Sunday, September 11, 2016

Radio - Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11th remains a day embedded in the American psyche in recent times, so we started off with a song about 9/11 written by Scotland's Oi Polloi who will be in town on October 12th. You can download the show here.

OI POLLOI - 9-11 (Campary)

THE VAPIDS - Spelling Mistake (Surfin Ki)
FASHIONISM- Stop, Drop and Rock n Roll (Dirt Cult)
PAGANS OF NORTHUMBERLAND - Bombs Away (Self-Released)
BISHOPS GREEN - Burn The Bastards (Longshot)

BUM – Screaming Fist (Lance Rock)
KING KHAN AND THE BBQ SHOW – Shake Real Low (Self-Released)
THE MUFFS – Beat Your Heart Out (Sub Pop)
THE SHITBIRDS – There was a Time (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
THE SMUGGLERS – What Do You Want Me To Do? (Lance Rock)

Tonight's show sees the return of co-host D'Arcy Rix-Hayes to the decks and he starts off with his favourite brand of hardcore, early 80's American hardcore.

BAD BRAINS – Supertouch Shitfit (Roir)
MEAT PUPPETS – In a Car (World Imitation)
RED KROSS – Kill Someone You Hate (Smoke Seven)
MDC – John Wayne was a Nazi (R Radical)
MISFITS – Braineaters (Ruby)

CONTROLLERS – Suburban Suicide (Bacchus Archives)
THE NOMADS – Nitroglycerine Shrieks (Wire)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS – Bowling with Friends (Deranged)
TEENGENERATE – Do You Wanna Know? (Wild Wild)
CHROME CRANKS – Dead Cool (Crypt)

DOXX - Slimer (Self-Released)
CRUMB - Forced (Self-Released)
LEATHER JACUZZI - Sarah's Little Sweeties (Self-Released)
SIYAHKAL - Pari Bolandeh (Self-Released)
TASHME - Hunted-Haunted (Self-Released)

WARM GUN – Broken Window (Isadora)
SAINTS – Private Affair (Harvest)
EX BX – Strychnine
X – Home is Where the Floor is
ELECTROHOC – Chaise Electrique

CLOACA - Misery (Bastard Cover) (Emergence / Histrion)
FACADE - Smoke Screen (Self-Released)
FRAGMENT -Old Tyrants (Self-Released)
CONTROL GROUP - Junk (Self-Released)
SANKE CHARMER - Flip the Bird / Boots & Hearts (Schizophrenic)

ROTTEN MIND – I Don't Want to be the One (Lovely)
TERRIBLE FEELINGS – Impending Doom (Sabotage / Lack of Sleep)
THE HEARTBREAKERS – Can't Keep My Eyes On You (Track)

Tonight's demo feature is a new straight edge band from Ohio. the demo literally was posted today so it doesn't get newer than that. You can hear the demo on the band's bandcamp page.

BLIND RAGE – Intro / Blind Rage (Self-Released)
BLIND RAGE – Nails (Self-Released)
BLIND RAGE – Dead Punks (Self-Released)
BLIND RAGE – Spineless (Self-Released)
BLIND RAGE – Dead End (Self-Released)
BLIND RAGE – No Big Deal (Self-Released)
BLIND RAGE – Out of Control (Self-Released)
BLIND RAGE – Not For Me (Self-Released)
BLIND RAGE – Tear It Down (Self-Released)

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