Sunday, August 7, 2022

Radio - Sunday August 7th, 2022

On tonight’s show we talk to Cynthia Ross and Mike Schnapps about a film called Nightclubbing which screens Monday August 15th at the Paradise. Also on the show is a label feature on Mortarhate and their sub label Fight Back Records. In addition we feature a discography review on Holy Shit!, a band from Milwaukee that played on this show back in 2004. We also have a scene feature on Montreal crust. And our demo feature is a local band called La Luna from 2013. Download the show here.

SPAM CALLER - Contempt For Reality (Self-Released

New release bin
CHRONIC BLACKOUTS - Run With The Wolf (Quarantined
KATORGA - War of the Future (Self-Released
MANIC RIDE - Extermination (Quarantined
TÜMBA - SxMxB (Social Media Bullshit) (Friends of Hell) 

Nightclubbing feature
Last weekend I was able to speak with Producer - Mike Schnapps (producer) and Cynthia Ross of B-Girls and New York Junk about the movie Nightclubbing. The movie is screening next Monday (August 15th) at the Paradise and if you are a regular listener you know we have been airing co-sponsorship spots for the movie screening along with another show on Brian Jones called Rolling Stone: The Life and Death of Brian Jones. Advance tickets can be gotten at Rotate This, Circus Books, Take a Walk on the Wild Side, Ticketweb 7:00 OR  9:00.

Interview with Cynthia and Mike (CIUT)
WAYNE COUNTY AND THE BACKSTREET BOYS - Max's Kansas City (Max's Kansas City)
Interview with Cynthia and Mike (CIUT)
NEW YORK JUNK - Going Back to Max’s (Joetone)

Label Feature - Mortarhate/Fight Back Records
TOXIC WASTE - Song For Britain (Mortarhate
LEGION OF PARASITES - Party Time (Fight Back) 
EXIT-STANCE - Ballykelly Disco (Fight Back) 
POTENTIAL THREAT - Nuclear Threat (Mortarhate
ICONS OF FILTH - Evilspeak (Mortarhate

Holy Shit! Discography review
Back in 2004 Mark Pesci brought the Catholic Boys to town. The Catholic Boys were a garage punk n roll band from Neenah, Wisconsin. They were kind of a big deal at the time or at least I thought so and they brought another band from a neighbouring scene in Milwaukee a band called Holy Shit!. We did a last minute studio 3 sessions with both bands but I was super impressed with Holy Shit!. A few weeks ago Andre was asking me about Holy Shit out of the blue. We bought their discography together and decided to do review it together. 

HOLY SHIT! - Kim Shattuck (____ Tapes) 
HOLY SHIT! - Who Are You Waving Your Flag At? (Trigger-on-the Dutendoo)
HOLY SHIT! - Fill in the ________'s (Self-Released)
HOLY SHIT! - Reason to Hate (Criminal IQ)
HOLY SHIT! - Time For You To Leave (Criminal IQ)
HOLY SHIT! - WII (No Breaks / Scattered, Covered and Smothered)
HOLY SHIT! - We’re Poor, Fuck You (Snuffy Smile) 
HOLY SHIT! - Born Again and Again and Again (Criminal IQ)
HOLY SHIT! - We Don't Skate (Ultrawaste) 
HOLY SHIT! - The World’s Fine, I’m Fucked (Snuffy Smile)
HOLY SHIT! - You Don't Care if I Die (Snuffy Smile) 
HOLY SHIT! - Learning How to Fight (Snuffy Smile / Vinyl Smash) 
Montréal Crust 
A.T.E.R. - Genocido (Self-Released
COLLAPSED - Recurent Saga (Phobia / Hecatombe / Up the Punx / Deviance) 
MUECO - Mindless Instinct (Konton Crasher
Demo Feature
This recording came out as a 12” in March 2013, but was originally sold as a cassette by the band when they were called Brain Fever. I just came across the recording on the Sophie’s Floorboard blog and listened to their material and super dig it. So the cassette is self-titled and look for the song titles on the blog. This band was from Toronto and this material can be found on their bandcamp.
LA LUNA - You Can Take the Love out of Lover (Self-Released) 
LA LUNA - Neverland (Self-Released) 
LA LUNA - Words and Deeds (Self-Released) 
LA LUNA - Never Talk Only Shame (Self-Released) 
LA LUNA - Winter (Self-Released) 
LA LUNA - The Fool’s Card (Self-Released) 
LA LUNA - Destroy Everything You Love (Self-Released) 
LA LUNA - Ferme La Luna (Self-Released)

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Radio - Sunday July 31st, 2022

On tonight’s show we feature some material from the brand new Punks for Ukraine series of comps compiled by Dave Dictor of MDC in the same spirit as the P.E.A.C.E. comp. Also on tonight’s show a feature on Feral Ward Records. Caribbean Carnival is back so we feature some bands from the islands and the region. There is a band feature on Elliott – an emo band from Louisville, Kentucky, who have reunited in 2022. And tonight’s demo feature is a new local band we played last week called – Influx. We speak with Kai and M in the band to set the feature up. Download the show here.

