Sunday, August 30, 2015

Radio - Sunday August 30th, 2015

Tonight's show is the latest installment of Notes from Behind the Iron Curtain with a focus on Hungary. Tonight's guest host is Dini Lazslo who grew up in Hungary and has been an avid collector of Hungarian punk all his life. you can download an MP3 of tonight's show or listen on the player above.

WYX – Association (Start)

SPIONS – Russian Way of Life (Egg)

BEATRICE - Nagyvarosi Farkas (Collective Art)

CPG - Báb vagy (Self-Released)
AGYDAGANAT - Tanítonéni (Live)
ETA - Telefonszámok (Live)

MODELLS – Vak Vagyok (Self-Released)
BIKINI – Ki Csinal Szodat 1 (Start)

QSS - hazám (Ragaly)
LENIN KÖRÚT - A munka himnusza

KRETENS - Bürokraták
MARINA REVUE - én vagyok az a srác

AURÓRA CIRKÁLÓ – Robotok (Self-Released)
FEGYELEM - Minden ki van találva (Self-Released)
TIZEDES MEG A TÖBBIEK - Zuhanj te bombázó (Self-Released)

A.M.D. - Bombázás (Self-Released)
VÁGTÁZÓ HALOTTKÉMEK - Ki vele az istenért (Alternative Tentacles)

MALOKIO – Home (Self-Released)
UNFUN - All The Secrets Of The World
THE SOFISTIFUCKS – Believe Me Alone (Self-Released)
WITHOUT – Human Cull / Drones (Self-Released)
SKINGRAFT – Coagulate (Self-Released)
DRY HEAVE – Libel! Slander! Libel! (Self-Released)
UNCLE RAY – Tough Guy (Self-Released)
POISON SPUR – Plague Fields (Self-Released)
THE BLIND SURGEONS OPERATION – Sleep Terror (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a new local band from Toronto called Grin. You can find their demo on their bandcamp page.

GRIN – Initiation Rites (Self-Released)
GRIN – Empty Every Night (Self-Released)
GRIN – Waiting (Self-Released)

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