Sunday, August 23, 2015

Radio - Sunday, August 23, 2015

Here is tonight's show and playlist.

NO PROBLEM - Killing Game (Taken by Surprise)

This set contains some re-issue, some songs that fit into a theme about the anniversary of the Hiroshima / Nagasaki bombings that ended WWII, and a new release by an old band. 

SQUATS – We Hate School (LaVida Es Un Mus)
DVA MINUTA MRZNJE - Moderna Omladina (No Plan)
THE LOOKOUTS - Living Behind Bars (Don Giovanni)
TOXIC REASONS – Limited Nuclear War (Sixth International)
SUBHUMANS – Hiroshima (SST)
UPRIGHT CITIZENS - Bombs Of Peace (Skvaller)
THE BUSINESS - Here's Johnny (Randale)

THE BRASS - American Ghetto (Self-Released)
GOOSEBUMPS - Sun Dog (Katorga Works)
IVY - Werkhouse (Katorga Works)
VCR - Bad News (Self-Released)

GLITTER - Perfect Day (Calgary Cassette Preservation Society)
STRAY SHEEP - Life is Beautiful – Work (Self-Released)
THE CHAIN - Steppin Out of Line (Self-Released)
ZERO - Losin it (Self-Released)
WILD SIDE - Nothing Held Back (Self-Released)

FUCK YOU PAY ME - Steubenville City Limits (Tank Crimes)
TORSO - No Commonality (Self-Released)
G.L.O.S.S. - Outcast Stomp (Self-Released)
COCHINA - Complejo de Salvador Blanco (Self-Released)
PRETTY BOYS - Gorm Shelves (Self-Released)

NOMAD - 遺命
HJAMBLODNING – Mediaslav (Self-Released)
ORDEN MUNDIAL – Gusanos (Discos Basura)
COKE JAW – Process (Self-Released)
JUANITA Y LOS FEOS - Se ha Acabado (La Vida Es Un Mus)
NUBILES - Red Shift - Kansas City (Self-Released)
FASHIONISM - Quit Looking at the Time (Unreleased)

DUSTIN HOFFMAN - Major Asshole Inc - Slovenia
LOS CAIDOS - Resignarse (Self-Released)
RIFIUTO HC - Non Omologato - Torino, Italy
MIND CONTROL – Stuck (Self-Released)
ALIENATION - Here we are at the Dog Beach (Self-Released)
LET GO - The Connection (Self-Released)

Punk from South Africa featured on a compilation called "Stop Apartheid Now!

WILD YOUTH - Record Co's (Kids of the 80's)
SURF OR DIE – Moral (Kids of the 80's)
GAY MARINES - Your Gen. Makes Me Sick (Kids of the 80's)
RIOT SQUAD SA - Security System (Kids of the 80's)
LEOPARD - Boys & Bitches (Kids of the 80's)

DOGMATIST - All You Can Be (Adult Crash / Raw Birth)
CULTURE SHOCK - Stark Raving Mad. (Self-Released)
AJAX – Nothing (Static Shock)
ONE BY ONE - One By One-Not The Same (Lost Time)
FREEDOM - My Stance (Lost Time)
NEW VISION - Where It Ends (Self-Released)

THE SECRETS – Suzie Peroxide (Bomb)
THE DIODES – Mercenary Flight (Epic)
EMERGENCY – State of Emergency (Step 1)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Toronto and the demo can be downloaded from their bandcamp page. 

CHLORINE - Power (Self-Released)
CHLORINE - Buried Alive (Self-Released)
CHLORINE - Retribution (Self-Released)
CHLORINE - Human Weakness (Self-Released)
CHLORINE - Creatures / Mutants (Self-Released)

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