Sunday, September 18, 2016

Radio - Sunday September 18th, 2016

I was researching old French and German punk this week and came across this song which seemed to be about our night of broadcast. You can download this show here

NAPALM - Happy Sunday (Moderne Music Tontrager)

I read about the new Alienation Mini LP this week and I spent some time on Ian Hart’s blog on Atlantic Punk downloading all sorts of demos and releases from the east coast. There was a significant amount from Halifax and many that I had never heard before. There are a ton of hardcore releases coming out of there in recent years so I thought I would pull together a bunch of music from this eastern capital.

FALSE SECURITY - Vietnam (Flamingo taken from the “Out of the Fog” compilation) - Halifax, 1986
SYSTEM OVERLOAD - Nothing to Say (Self-Released) – Halifax, 1986
THE CHITZ – GK (Self-Released) – Halifax, 1994
INTOXICATORS - Vagrant Stomp (Self-Released) – Dartmouth, 1990
THE SHITHEADS - No Hope - Teen Idle (Enguard) - Dartmouth, 1993
NO OFFENSE – Riot (Enguard) Halifax, 1993
DEEP WOODS - I Don't Wanna Hear It (Self-Released) Halifax, 1994
SNOT PARTY - Wrestlemania 8 (Self-Released) West Dublin, 1997
SHRINE OF AMERICAN MARTYR - Please Speak Directly Into My Crotch (Self-Released) - 2000
CONTAGIUM - Constant Fear (The Total End) – Halifax, 2010
MAKE NO GAINS - The Pigs (Self-Released) – Halifax, 2011
WORD ON THE STREET - H.R.M. MAYHEM (Self-Released) – Halifax, 2012
ABJECT PAX – Ratzinger (Sewercide) – Halifax, 2013
ENVISION – Proud to Be (Comply) – Halifax, 2009
CONCRETE ASYLUM – Insomnia (Self-Released) – Halifax, 2012
NAPALM RAID - Endless Walls (Rust and Machine) – Halifax, 2012
GRUMP - Culture in Decline (Self-Released) – Halifax, 2013
LIFE CHAIN - Out of Sight (Self-Released) – Halifax, 2012
CAUSTIX - Blasted Away (Self-Released) – Halifax, 2015
ALIENATION - Laid Off (Warthog Speaks) - Halifax, 2016

Japanese hardcore feature by D’Arcy Rix-Hayes
KIKEJI – Plastics Love
JIGA – I Love Me (GL)
GAS – Japanese Title (GL)
L.S.D. – Kill You (ADK / Schizophrenic)
BITOUSHA – Japanese Title (ACS)
THE CLAY – Demilitarized Neutrality (Dogma)
JUNK SCHIZO – Surfer Girl (AA)
GHOUL – Street Gangs (Noise Room)
OUTO – No Future (AA)
ROSE ROSE – Put Out Emotion
GUDON – Cock (Kagai Mousou)
MOBS – Chaos and Violence (Noise Room)
MASTURBATION – Proud to be (ADK)
ABURADAKO – Japanese Title (ADK)
THE SEXUAL – Destruction (Kochi)
GAS MASK - Japanese Title

ZOOM - Slowdown (Ugly Pop)
BUZZCOCKS - Moving Away From the Pulsebeat (United Artists)
BOILERMAN - We're The Worst (86’d)
THE VAPIDS - Second Time Around (Surfing Ki)
NO TIME - Gutter Dreams (Six feet Under)
ULTRA - Libertad De Expresión (La Vida Es Un Mus)
WARTHOG - Functioning World (Beach Impediment)

PSYCHO SQUATT - Dossier Sécurité (Maloka)
NO ALTERNATIVE - Make Guns Not Love (Wingnut)

In keeping with our East Coast theme Fragments are a new band from Halifax that borrow from S.H.I.T. fin the noise department. One of my favourite demes at the moment that you can download from bandcamp

FRAGMENT – Pollution Cycle (Self-Released)
FRAGMENT – Abandoned, Surrounded (Self-Released)
FRAGMENT – Warfare (Self-Released)
FRAGMENT – Old Tyrants (Self-Released)
FRAGMENT – Bad Minds (Self-Released)

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