Sunday, September 24, 2023

Radio : EXD 1270 - Sunday September 24, 2023


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On this episode, a feature interview with Josh Nickels about his label Neon Taste. We also have Mopa Dean giving us a primer on number stations. There will be lots of new release segments featuring new bands like the FRUIT TONES or STINGRAY or CRUELLE. There will be a crate digging oldies set. And the demo feature is a new Toronto band called Workers Comp. 

FASHIONISM - Back in the Day (Neon Taste) 

Oldies (Stephen) 
BARBIE ARMY - Girls of Slender Means (No Plan)  
THE SHOWBIZ KIDS - She Goes To Finos (Top Secret)  
NUCLEAR SOCKETTS - Spy In My Brain (Subversive)
222's - Hold Up (Rave Up)
THE MODERN MINDS - Girl Crazy (Ugly Pop)

Neon Taste - label profile (Andre) 
Andre spoke with Josh Nickel about a few things. Josh has been in a ton of bands and so that will be part of next week's interview. But Josh started up a label called Neon Taste which has been releasing so many great things since 2017. So part 1 of the interview is about Neon Taste Records.

EVIL THREE - Swamp Funeral (Neon Taste) - 
SICK THOUGHTS - Sick Thoughts (Neon Taste)
LAFFFBOX - Master (Neon Taste)

New releases (Rob) 
WONDER BREAD - My Dad is in a Hardcore Band (Discontinuous Innovation Inc.)
CUT PIECE - Accept Defeat, Don’t Sabotage Me (Dirt Cult)
FRUIT TONES - Back in the Night (Alien Snatch)
PUZZLED PANTHER - Fake Ass Freedom Fighters (Self-Released)
BRAIN ITCH - Barbed Wire Disease (Self-Released)

New Releases (Chris)
A.T.E.R. - Putrefacto (Self-released)  
DEPOPULATION DEPARTMENT - Firebomb (Crust As Fuck / Loner Cult) - 
DEFORMED EXISTENCE - Massacre for Dominion (Systema Mortal)   
WARKRUSHER - Sea of Suffering (Agipunk)  
VISIONS OF CHAOS - Escapar (Systema Mortal) 
STINGRAY - Trench Demon (LVEUM)   

Newbs (Stephen)
CONSERVATIVE MILITARY IMAGE - Oliver Kahn (with Liberty & Justice)
BOOTS ON THE TABLE - Rinse Lather Repeat 
THE UPPERS - Don't Start (Wanda
PRIVATE LIVES - Dead Hand (Feel It) 
CRUELLE - Un Monde en Décombre (A World Divided

Number Stations 
A while back when the G-MEN were in to do a studio 3 session Mopa started talking to me about Number Stations which occupy a frequency on the short wave band and are usually run by governments as a way of communicating code to agents in the field. But the mics weren't recording because this was one of those after interview conversations. But I never forgot about them. So a few weeks ago when I was catching up with Mopa Dean about Armed and Hammered, I had him explain to me what number stations are. Here's a primer on that subject. 

Interview with Mopa Dean (CIUT)
G-MEN - Piece Talks (Unreleased)
Interview with Mopa Dean (CIUT)
Number Station example - Russian Man signoff
Interview with Mopa Dean (CIUT)
Example of the Lincoln Poacher
Interview with Mopa Dean (CIUT)
Example of a Cuban Number Station
Interview with Mopa Dean (CIUT)

Demo Feature (Chris)
New local anarchist band named after a worker injury program in Ontario. You can find their demo on bandcamp.

WORKERS COMP - Blue and Red (Self-Released)
WORKERS COMP - Corner Lot (Self-Released)
WORKERS COMP - Heat-Seeking Missile (Self-Released)
WORKERS COMP - Dehydration (Self-Released)

BOOZE AND GLORY - Leave The Kids Alone (Contra / Longshot / Pirates Press

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Radio : EXD 1269 - Sunday September 17, 2023


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On this episode of EXD, Greg D did a feature interview with Ivan Julian, the guiatrist from Richard Hell and the Voidoids. The interview has been edited down but the full interview can be found here. The stories in the feature length interview run together and follow a trajectory arc that is chronological and insightful and fascinating. 

