - In a jar (BSDJ
IDLES - Damaged Goods
FLESH RAG - Silver Machine

Testimonial from Graeme Mackinnon from Home Front
HARD SKIN - New Age (Blitz)
SON OF BRONTO - Last Night Another Soldier (Angelic Upstarts)
EXD Testimonial - Bee Traverse (Kleener)

Tim Fueled (Phane)
PHANE - Time Is Running Out (Unruled) (Phobia) 
ABSOLUT - Haunted House (Gang Green) (Prescription) 
SUSPEX - I Don’t Give A Fuck (The Partisans) (Grey Matter Tapes) 

Tuka (TOAD)
GODFLESH - F.O.D. (Fuck of Death) (Slaughter)(Decibal Flexi Series) 
SWANS - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division) (Product Inc) 
CURSED - Hawaii (The Kittens) (Goodfellow)

Tony (Krash)
NAPALM RAID - In Conspiracy With Satan (Bathory) (Self-released) 
KRASH - Warsystem (Shitlickers)(Self-released) 

Rachel (The Dissidents / Uneasy Listening / No Genocide) and Bill (The Dissidents / The Pist / The Brood)
GOLPE - Medley (Sorry State / Static Shock) 
DOA - Fuck You (Subhumans)(Alternative Tentacles) 
NOMEANSNO - Oh, Canaduh (Subhumans) (Allied)
DOA - Where Evil Grows (Terry Jacks) (Restless) 

EXD Testimonial - Ted Wong (Fast n Bulbous co-host, CHRY)
EXD Testimonial - Nevin Doner (Punk in China series)
EXD Testimonial - Cactus (Public Mess)

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Radio : EXD 1285 - Sunday May 26, 2024

Download the show here

On this edition of EXD, a feature on the Damned, an interview with Bootlicker, a feature on the Ukrainian punk benefit in Toronto, and a demo feature by Disposal (Victoria). New releases by Clown Sounds, Peace Decay, Electric Masochist, and Indikator B. 

ORCHID - Destination! Blood! (Ebullition) 

The Damned (Christian) 
THE DAMNED - Neat Neat Neat (Stiff / Island) 
THE DAMNED - New Rose (Stiff) 
THE DAMNED - Love Song (Chiswick) 
THE DAMNED - Generals (Bronze) 
THE DAMNED - Bad Weather Girl (Ear Music / Edel) 

Bootlicker interview (Andre) 
Lewis Podlubny of BOOTLICKER Interview in Tokyo 
GAS - Anti-War (自殺レーベル) 
LAMA - Olen Homo (Johanna)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH - Justice Song (Armageddon)
LIFE - Universal Value (Punk Bastard) 
FORWARD - Go To Dive (Fast Nail) 
BOOTLICKER - State Property (Neon Taste

CAMARO - Camaro Time/Fast Times (Self-released) 
SEX OFFENDERS - Thin White Line (Recess
THE MANSFIELDS - Shake Some Action (Gearhead) 
NOMEANSNO - It’s Catching Up (Ipecac) 

Ontario Screamo (Nicky)
BASQUE - Stillness (No Funeral)
RESPIRE - Distant Light of Belonging (Dine Alone) 
BURIAL ETIQUETTE - Cracked Lens (Self-Released) 
LA LUNA - Empty Portrait (Mellow Club Records) 

There is a punk benefit for Ukraine next Saturday at Sea Scape. Over the past few weeks I have been interviewing bands about the importance of playing this benefit and picking songs by each band.

Interview with Cactus Public Mess 
PUBLIC MESS - The Tide (Self-Released) 
Interview with Ryan Elinsky, drummer in Drift Current 
Interview with Pat Laso, vocalist in Street Code 
STREET CODE - Clobber (Self-Released)
Interview with Jeremy, guitarist and vocalist in A.S.O.P. 
A.S.O.P. - Drain the Swamp (Self-Released) 

New Releases (Christian) 
PEACE DECAY - First Order (Beach Impediment) 
ELECTRIC MASOCHIST - The World Is A Fuck (Rawmantic Disasters)   
COCKRING - Fist (Self-released) 
INDIKATOR B - Uvenula (Doomtown
UNWANTED NOISE - Overthrow & Conquer (PILS / Dismantled / Truck Stop Toilet) 

Demo Feature 
We have played disposal on the show six times. We love this band. They are out of Victoria and Slow Death released a cassette by them called Illusion of Control which we are going to feature on tonight’s show. 

