Sunday, September 4, 2016

Radio – Sunday, September 4, 2016

We started off tonight's show with the Nip Drivers cover of the Duran Duran song "Rio" because the Brazilian senate impeached the Prime Minister of Brazil, Dilma Rouseff, at a time when the Para Olympics is about to start. You can hear the show on the player above or download an MP3 file here.

NIP DRIVERS - Rio (Enigma / Bamisbrain)

DROP OUT - Drop Out
REPERCUSSIONS - Comforts of Home (540)
LOW CHARGE - Cold War (Mandible)
UNREAL THOUGHTS - The Look, The Talk (Self-released)

TOE TAG - El Clipo (Conundrum Media)
CRYSTAL MESS - Armchair Revolution (Self-Released)
RZL DZL - Tell Me I Won't (Lockin’ Out)
WATCHDOG - Watchdog (Self-Released)
WORSHIT - Vain Youth (Self-Released) (Moscow)
ESPERMANZ - You Know (Guatemala)

FLQ Studio 3 session
FLQ recorded a session on Tuesday June 28th. The band features Luke who sang in SCHOOL JERKS and Erik from HASSLER and formerly of the REPROBATES. Jeff plays bass and Brice plays drums. They originally started out as a VILETONES cover band taking the FLQ reference from the song “Rebel”. Eventually as the band evolved they also evolved into writing their own songs. We have bothered them for years about doing a session so to finally see this come together felt awesome. Check out the photo album on our Facebook page. We start out by talking about their song “Perverse”.

FLQ - Perverse (CIUT)
FLQ - Interview (CIUT)
FLQ - Untitled (CIUT)
FLQ - Interview (CIUT)
FLQ - Bleed Out (CIUT)
FLQ - Interview (CIUT)
FLQ - Rat (CIUT)
FLQ - Interview (CIUT)
FLQ - Conditions (CIUT)
FLQ - Interview (CIUT)
FLQ - Turn It (CIUT)
HYGIENE - National Front Tea Party (La Vida Es Un Mus)
THE DEMICS - Talk’s Cheap (Ready)
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS - I’m Gonna Move To New York (Lumpy)
ASILE - Nulle Part (Chaos Rurale)
AK-47 - The Badge Means You Suck (Pineapple) (Austin, 1980)

Demo Feature is form Winnipeg. They are a band called Indignari. You can find the demo at bandcamp

INDIGNARI - Hollow Man (Self-Released)
INDIGNARI - High Horse (Self-Released)
INDIGNARI - Fall and Chain (Self-Released)
INDIGNARI - Money Taste (Self-Released)

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