Also on tonight’s show. lots of new releases which include ABISM, HEAVY DISCIPLINE, LOTHARIO and DELCO MFs. Rob does a mini profile on Goodbye Boozy Records. The demo feature is a new band out of Halifax called Redacted. 

Interview with Ivan Julian
RICHARD HELL AND THE VOIDOIDS - Blank Generation (live at the Horseshoe - May-27, 1978)
Interview with Ivan Julian (Greg D) 
RICHARD HELL AND THE VOIDOIDS - intro to Blank Generation (Sire)
Interview with Ivan Julian (Greg D) 
Interview with Ivan Julian (Greg D) 
Interview with Ivan Julian (Greg D) 
RICHARD HELL AND THE VOIDOIDS - Kid with the Replaceable (Red Star)
Interview with Ivan Julian (Greg D) 
RICHARD HELL AND THE VOIDOIDS - Ignore That Door (Insound) 
Interview with Ivan Julian (Greg D) 
Interview with Ivan Julian (Greg D) 
THE CLASH - Ivan Meets GI Joe (CBS)
Interview with Ivan Julian (Greg D) 
SHRIEKBACK - My Spine is a Bassline (Arista)
Interview with Ivan Julian (Greg D) 
IVAN JULIAN - Wild (Self-Released)
Interview with Ivan Julian (Greg D) 

Goodbye Boozy feature (Rob)
LOTHARIO - Drunk Fuck (Goodbye Boozy) 
GHOULIES - Irrelevance (Goodbye Boozy) 
ABORTED TORTOISE - Malpractice (Goodbye Boozy) 
THEEE RETAIL SIMPS - Rubble (Goodbye Boozy) 
OSEES - Sleazoid Psycho (Self-Released)

New Releases (Chris) 
TOTAL NADA - Estado Profundo (Self-released / 11PM / Discos Enfermos) 
ABISM - Venganza (Toxic State)  
COMMANDO - Misère Humaine (Offside)   
COUP-GORGE - Obus Dans Les Rues (Offside) 
BATTERY MARCH - Boston Eats Its Young (Primator Crew / Mister Face)   

New releases (Andre)
HEAVY DISCIPLINE - Genius of Love (Painkiller
BEYOND THE PAIL - Dead (Painkiller) 
DOPED UP - Pain (Self-Released) 
FINAL DOSE - Laid To Unrest (Neon Nile
FORCE - No One To Trust (Crime Wave
BURDEN - Cities In Flames (Rock’n’roll disgrace) 

New Releases (Stephen) 
DELCO MF's - Washed Up (Self-Released)   
PROBLEM - Problem (1753)   
REJEKTS - Manmade Hell (No Norms) 
TERRITORIES - The Company (Pirates Press
ENFANTS SAUVAGES - Ovaire Over (Self-Released)

Demo Feature (Chris) - Redacted 
Redacted are a five piece hardcore band from Halifax. 
REDACTED - God’s Away (Self-released) 
REDACTED - How You Feel (Self-released) 
REDACTED - Lead Eater (Self-released) 
REDACTED - The Door (Self-released)  

THE SLACKERS - Nobody Listening (Pirates Press
DUBMATIX - SkaTastic! (Self-Released) 

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Radio : EXD 1268 - Sunday September 10, 2023

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Tonight we have a feature interview with Michaela Jordana who was the lead singer from the first wave Toronto band - The Poles. Also on this episode of Equalizing-X-Distort, we have some UK classics (One Way System, Subhumans), we have some new release (Tashme, Psych War, Armored Flu Unit), we’ve got a set of bands who will be playing shows in Toronto in the next few weeks like Fake Names and the Chats. A little bit of ska punk with Forever Dead, Alcosynthic, Rough Kutz - of course I went obscure And tonight’s demo feature is a new band from Edmonton called Eyes Front. 

