Sunday, April 1, 2018

Radio - Sunday, April 1st, 2018

Here is April 1st`s show. No April Fools jokes, I promise. Download the show here.

GOOD CLEAN FUN - Anthem of Positivity (Equal Vision)
GOOD CLEAN FUN - You Gotta Stay Positive (Equai Vision)

THE DEAD MILKMEN - Violent School (Enigma / Restless)
PINK LINCOLNS – Family Tree (Not for Profit)
BIG PUPPY - Sad Boixs (Self-Released)
KLAZO - Give Me Eyes (It’s Trash)

BEYOND PEACE – Burn It Down (Self-Released)
LANGUID – Final Dark Age (D-Takt ja Rapunk / Languid)
FUCK IT .... I QUIT – In The Shadow of Extinction (Refuse)
ANTIMOB - Με το κεφάλι κάτω (Εξωτικός Παροξυσμός)
WARCHILD – Children of the Atom Bomb (Black Water)

AUTONOMADS - Foot in Mouth (Ruin Nation / Mass Productions / Pumpkin)
VIOLENT PACIFISTS - D-Town Stomp (Everyday Madness Everyday)
ABSURDO – El infierno del alcohol (Discus Absurds)
NEGAZIONE - Tutti Pazzi (No Plan)
PLAN DE FUGA – Memoria (Self-Released)

POBREZA MENTAL – Falsa Vida (Oscuridad En Mi Vida)
PEST CONTROL – Under Wraps (Self-Released)
BARBED WIRE - The Thunderhead (Self-Released)
INSTINTO - Bienvenido al infierno (Self-Released)
CERVIX – Life Fucker (Video Disease)

NIGHT PEOPLE - Under the Sign of Christ (Deranged)
FRAGMENT – Death Machine (Self-Released)
FUERZA BRUTE – Un Tres Un Dos (Foreign Legion)
BARBED WIRE BRACES - Imminent Attack (Self-Released)
GOOLAGOON – The Bully (Dead Heroes)

VIDA - Failing Core Subjects (Self-Released)
COLD MEAT – High Maintenance (Lost in Fog)
DISSIDENTE – Colossus (Riot Ready)
JUSTIFY ALL MEANS - Leaders of Today (Riot Ready)
WeRTHLESS - Cream Cheese (Riot Ready)

BLEEDERS - Your Home Your Hands (Self-Released)
C.H.E.W.  - Poor Odds (Neck Chop)
LEBENDEN TOTEN - There Is Nothing In This Place (Iron Lung)
RED DELICIOUS - Palhaço (Not Normal Tapes)
DEHIDRATALT FEJEK – Barataim (Self-Released)
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS - 70’S Street Munchies (Self-Released)

Top 10 – March 2018
10. LION’S SHARE – Mental Break (Warthog Speak)
9. BUNDOLO - Samaa Paskaa (Self-Released)
8. TARANTULA – The Computer that Ate My Brain (Deranged)
7. OWNER – Lied (Nervous Energy)
6. CEMENT SHOES - TV Now (Self-Released)
5. SUNSHINE WARD - Retaliate (Bloody Master / Overplan / Exit Music)
4. HEAT – End it (Deranged)
3. XRDM – Avoidance (Self-Released)
2. IMPULSO - Nessun Impulso (Erst There Tontraeger)
1. SHITTY LIFE  – Cop (Euro Trash)

TOURIST are from Toronto and have two recordings together. This is their latest called "New Designs" and it features covers of Ceremony and Mind Eraser.

TOURIST – Big Lou (Self-Released)
TOURIST – New Home (Self-Released)
TOURIST – The Big Takeback (Self-Released)
TOURIST – New Designs for Motel Living (Self-Released)
TOURIST – Prairie Dawg (Self-Released)
TOURIST – Dead in the Canyon (Self-Released)
TOURIST – Life of Demands (Self-Released)
TOURIST – Darker Hue (Self-Released)
TOURIST – Every Corner a Liquor Store (Self-Released)
TOURIST – Subtle Entities (Self-Released)

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