Sunday, April 8, 2018

Radio - Sunday, April 8th, 2018

Here is the playlist from tonight's broadcast. You can download the show here.

FLQ – Jungle (Bad Vibrations)

THE RUN UPS – Living in the City (Get Party!)
KNUCKLEHEAD - B-Anthem (Far Out)
RIXE - Les Cent Pas (La Vida Es Un Mus)
PROXY - Land of Guns (Inflammable Material / Imminent Destruction)
MASTERLESS DOGS – Killing Time (Longshot Music / Contra)

DBOY – Prove Your Love (Self-Released)
CONTROL FREAKS – She Lied (Slovenly)
BEE BEE SEA – This Dog is the King of Losers (Wild Honey)
BIG SCHOOL – Centennial (Self-Released)
DOA – Liar for Hire (Alternative Tentacles / Sudden Death)

ANATOMI-71 - Ondskans Banalitet (Not Enough)
KORSFAST – Skarpt Läge (Not Enough)
DISGRACEFUL - Mental Cases (Favela)
RAW HATE - Kill Your Brain (Rawmantic Disasters / Truemmer Pogo)
ABSOLUT - Wage of Fear (Beach Impediment / Brain Solvent Propaganda)

NOMOS 751 – The Cop of the Month (Slovenly)
THE PAPER TULIPS – Car Burn (Flipside)
ARTERY – Pretends (Limited Edition)
THE BUZZCOCKS – Harmony in my Head (EMI)
METROS – In with the Crowd (Friends)

TARANTULA – Oozing Skull (Deranged)
SEX DWARF – Bara Mörker (Vox Populi)
CONDITION 21 – Teen Rebellion As Sponsered By The Kids Ltd.
UNRULED – Clear the Pigs Out (Schizophrenic)

POWERBOMB – Have a Nice Day (Self-Released)
STRETCH MARKS – Turnbuckle Stomp (Sounds Escaping)
THE CRAMPS – The Crusher (I.R.S.)
THE 222’s – She Wants Revenge (Rave Up)
LOWLIFE – Thinking Naturally (Aircut / Hozac)

FETISH – Take the Knife (Beach Impediment)
GUILTY FACES - Scum (Room 101)
GOVERNMENT WARNING - Deny Everything (Six Feet Under / Vicious Circle)
MENTAL RESCUE - Cold Day in Hell When I Surrender (Capitalcide Tapes)
MUJERES PODRIDAS - Misterio Planeta (Self-Released)

PRIMITIVE LIFE – Man Made Disaster (Inge's Revenge / Refuse / Backbite)
BARGE - Stabbed iin the Back (Six Feet Under / Vicious Circle)
WALL BREAKER - Damaged Mind (Refuse)
LOUISXARMSTRONG - Els garrins (Self-Released)
SIX BREW BANTHA – They Talk, We Die (To Live A Lie)

BLAMING YOU - All Wound Up (Self-Released)

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