THE POLES - Prime Time (Nimbus) 
Interview with Michaela Jordana 
THE POLES - CN Tower (Nimbus) 

UK Classics (Chris) 
ONE WAY SYSTEM - Give Us A Future (Anagram)   
SUBHUMANS - Germ (Bluurg)  
THE ENEMY - Prisoner of War (Fallout) 
THE SKEPTIX - Routine Machine (Zenon)   
CRUX - Keep on Running (No Future)  

André - 
MIRACLE DRUG - Burn (Self-Released) 
LASTING DOSE - Irrition (Self-Released) 
CONSTRAINT - Incel (Life and Death Brigade
NEW WORLD MAN - Trapped In Murderworld (Streets of Hate
MOURNING - Non Future Decree (Streets of Hate
EXTENSIVE SLAUGHTER - Blind Victim (Neon Taste

Upcoming shows (Stephen) 
FAKE NAMES - Targets (Epitaph)
SHIT TAX - World Demise (Self-Released)
HEADCHEESE - Big Plans (Slow Death)
RIPCORDZ - Fuck Covid (Self-Released)
THE CHATS - Boggo Breakout (Bargain Bin)

New Releases (Chris) 
KLÄPTRÄP - Metallic Wings of Death (Self-released)  
R.M.F.C. - The Trap (Anti Fade / Urge)   
TASHME - Tashme (Self-released)   
PSYCH-WAR - The Blood (Sore Mind)   
DEADBOLT - Feel the Rhythm (Respect the Pain) (Self-released)  

New Releases (Stephen) 
ARMORED FLU UNIT - The Mighty Roar / Liberation or Consumption (Grow Your Own)
IGNORANCE - Human Greed (Iron Lung)  
NUMBSKULL ACTION - Short Fuse Baby - Yeah (Die Hipster)   
BULLSHIT DETECTOR - Rat Tail (Self-Released)
INTIMIDATION - Switchblade Knife (Self-Released)

Ska-Punk (Stephen)
ALCOSYNTHIC - Civilisation (Self-released)   
FOREVER DEAD - Too Much Pressure (Self-Released) 
THE ROUGH KUTZ - Teenage Warning (Skanky 'Lil) 

Demo Feature (Andre) 
EYES FRONT are a new band from Edmonton.  
EYES FRONT - Short Rope 
EYES FRONT - Cost of Dying 
EYES FRONT - Six Month Face

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Radio : EXD 1267 - Sunday September 3, 2023

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On this episode a tribute to Sakevi who passed away this week A profile on Ephyra Records A post event look at Breaking the Borders for Thursday night An interview with Paul Gott about the Punk Canada compilation series New releases Demo feature by a power violence band from Montreal named Maxxpower.

G.I.S.M. - Endless Blockades for the Pussyfooter (Dogma)

New Releases (Chris) 
CHAIN WHIP - Call of the Knife (Neon Taste)  
KATARSI - Ez Zaude Lagun (Discos Enfermos / Flexidiscos)  
FLASH - Ausencia (LVEUM)
CAMELLIA SINENSIS - Désarmons-les (Dirty Slap

Ephyra Records Spotlight (Andre) 
BALMORA - Under The Weight Of A Blackened Sky (Ephyra)
PAPERCUT - Digital Suicide (Ephyra)
MONCLAIR - In Verity (Ephyra) 
MORBIDEITY - Just Another Enemy (Ephyra) 
CENTRAYLA - 1998 (Ephyra) 
THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA - Who Are You, Henry Ford? (Ephyra) 
SERRATION - A Shroud of Gnarled Tongues (Daze)
A MOURNING STAR - Encased In Crystalline (Daze) 
COMPASSION - Skinned Alive (Self-Released) 

Breaking the Borders post game wrap up (Rob) 
ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION - I Liked U Better When U Were Dead (Seminal) 
ABRAXAS REFLUX - Hostel Park (Self-Released)
PESTS - Human Resources (Self-Released)
TOTAL NADA - La Rabia (Self-Released)
MANGEY VINTAR - Dear Whiskey (Self-Released)

Punk Canada compilations (Stephen) 
RIPCORDZ - Stay 19 (Enguard) 
Interview with Paul Gott 
HERD OF WASTERS - Tactical Squad (Enguard)

Compilations (Stephen) 
Invading the Border - SMELTERS - E.T. Pick Me (Faster and Louder / This is Just a Record Label
Hardcore '21 - BARKING MAD - 1984 (Hardcore '21)  
Punk sounds for the Fire Grounds - DOG SHOT - Wristies For Sticks (Creep Show)  
4 way split - SICK BURN - Fucking Why ? (Thrash Tapes

Sakevi Tribute (Chris) 
G.I.S.M. - Document One (Dogma/Relapse/Beast Arts)  
G.I.S.M. - As Good As It Is (Beast Arts / Relapse/ Noise Not Music)  
G.I.S.M. - KI-5 (Beast Arts) 

Demo Feature (Stephen) 
Maxxpower are a band from Montreal. I found out about them through one of the comps we played in the compilation set earlier. They had a cassette release that came out in 2016. It’s great as far as power violence is concerned. 24 songs 15 minutes.