ZIG ZAG - I Care About You (Psychic Hysteria) 
New releases
STIFF PRICK - Entitled (Kill Enemy) 
LOOSE NUKES - Gag Order (Kibou / Kangaroo / Cimex)     
SLAVERY - Kniha stínů (Phobia)  
PHASM - Exploding Nail (Self-released)  
ANANAS - Use and Abuse (Pig / Innocent Sinners / 1332 / Maple Valley Tattoo / Little Mafia / Kjack)    

Benefit for Ukraine comp 
A six CD compiled by Dave Dictor from MDC - in the spirit of the P.E.A.C.E. comp - has come together to help the efforts in Ukraine called “Punks for Ukraine”. 300 bands from 30 countries to support the efforts of Doctors without Borders in this conflict. Heavy hitters like the SUBHUMANS UK, MDC, RAW POWER, KGB, DR. KNOW, URBAN WASTE, CULTURE SHOCK, ADRENALIN OD. For Canadian bands there are the FALLOUT and NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH, and UNWANTED NOISE. 

So we’re going to do a short set picking a band from each of the CDs. So to start things off I thought we’d start with a band that features members from Sweden, Finland and Brazil called Jarruketju.

JARRUKETJU - Bring the Nuke (Grimace)
THIS IS NOT A DRILL - I Ain't Got Time To Bleed (Grimace)
CONFLICT RESOLUTION - Citizen Resistance (Grimace
REIFER MADNESS - That's How The Cookie Crumbles (Grimace)
ANGERBOYS - Make Fascists Afraid Again (Grimace)

Another all new release set
OUTTACONTROLLER - Limit And A Situation (Self-released)
SCHOOL DAMAGE - If You Lived In Hell You'd Be Home By Now (Mom’s Basement)
LOS PEPES - I Want You Back (Snap
EDDIE AND THE SUBTITLES - American Society (Slovenly)  
POISON RUIN- Doppelganger (Drunken Sailor

Feral Ward Records feature
A great label started out by Yannick Lorrain from Union of Uranus. The label originally started out as Great American Steak (GAS) Religion and then changed to Witch Hunt records and finally Feral Ward and also Tragedy Records because it became Tragedy's unofficial label. 

COMPLICATIONS - Preaching Death (Feral Ward)
BORN DEAD ICONS - Land Hunger (Feral Ward)
CAREER SUICIDE - Watching You (Feral Ward)
UNION OF URANUS - Backhand (Feral Ward) 
INEPSY - Warriors of the Wasteland (Feral Ward) 

Tribute to Caribbean Carnival 
Toronto is home to the largest Caribbean Carnival in North America. It is known as Caribana although these days it is being called Caribbean Carnival. The parade has it's roots in Trinidad, but there is a lot of participation from the other islands. People take all year preparing costumes and steel pan routines and it is an all day event. We are trying to find some bands from the region to celebrate this Caribana's return. 

ANTI-EVERYTHING - Trinidad Sucks (D10) 
POLVORA SOXIAL - Ruido En El Sistema (Self-Released
MANCHAS DE CACA - Puta sos hoy (Self-Released)
TROPIEZO - Ese Espacio Donde No Existo (Insane Society / Laja)
POLYABUSE - Jersey Kids (Black Pumpkin) 
SATAN'S ANGER - The Fish Men (Self-Released)  

Elliott Set - the band has reunited! And will be playing shows again, hopefully for a larger tour. This is my “best of” of their three full lengths of original music. 
ELLIOTT - Dionysus Burning (Revelation
ELLIOTT - Every Train That Passes (Revelation) 
ELLIOTT - Calvary Song (Revelation) 
ELLIOTT - Superstitions in Travel (Revelation) 
ELLIOTT - Drag Like (Revelation) 
ELLIOTT - Believe (Revelation) 

Quick Break 
ACID SHOWER - House of Meat (Self released) 
XSPIG - Life/Time (Drinkin’ Beer In Bandana / Holy Goat / INCredible / Rødel / Pigtail) 

