Sunday, August 9, 2015

Radio - Sunday August 9th, 2015

You can download tonight's show here.

THE PROWLERS - Tonight Tonight (Mad Butcher)

LIGHTMARES - Blew Up the Art School (Self-Released)
THE DIODES - Terminal Rock (Epic)
THE VILETONES - Danger Boy (Razor)
MERCURY GIRLS - Beautiful Sight (Self-Released)

THE OPPRESSED - We’re the Oppressed (Insurgence)
THE STRIKE - Action Man (Captain Oi!)
ULTRA VIOLENT - Dead Generation (Riot City)
VIOLENT END - Shackled (Lengua Armada)
VOICE OF ADDICTION – Daley Struggle (Self-Released)
THE BRASS - How Much Art II (Self-Released)

Punk from South East Asia with bands from India, Pakistan, Singapore, and Nepal.

DA PRIMITIVE FUTURE – Loose Motion (Tian An Men '89)
OPPOSITION PARTY - Taking Us For Fools (New Wave)
RAI KO RIS - Sangarsa (Self-Released)
Kali X Gula - Shakti Kapoor (Self-Released)

Some highlights of Nederpunk

NEUROOT – Police Provocation (Self-Released)
NITWITZ – Perfect Girl (Vogelspin)
THE CHOPS – Someone Like You (Welvaartstraat)
GOTTERFLIES – Hippie (Vogelspin)
COITUS INT. - Run to the Station (Rock Against)
DANGEROUS PYJAMAS – Throwaway Kids (Eqi Lanjaampaar)

LARM – Start (Axioma)
LARM – Pigean (Eenheidsfrontrecords)
VILLA FUNGUS – High Fivas All Around / DooieMus (Self-Released)
DEADSTOOLPIDGEON – Gonna Burn / This World (Crucial Response)
BIRDS OF A FEATHER – Noting Left (Crucial Response)

VITAMN X – I Can't get Enough (Havoc)
SEEIN RED – Channel Nothing (Ebullition)
SEEIN' RED – Manipulation (Rad Punk)
CITIZENS PATROL – I want to be boring (No Way)
MAINSTRIKE – This Age (Crucial Response)
MISSELIJK – Stiff Little Buzzkiller (Brock)
INDIREKT – Ik Wilde Leven (Diehard)
BETERCORE – Stand Up and Speak (Karatecore)

Tonight's demo feature is a great new band from Toronto called Brute Force. Brute Force features a member or some members from Vicious Cycle. The demo is available on-line at their bandcamp page

BRUTE FORCE - Intro / Damage (Self-Released)
BRUTE FORCE - WMC (Self-Released)
BRUTE FORCE - Reap What You Sow (Self-Released)

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