MAXXPOWER - Little Eyes (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Dishonour Role (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Population Control (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Grain Assault (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Natural Secretion (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - All a Drone (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Fracture the Flag(Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Feud Poisoning (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Amped (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - 13th Floor (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Low and Be Hold (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - EBS (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Clickbait (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Poison IV (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Master’s Degrees (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Cop Meet Kettle (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Lobster Boi (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Crassanova (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Kegels and K-Holes (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Bloodbath and Beyond (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Box Shaped Heart (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - TGID (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - Turn of the Century (Self-Released) 
MAXXPOWER - The Crawling (Self-Released) 

Garage set 
ROCKET REDUCERS - Sauce Wagon (Loose Lips)
THE HIVES - Well, Well, Well (Burning Heart)
THE SPADES - Gasoline (I Used to Fuck People Like You in Prison) 

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Radio : EXD 1266 - Sunday August 27, 2023

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On this episode, a focus on new releases. I speak with Mopa Dean from Armed and Hammered about the band. Our demo feature is a metal adjacent band from Sherbrooke called Stillborn.

BAD ANXIETY - Hardcore (Earth Girl)  

BUZZCOCKS - Why Can't I Touch It (United Artists)
999 - Boys in the Gang (Albion)
THE PAYOLAS - China Boys (I.R.S.)
YOUNG CANADIANS - Hawaii (Porterhouse)

New Releases (Chris) 
IGNORANTES - Eso Sería Todo (Self-released) 
RÉGIMEN DE TERROR - Mi Propio Camino (Roachleg / LVEUM)  
AIN’T RIGHT - Television Addict (The Victims) (Pils)  
ACCUSATION - The Difference (Quality Control HQ)  
BRAIN ITCH - An End To All Ends (Self-released) 
DELETÄR - Il Ne Reste Qu’une Ombre (Kick Rock / Destructure / Vox Populi)  

New Releases (Andre) 
WRONG MAN - Wait (Sunday Drive) 
DEAD SOFT - Glimpse (Self-Released) 
STREET JUSTICE - No Cages (Self-Released)
PURE BLISS - The Age of Judgement (Self-Released) 
SPIRITUAL CRAMP - Talkin’ On The Internet (Blue Grape) 
ONE THOUSAND TIMES GOODNIGHT - Rainy Days, Drunk Nights, Big Smiles, Photographs (Self- Released) 
SMUTHER - Enemy (Self-Released) 
LEER - George (Self-released) 
HOT EARTH - A Good Time (Earth Girl

Ice Cream Summer (Chris)
TIIKERI - Punk on mun elämä (Open Up and Bleed / Vox Populi)  
HEZ - Apariencias (Discos Enfermos)  
SWORDWIELDER - Weapons of the Dark Ages (Weilding Metal Massacre / Profane Existence)   
ENZYME - No Concern (Hardcore Victim / LVEUM) 
DOGMA - Common Cause (GYO

Armed and Hammered Interview
ARMED AND HAMMERED - American Democracy (Coke Dick)  
Interview with Mopa Dean 
ARMED AND HAMMERED - Limbo Leader (En Guard)

Demo Feature 
Stillborn were a band from Sherbrooke, Quebec. They recorded a cassette called "Faible et Damne” back in 2000. There is a great write up on the Mouth of Madness bandcamp page which describes their early influences as Slayer and Death but that there is no direct influence that can be heard. Just a grinding drums, razor sharp riffs, and dual vocal attack. Some of the members currently play in Disembodiment. We are going to try and play as much of this as possible. 

STILL BORN - Vie Normale (Mouth of Madness)
STILL BORN - Métempsycose (Mouth of Madness)
STILL BORN - The Grim Reaper (Mouth of Madness)
STILL BORN - Torturer (Mouth of Madness)
STILL BORN - Tourment (Mouth of Madness)
STILL BORN - Coulé (Mouth of Madness)
STILL BORN - Heart Attack (Mouth of Madness)

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Radio : EXD 1265 - Sunday August 20, 2023


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On this episode, we have quite a few sets of new releases. We have a band profile on Tragedy. There’s a demo feature out of Saskatoon by a band named Repair. But we’re going to start things out with an oldies set.