DISPOSAL - Illusion of Control (Slow Death
DISPOSAL - Painted Crutches (Slow Death) 
DISPOSAL - System of Pride (Slow Death) 
DISPOSAL - Warcrime and Punishment (Slow Death) 
DISPOSAL - People Pleasing (Slow Death) 

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Flyer - Saturday May 25, 2024

RECORD MARKET with a huge collection from Reigning Sound's new distro. And then a show.


Sunday, May 19, 2024

Radio : EXD 1284 - Sunday May 19, 2024


RED DONS - Testify (Taken by Surprise

Guest Host:  Bee Traverse
Bee plays in Kleener and Scorpio Rising, puts on shows and does a distro called Pressing On. She agreed to put together a set for tonight's show showing off her Newfoundland roots to begin with. 
SCHIZOID - Last Call (D.U.P.P.) 
JUG - Cower (Neon Taste)   
RESPLANDOR - Mecanismos de Defensa (Runstate Tapes)  
MIRAGE - Artifice (RoachLeg)  
MUTATED VOID - Altered Insanity (Unlawful Assembly)

New Releases (Chris) 
PHANE - A Haunting Presence (Phobia)  
ENEMIC INTERIOR - Cos a Cos (Mendeku Diskak) 
BOOTLICKER - With Reason (Neon Taste / Static Shock)  
NATO - Pledge of Insanity (Pack Rat Activities)  
GOBLIN DAYCARE - Boss Man (Dedstrange) 

ZERO BARS - Vulgar Econo (Self-Released) - a trio from Toronto -  
SOAP EATER - It’s Time to Choose a Side (Self-Released)
HOLLOW POINT - You're Out (Willow House
THE SLIME - Beyond Dead (Self-Released) 
NO FUTURE - Endless Torture (Iron Lung

Mostly New (Rob)
SCREAMING AT TRAFFIC - January (Self-Released)
DARKO - ​​Built On Broken Backs (Lockjaw) 
STRANGE ATTRACTOR - Good Boy Bad Boy (Drunken Sailor
CRUELSTER - You're A Soaking Joke (Drunken Sailor
THE CAEZARS - Graveyard (FOLC) 

New Releases (Screamo) - Nicky 
PICKPOCKET - Damn You, Villians! (Honeysuckle)  
MIS SUENOS SON DE TU ADIOS - espero que mi visita a balcarce sea el fin de la fiesta (No Funeral)
HAVE FAITH IN ME - 2 (Self-released) 
NO EUPHORIA - Empire in Smoke (Self-released) 
GIL CERRONE - Top Cop (No Funeral)   
VINCANSKA - Wallace the Blood Thirsty Beast (Self-released) 

Mostly New Releases (Stephen)
HORDA - Morte Lenta (Combate Brutal)
DOUG AND THE SLUGZ - War Stories (Longshot
THE REBEL SPELL - Grass Rat (Self-Released) 
SNFU - Postman's Pet Peeve (Cargo)

90s Crust from Japan (Chris) 
GLOOM - Scum (MCR) -
BATTLE OF DISARM - Bloody Humans (Tribal War Asia / One Coin) 
CONFUSE - General Speech (King’s World) 
WARHEAD - Burn Your Heart And Go Through Darkness (Blood Sucker) DISCLOSE - The Bombardment (Overthrow)    

REASON WHY - Just Don't Play (Self-Released)
GLOATH - Delusion (Disaster) 
NO MORE HIROSHIMA - Total Fail of Democracy 
ENOUGH - Monkey See, Monkey Do (Self-Released) 
STAGNANCE - Scum (Self-Released) 

Demo Feature 
SPEED HUMPS are a 3 piece from Barrie featuring members from so many bands to name. They have a new release called “Anonymous” and we spoke with them about this release.

Interview with Speed Humps (CIUT)
DRI - Balance of Terror 
SPEED HUMPS - Hey You Wake Up (Tarantula Tapes
Interview with Speed Humps (CIUT)
SPEED HUMPS - Anonymous (Tarantula Tapes) 
Interview with Speed Humps (CIUT)
SPEED HUMPS - Blinded by the Light (Tarantula Tapes
SPEED HUMPS - Never Free (Tarantula Tapes
SPEED HUMPS - For The Greater Good (Tarantula Tapes
Interview with Speed Humps (CIUT)
SPEED HUMPS - Grateful Hateful (Tarantula Tapes
SPEED HUMPS - The Fuck You Song (Tarantula Tapes
Interview with Speed Humps (CIUT)
SPEED HUMPS - All Out of Fucks (Tarantula Tapes
Interview with Speed Humps (CIUT)
SPEED HUMPS - Groundhog Day (Tarantula Tapes

MILITANT RED - Kick it Up (Vital)