Sunday, August 2, 2015

Radio - Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

So earlier today the writ was dropped to dissolve parliament and a federal election has been initiated. The press conference that the Prime Minister gave was full of scare tactics, bullying and hyperbole, so the first set mostly has theme songs targeted at the election. You can hear the show on the player above, or look at the playlist below or download an MP3 file of the show.

ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION - Politic of Violence (Self-Released)

HARPER SS - Victimized (Crude City)
STRANGLED – Leader (Crude City)
BISHOPS GREEN - Government Lies (Rebellion)
PSEUDO - Plastic Bottles & Tubs (Self-Released)

This set is inspired by some re-issues that came out last month as I discovered in preparing for thew top 10 set near the end of the show.

FLAG OF DEMOCRACY – Powerload (Sound of Speed)
X - We're Desperate (Superior Viaduct)
LOS PUNK ROCKERS – Seventeen (Nevada)
DEPRESSIONS - Do Something (Barn)
THE STRANGLERS - Get a Grip (United Artists)

RHYTHM PIGS – Corona (Easy Money)
SEKRETSTAU - Punk Oi! (Bomb-All / Terror Tubbies)
SLOPPY KISSES - Crime Wave (Self-Released)
SROS Lord – Sniper (Self-Released)
VCR - Think Twice (Self-Released)
PERSPEX FLESH - Eight Legged Dreams (Static Shock)

WITNESS PROTECTION - Abuse & Annoy (Self-Released)
MAD TRAPPER – Takeover (Self-Released)
SIX BREW BANTHRA - Anti-Music, Part 2 (Regurgitated Semen)
SNUFFX – Anti-Music (Self-Released)

DOUBLE-O - Putting DC On The Map (Unreleased)
SKIN COLOUR - Manners Suck (Self-Released)
PREGNANCY SCARE – Lobotomy (Deranged)
VAGRANTS – Lineal (Self-Released)

This set pertains to the recent pepper spraying by the police of a hip hop crowd in Cleveland that were protesting polce violence.

SHAVED WOMEN - Bottom Feeder (Self-Released)
4-SKINS – A.C.A.B (Secret)
SLOUCH – ACAB (Self-Released)
CHUMBAWAMBA – Adversity (Agit Prop)
THE PARTISANS - Police Story (No Future)
RAW POWER - Police Police (Sudden Death)
VAASKA - Policia Policia (Beach Impediment)
CHOKEHOLD – Conditioned (Great American Steak Religion)
HAYMAKER - A.M.M.D.C. (Deranged)

Top 10 for July 2015
10. THUREMEMAN - De Raknar Vara Dagar (Gaphals)
9. UNIFORM - Evolve to Dust (Self-Released)
8. LIFEWRECK - Shaping the end (Self-Released)
7. WULFEN RAG - Kelly Thomas (Self-Released)
6. WORLD WARIX - If one of these bottles should happen to fall (Self-Released)
5. ALIENATION – Social Abuse (Self-Released)
4. BLANK SPELL - Malign Eye (Self-Released)
3. SERIOUS SHIT - Dark Skies and Abominations (Self-Released)
2. HARD SKIN - ASBO Baby (JT Classics)
1. SNIFFING GLUE - A Moral Disgust (Plastic Bomb)

Tonight's demo feature is the Chain from Calgary who played here within the past couple of weeks. They did a recording with cover songs and called it a Mix Tape with the more official title of "You can’t Drake the Chain" You can download the demo at their bandcamp page.

THE CHAIN - Chaintro (Self-Released)
THE CHAIN - Choose Your Side (Self-Released)
THE CHAIN - Can’t Break Free (Self-Released)
THE CHAIN - We Stand (Self-Released)
THE CHAIN - S.L.C.S.S.M. (Self-Released)
THE CHAIN - YYC Mayhem (Self-Released)
THE CHAIN - Standing Strong (Self-Released)
THE CHAIN - Not Like You (Self-Released)
THE CHAIN - Your Mistake (Self-Released)

ASMEREIR - Eugenio el Ocioso (Self-Released)
VITAMIN X – Feel the Beat (Havoc)
SEEIN' RED – Homophobia (Peculio Discos)
FLIPPER - Ha Ha Ha (Subterranean)

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