BORN SICK - Copout (Gnarcan / Die Laughing)
Oldies (Stephen)
GRAVEN IMAGE - Dear Abby (Beach Impediment
MnP - Hand in Action (Beach Impediment
READYMADES - Electric Toys (Automatic) 
LEYDEN-ZAR - Life is Bizzare (Tresor National) 
THE SHARKS - Get Off The Radio (Chameleon) 
New Releases (Christian)
ATTAKTIX - Stuck in Hell (Pasidaryk / 5Feet Under / Noise to Help / Deevolution / Hecatombe / Pyrrhic Defeat)
KINETIC ORBITAL STRIKE - True Disaster (Self-released) 
DISPÖSAL - People Pleasing (Slow Death) 
SELF CONTROL - Brand New Enemy (Pils)
SVAVELDIOXID - Knullad Av Kriget (Blown Out Media) 

New Releases (Andre) 
PISS ME OFF - Quest For Mystery (Delayed Gratification) 
MIND OVER MATTER - Therapy Session (Wreck-Age)
PRIVATE HELL - Tower Of Silence (Persistent Vision) 
THE PATH - Independence Day (State of Mind
BLACK DOG - Cycle (RoachLeg)
ABISM - Venganza (Toxic State
LAND LOST - The Truth (Self-Released)  
KLAXON - March On You (Self-Released) 

New Releases (Stephen)
THE GRINGOZ - No Love (Gnashing Teeth) 
HOOLIGAN - Calling Joe Strummer (oi the Boat / Laketown
JULIUS SUMNER MILLER - Nobody Cares (Self-Released) 
GRAWLIXES - Very Not Social (Brain Slash) 
RETIREMENT - Life Debt (Iron Lung

STIGMATISM - Retox (Static Shock
MOTHERFUCKERS - No Fixed Address (Handsom Dan)
LETHAL - Our Generation (Survival Unit
GRAND SCHEME - Burnout (Self-Released)

Band profile - Tragedy
COP OUT - Blind
UNION OF URANUS - Panacea (Great American Steak Religion)
HIS HERO IS GONE - Enslavement Redefined 
TRAGEDY - The Intolerable Weight (Self-Released)
TRAGEDY - A Life Entombed (Self-Released)

Trage-core (Chris)
ACTION - Interest (Unreleased) 
FROM ASHES RISE - The Final Goodbye (Jade Tree / Havoc) 
SAIGON DISTRESS SIGNAL - Within Darkness (Unreleased) 
WOLFBRIGADE - Från Vaggan Till Graven (Feral Ward / Destructure / Fuck Yoga / T.S.O.R.) 
FALL OF EFRAFA - A Soul to Bare (Alerta Antifascista / Behind The Scenes / Deskontento Records / Fight For Your Mind / Symphony Of Destruction) 

Celebration of John Grove down at the Horseshoe on September 3rd
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Sick of Reality (Hammer City / NRK)
BFG - Da BFG Cee
SON OF BRONTO - Shock Treatment
THE PUNCHING NUNS - Obituaries (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
REPAIR from Saskatoon. Described in MRR as - Saskatoon’s REPAIR kick out some great The Way It Is-core on this tape, with the vocals reminding me most of that era of Raybeez in particular. The songs are relatively distinguished from each other, and while the songwriting would benefit from a little more nuance, their ability to write big, circle pit-ready riffs more than makes up for it, and there’s exactly the right amount of early youth crew signifiers without devolving into template-filling bullshit. Yes, there’s a song called “Stabbed in the Fucking Back” (which is ironically the least youth crew song on the tape), but it’s good so I’ll let the title slide. There have been way too many MINOR THREAT covers in the world, but their rendition of “Betray” is decent and actually fits here.

REPAIR - We Don't Need You (Attack with Force)
REPAIR - Set You Straight (Attack with Force)
REPAIR - No Excuses (Attack with Force)
REPAIR - Solutions (Attack with Force)
REPAIR - Stabbed in the Fucking Back (Attack with Force)
REPAIR - Betray (Attack with Force)