Sunday, April 29, 2018

Radio - Sunday, April 29th, 2018

So this week Toronto had an incident with someone who used a van to run people over on the sidewalks of North York. And there have been a number of vigils being hosted including an official one today. And there is a hashtag being used to try and turn these bad feelings around called Toronto Strong. You know like the Boston Strong thing. Well I pulled together a number of Toronto bands to showcase this city and just how miserable it can be. We also feature a lot of new material including a top 10 for April and a demo feature by a band from Belarus that we played last week called Tired Out. Download the show here.

VCR - Bad News (Murder City Video / Barfbag)

POWERBOMB - Have a Nice Day (Self-Released)
HASSLER – Trainwreck (Beach Impediment)
PURE PRESSURE - Good Mental Health, Seattle (Self-Released)
INTENSIVE CARE – Silence (Iron Lung)
TOURIST – Dead in the Canyon (Self-Released)
URBAN BLIGHT - Fake Attitudes (Slasher)

LIGHTMARES – Roll Credits (Self-Released)
GERM HOUSE – Showing Symptoms (Trouble in Mind / Girlsville)
WILD EVEL AND THE TRASHBONES – Telling Lies (Dirty Water)
HAXXAN – Jeff Casanova (Slovenly)

QUE LASTIMA - Tierra Violada (Self-Released)
GAUCHO - Cerebro Podrido (Iron Lung)
MALDITA - Policia No Me Pegue (Self-Released)
MOLLOT – Power (Self-Released)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Violence and Hate (Self-Released)

THE CAVEMEN – Nuke Earth (Slovenly)
THE WASPS – Teenage Treats (Cherry Red)
ANIMAL KINGDOM – Tension (Punk History Canada)
HEX – Always Me (Self-Released)
LIFE IN VACUUM – Uniform (New Damage)

PLASTIC HEADS - Danger Zone (Self-Released)
DILETTANTES - Late to the Party (Self-Released)
PROM NITE - Eternity of Man (Self-Released)
DISCARDED - Janitor Joe (Self-Released)
DAMAGERS - Gimme Damage (Self-Released)
FLQ - Pale Bars (Bad Vibrations)

Top 10 – April 2018
LANGUID “Oblivion” - Final Dark Age (Self-Released)
FUCK IT... I QUIT “In the Shadow of Extinction” - The Voiceless Still Have A Voice (Refuse)
WE SLEEP “Uniform Fuckface” – Unkraut (Sengaja / Flowerviolence)
MISILISKI “Kioku No Kage” – Zaiaku (D-Takt and  Rapunk)
DEAD HERO “La Vida Continua” LP - Nunca te daras por vencido (Self-Released)
MYTERI “Ruiner” - Hatets Fanbärare (Phobia / Halvfabrikat/ Alerta Antifascist)
S-21 “Operation Menu” - We're Done (Slugsalt / World Gone Mad)
KOENIGSTEIN YOUTH - Je Vomis Ton Nom (Kick Rock)
SIX BREW BANTHA - Blight (To Live a Lie)
PRIMITIVE LIFE  - Ready 2 Kill (Inge's Revenge / Refuse / Backbite)
ANTIMOB - Κάλεσμα στο ποίμνιο (Εξωτικός Παροξυσμός)

Tonight’s demo features a new band from Belarus called Tired Out. We played a song last week and thought we would feature them on the show because we never hear about bands from this part of the world. Their demo is on bandcamp.

TIRED OUT – Intro (Self-Released)
TIRED OUT – последняя песня (Self-Released)
TIRED OUT – Fool Me Twice (Self-Released)
TIRED OUT – Disappointment (Self-Released)
TIRED OUT – Tired Out (Self-Released)
TIRED OUT – About Cops (Self-Released)
TIRED OUT – петля (Self-Released)

DRAGGED IN - Stand Strong (Self-Released)

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