Demo Feature
Influx are a new group from Toronto that identify as a queer positive youth crew band. Andre played “Leech Life” in the Big Laugh feature last week. I thought I would profile them in this week’s demo feature. Their demo is called “Burning Hammers, Break All Chains” and can be found on bandcamp.
INFLUX - More Power (Self-Released) 
INFLUX - Berserker (The Siege) (Self-Released) 
INFLUX - Clear Path (Self-Released) 
INFLUX - Re:Uselessness (Self-Released) 
INFLUX - Leech Life (Self-Released) 
INFLUX - Pit Alone (Self-Released)

Also check Pressing On distro.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Radio - Sunday July 24th, 2022

VICIOUS THREAT - Kid’s Health (Burning Anger / Rawmantic Disasters)  

On tonight’s show we started off with a fastcore band from Berlin with members of ECD, MVD and Turtle Rage. We like to keep the intro relevant to current happenings, so with that spirit, we played the song Kids Health. With Kids health in mind, this is a not so subtle nod to the moderna vaccine for Covid-19 being available to kids 5 and under. Later tonight I’ll be doing a set of new international releases and a set of some of my favourite, classic, Finnish hardcore. We’ve also got sets of newbies and oldies, a set up for the Big Laugh show that happened yesterday, a set on Halifax hardcore, and the demo feature by TRENCHRAID from the Sunshine Coast of BC. The band features Coleman the host for a metal show called Powerchord on CITR, who will give Chris an interview about the band.  You can download the show here

BLACK DOG - Absolute Disaster (Roachleg)   
NARCOTIC VOID - Terrified Deity (Roachleg)   
VOLTAGE - Isolation (Slow Death
IRREAL - Punt De No Retorn (La Vida Es Un Mus)   
YAMBAG - Inclusion (11PM / Convulse)    
THE LOUSY - Shut Up I’m Talking (Sentient Ruin)  

More Newbies 
MASTERMIND - Stuck in a Rut (Quality HQ
FOODEATER - 3 Weeks (Futile Force
ULTRABOMB - I Can Make It (Self-Released)
MENTAL BLOCKHEADS - Campfire (Kill) 
BISHOPS GREEN - Working Poor (Pirates Press)

BIG LAUGH show 7/23/22 @ Expo Vintage Warehouse 
INFLUX - Leech Life (Self-Released
DIE ALONE - Disgrace (Self-Released
EXHIBITION - Bottom Feeder (Edgewood Records) 
FRICTION - Bad Dogs Bite (Homie Shit Mag)  
BIG LAUGH - No Embrace (11PM Records
Halifax has been in the news as of late over the investigation of their mass shooter. Here’s a set of bands from Halifax. 
SNARLER - Destroyed (Decolonized) 
B.P.S. - No Conscience (Self-Released
ALTERNATIVE ACTION - Antitrust (Self-Released
HOARDER - Shit's Fucked (Self-Released
DESPERATE TIMES - Enough (Self-Released)

Quick Break 
T.O.A.D. - Coward Grinder (Sonic Bath
VICIOUS THREAT - Lions Club (Burning Anger / Rawmantic Disasters)  

DICTATORS - Stay With Me (Asylum)
SECRETS - Teenage Rampage (Bomb) 
FLESHAPOIDS - Nuke The Whales (Trashtone)
WILD GIRAFFES - Love Me (Neck) 
THE BRAIN POLICE - Kind of a Drag (Redrum) 

Crate diggin’ 
THE STIFFS - Magic Roundabout (Stiff) 
DEFAULT - Born With An Attitude (First Strike) 
THE CRIPPENS - They Froze Disney (Boss Tuneage
THE STEREOTYPES - Parisian (Hinterland) 
THE RINGS - I Wanna Be Free (Chiswick) 
Suomi Classics 
RATTUS - Paskantakaa Housuihinne (Poko) 
APPENDIX - Itsemurha (Propaganda
DESTRUCKTIONS - Kenellä on valta (Rock O Rama
KAAOS - Kohti Tuhoa… (Barabbas) 
POHJASAKKA - Armeija, Miesten Koulu (Kalama) 

OPERATION EAT SHIT - Freedom Fries Up Your Ass (Give Praise
THE CLIT COPS - The First Fuck is the Cheapest (Intensive Scare) 
ALWAYS NEVER FUN - Social distance (625 
AMMO - Kleptocracy (Wallride
IRON LUNG - Everything is a Void (Iron Lung
DISPOSAL - Stress Dream (Slow Death

Demo Feature 
Trenchraid are from BC's sunshine coast. They just released a new demo on Slow Death. Coleman who does Powerchord on CITR gave us their origin story to introduce this demo. 

