Sunday, April 22, 2018

Radio - Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Tonight's show is just a regular punk show with lots of new and old material starting out with new Artificial Dissemination. You can download the show here

ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION - Walt Disney Was A Nazi (Seminal)

PANDEMIX - Second Opinion (Boss Tuneage)
PURA MANIA - Grandes Esperanzas (Cvrecs / Sabotage / Hysteria)
STALIN VIDEO - Human Buildings (No Front Teeth / Crapoulet / P.Trash)
BIRTH DEFORMITIES - You Can't Catch Me (Cowabunga)
DFMK - Ya no quiero ser punk (Self-Released)

THE SOVIETTES – 9th Street (Adeline)
THEE TUMBITAS – Mistery Swamp (El Bisto)
VICE SQUAD – Stand Strong, Stand Proud (Anagram)
45 GRAVE – Black Cross (Restless)

VYPERS – Mr. Girl (Fishbum)
THE ORSON FAMILY – River of Desire (New Rose)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT – Misbeaten (Interscope)
TURBONEGRO – Ride with Us (Burning Heart)
THE DUCKY BOYS – Break Me (Hellcat)

TOLLWUT – Seuchen (Hayride)
DEAD HERO – Mtl – Bta (Self-Released)
OI POLLOI – No (Beluga Music)
ARTHUR AND THE SPOONERS - Punk 'n' Oi! (Steeltown / Contra)

TIRED OUT – петля (Self-Released)
LITTLE BOY - Bez Szans (Self-Released)
ULTIMA CLASSE - E melhor se calar (Rusty Knife)
GNAR JAR - Hard Times (Self-Released)
THE SPARTANICS - Save your Streets (Self-Released)

THE DAMNED - Devil in Disguise (Spinefarm / Search and Destroy)
NOCIVOS - La dictadura de la felicidad (Bicho Raro)
BOOM BOOM KID – En el Reino de Estos Animales de Aca (Ugly)
PENNYWISE - American Lies (Epitaph)
Смех - Новый айфон (Soyuz Music)
SATANIC SURFERS - Going Nowhere Fast (Mondo Macabre)
DESARRAIGO – Ceguera (Self-Released)
MG-15 - Campos De Exterminio (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CHRIST AIR – Expose the Lie (Self-Released)
NERVRAK - The Free Market (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a new oi band from Montreal called Force Majeure. You can find this demo on bandcamp.

FORCE MAJEURE – Nes pour Un Petit Pain (LSC)
FORCE MAJEURE – Banilieue Grise (LSC)
FORCE MAJEURE – Guerre Civile (LSC)

FASHIONISM - Baby She's Gone (Drunken Sailor)
RASKA COCOS - De Bodega (Raskate Producciones)

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