Sunday, September 25, 2016

Radio - Sunday September 25th, 2016

13 months ago Dini Lazslo was in to explore the origins of punk in Hungary. After having to cut a number of bands from the playlist Dini expressed the wealth of punk bands that made up the contemporary scene and we left the door open to do a follow up show on Hungary. So the first hour and a half is a look at contemporary punk and hardcore scene in Hungary with lots of great context on the importance of each bands. There are links to bandcamp sites on each band name. You can download the show here or listen on the player above.

DISKORBA – Fanyarorszag (Szegeyen es Gyalazat)
DISKORBA – Haboru a Valdsagban
RAKOSI – Kisul az Agyam (Permaculture) 
ONKIIRTAS – Haboru (Self-Released)
TOUCH – Raise Your Hands (Self-Released)
TANGO UNDERGROUND - Modern Idok (Szerzoi Kiadas)
GHOSTCHANT – Foundations (Self-Released)
FAKE SHAKES – Black Hole (Self-Released)
VEX – Pop Song (Self-Released)
ANOTHER WAY – Iskola a Hataron (Self-Released)
YOUTH VIOLENCE – Dolgozz (Pizza Days)
BLACKMAIL – Korcs (Self-Released) 
FREEDOM IS A LIE – Parazita (Self-Released)
KARAK – Untitled (Self-Released)
PIGPRIDE – Paravan (Self-Released)
VORGAR – Untitled (Self-Released)
JACK – Neurozis (Uterus / Vleesklak / Give Praise / Here and Now!) 
NEMECSEK – Requiem 1945 (Self-Released)
NORMS – Tomeg (Self-Released)
PADKAROSDA – Uj Emlekek (Self-Released)
BEROSSZULAS – Borzalom (Self-Released)
PEPI ROSSLER – Anomic (Self-Released)
CAMP KOALA – Why? (Self-Released)
ANTAL – Gyere Velem! (Self-Released)

Zoom is playing a one off reunion show on October 8th with Arson and Lightmares. Nomeansno called it a quits this week. And Absolut and Sabotage are playing at Faith / Void right now. Here is a set of bands playing here and making news.

ZOOM - Where have all the Good Times Gone (Ugly Pop)
ARSON - Murder City Suicide (Self-Released)
LIGHTMARES - We Blew Up the Art School (Self-Released)
NOMEANSNO – Teresa, Give me that knife (Alternative Tentacles)
SABOTAGE - Bang, Bang, Bang (Self-Released)
ABSOLUT - Black Void (Electric Assault)

Our demo feature this week is a band from Whitb called Sraight Truth. Former co-host, Jonah Falco is quoted as describing the recording as follows:

"Echoing out of the cracks of poor municipal infrastructure, dimly lit sprawl, failing regional transit, and the likely familiar patina of wood laminate panelling in Mum's attic, Straight Truth blast out of Whitby Ontario with a short EP of rough hardcore punk. Raw, deep, killer vocals in the school of YDI over the alpha faux-mystique of layers of effect drenched power chords, and hammering drums. There's no hiding the force with which they deliver; there's no pretending to finesse; the condemnation of the suburbs; the power of the city: pure hc. 6 originals and a Cro Mags cover." - J. "

 STRAIGHT TRUTH - Intro (The Moment of Straight Truth) (Self-Released)
STRAIGHT TRUTH - P.O.W. (Self-Released)
STRAIGHT TRUTH - Turning Wheel (Self-Released)
STRAIGHT TRUTH - In My Night (Self-Released)
STRAIGHT TRUTH - Cracked Over the Head (Self-Released)
STRAIGHT TRUTH - Don’t Tread On Me (Self-Released)

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