TRENCHRAID - The Hubris of Mankind (Slow Death) 
TRENCHRAID - Inhuman System (Slow Death) 
TRENCHRAID - Absolute Hell (Slow Death) 
TRENCHRAID - Dogmatic Trash (Slow Death) 
HÜSKER DÜ - I’ll Never Forget You (Aggressive Rockproduktionen/SST) 
INEPSY - The Fury of Destruction (Feral Ward)
UNION OF URANUS - Revolve (Great American Steak Religion) 
BORN DEAD ICONS - Ceremony (Dead Alive)

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Radio - Sunday July 17th, 2022

On tonight’s show we have a feature on Winnipeg starting off with this brand new release by the Nostrils who were part of the early scene. There is a spotlight on Roachleg Records. A few sets of new international releases (Froggy and the Ringes, Prisao, Zikin, Chained Bliss). And a new oi duo from Winnipeg, named Pure Impact will be our demo feature. Download the show here

MARGARET THRASHER - Airport Violence (P Trash)

THE VALKYRIANS - Borstal Breakout (Pork Pie/ Stupido / Fat Belt) 
MUTHA LUVIN CHUMPS - Everybody's on Medication 
POLS - Cima (Self-Released
SENSELESS - Impressions of Life (Self-Released

New international releases
Featuring bands from Bogota, Montreal, UK, Calgary, and Portugal by way of Sweden.

PRIMER REGIMEN - Culpables (Discos Enfermos)   
BOSQUE ROHO - Muerte En Vida (Discos Enfermos)   
FROGGY AND THE RINGES - Being Louche Is No A Crime (Amok)  
DEATH KNELL - Set the Trip (Self-released
PRISÃO - Falência (Self-released)  

Roachleg Records Label Spotlight
In the borough of Brooklyn, New York there is a label which focuses on some of the best rage fueled, and thought provoking hardcore this side of the Atlantic. This set highlights some of the best bits from RoachLeg Records. You can find their records on bandcamp, their website, and instagram.  

HYSTERIC POLEMIX - Queer Goetias (Roachleg
ACAUSTIX - Butchers Block (Roachleg
SECRETORS - Sanitize (Roachleg
FATAL WOUND - Senseless Slaughter (Roachleg
SEMTEX ‘87 - Orbit Maggott (Roachleg
POISON RUÏN - Not Today, Not Tomorrow (Roachleg

DIABLOGATO - Blood Moon (Rum Bar
CIVIC - As Seen on TV (Flightless
LOS PEYOTES - Dame Dinamita (Dirty Water
DOKI DOKI - I Was Killing It Man (Asian Man
BURNT KNIVES - No Progress (Self-released

We like to make fun of Winnipeg for all sorts of reasons, but are they valid? I mean sure it’s colder there. They have brutal winters. It’s in the middle of nowhere although there are thousands of lakes up there. It is a transportation hub. It’s a place to play along the way out to the prairies and the west coast. But, here’s the thing. They have had some great bands and one of them that has remained undocumented until now is the NOSTRILS who had a punk house called the House of Beep that was the mainstay for the punk scene in Winnipeg. Supreme Echo has just released some of their material on a single called "Undaunted". 

THE NOSTRILS - Kropotkin Said (Supreme Echo
TEENAGE KNOCKUPS - Go Back To L.A. (Steel Capped) 
NOPE! - A Tired Wreck (Self-Released
GENEX - Enemy (Self-Released)

More international releases
Featuring bands from Toronto, Liverpool, Lekeitio, Philadelphia, and Halifax.

THE SOCIAL - Butcher’s Apron (Self-released)  
ZIKIN - Bixirik (Mendeku Diskak
CHAINED BLISS - Inner Citadel (Drunken Sailor)   
SQUANDER - War Crimes (Self-released
SIN REACCION - Huellas Ni Marcas (Self-Released
VAXINE - Never Ending Fight (Self-Released
HEX - No To The Bomb (Self-Released)
ACTIVES - Attack (Quiet) 
THE STRIKE - Fly No Flags (Randale

Even more international releases
Featuring bands from France, Tucson, Pittsburgh, Istanbul

REFLEX - Get Me Out (Dirty Slap
CLASS - Pills On A Dish (Feel It)  
INVALID - Invalid (Sorry State)   
DIE IN VAIN - CIA Told You So (General Speech)   
DART - Hungry Wolf (Self-released)  
Demo Feature
A new oi / hardcore band from Winnipeg are tonight’s demo feature. They are a two piece and I came across their demo this week on bandcamp
PURE IMPACT - Pure Impactro (Self-Released) 
PURE IMPACT - I Don’t Care (Self-Released) 
PURE IMPACT - Anxiety (Self-Released) 
PURE IMPACT - Skinner Rat Goof (Self-Released) 
PURE IMPACT - Street Soldier (Self-Released) 
PURE IMPACT - Big Man (Self-Released) 
PURE IMPACT - The Boots Go Marching In (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, July 17th, 2022


Sunday, July 10, 2022

Radio - Sunday, July 10th, 2022

SEX VIRGIN KILLER - Mirror (Lilii Sound Loom) 

On tonight’s show Andre digs into the Minnesota scene inspired by a PBS documentary which we will share link on the blog tomorrow. I’ve got a set of Canadian hardcore with a minor focus on Montreal. Chris has a UK ‘82 set for the imploding conservatives and a set of new post punk. A d-beat band from Kamloops named VOLTAGE in our demo feature. You can download the show here
New Releases 
BUZZCOCKS - Senses out of Control (Cherry Red) 
PINK LINCOLNS - Man's Best Friend (Rad Girlfriend
SHELL-SHOCKED - Dein Weg (Self-Released)
MERCENARY - Escape Reality (Beach Impediment
FORCE MAJEURE - Si Seulement (Primator Crew

Chris New hardcore 
DISPÖSAL - Mutual Constraint (Slow Death
RASHŌMON - ニノゲン “Nin-Gen” (Iron Lung)   
ABSOLUT - Haunted House (Gang Green) (Self-Released
RAAMATTU - Kiirettä & Kaaosta (HBHC / Young Guns II)  
OHJUS - Silmistäs Näkee Oot Täynnä Paskaa (HBHC / Young Guns II)   
PERSONA - It’s A Death Cult (Iron Lung)   

Minnesota Hardcore Documentary Set 
Inspired by this eight part series that PBS put together on the Minnesota hardcore scene. 

TÊTES NOIRES - Rollover (East Saint Paul) 
THE REPLACEMENTS - Radio Hook Word Hit (New West Records) 
HÜSKER DÜ - Heavy Handed (Numero Group) 
QUINCY PUNX - My America (I’ll Be Dead In Hell Records) 
CODE 13 - Spokesman For No-One (Havoc) 
KITTEN FOREVER - Kitten Forever (Tardigrade Records) 

Chris UK 82 
DESTRUCTORS - Sewage Worker (Illuminated) 
RIOT SQUAD - Fuck The Tories (Rodelet Music & Records) 
POTENTIAL THREAT - What’s So Great About Britain (Out of Town) 
GBH - Wardogs (Clay) CHAOS UK - No Security (Riot City) 
NEWTOWN NEUROTICS - Kick Out The Tories! (CNT / No Wonder) 
THE GAKK - Got the News in the Clock (Self-Released)   
RADIO HEARTS - Nothing At All 
REPLICA - Strings (Prank) 
THE KNOX - Dawn of the Dead 
RASH TONGUE - Treads of Progress (Hardware)

KPAX! - Melodika (Doomtown)   
YOUNG BLADES - Angela In Flight (Pandemix
MIŽERIJA - Crni Grad (Doomtown)   
TENSION SPAN - The Crate Song (Self-Released)  

NOOSE SWEAT - Death Denial (625 Thrash
VOMIT AND THE ZITS - Suicide (Psyche) 
MY DOG POPPER - Pushead's A Wanker (Patois) 
GASSENHAUER - N.D.G. (Blind Beggar) 
THE PROWLERS - Drunken Skinhead (Mad Butcher / KOB
RIPCORDZ - Girls in the Pit (Mayday
SUBWAY THUGS - The Future (Blind Beggar) 
MATT ELLIS - Everything Sucks - I Hate It All 
Demo Feature 
Tonight’s demo feature comes to us from Kamloops BC. This is "The War to End All Wars" on Slow Death Records. The 2022 demo by Voltage. Five tracks of discharge infused hardcore. 
VOLTAGE - The War To End All Wars (Slow Death
VOLTAGE - Wolves of Russia (Slow Death
VOLTAGE - On Your Day Of Darkness (Slow Death
VOLTAGE - Isolation (Slow Death
VOLTAGE - Charged Rock N Roll (Slow Death)