Sunday, February 8, 2015

Radio - Sunday, February 8th, 2015

Here is the show for Sunday, February 8th, 2015. We start out with an ode to the weather by Boston's Baja Blitz which sums how we feel about the non-stop snowstorms as of late. We start out with ripping new hardcore. Download the show here.

BAJA BLITZ - (Intro) Hibernation (Self-Released)

GAS RAG - On The Beach (Even Worse)
AJAX - Escape (Katorga Works)
HASSLER - Identity theft (Deranged)
BOSTON STRANGLER - Fire (Self-Released)
SLUMS OF THE FUTURE - Space prison (Compressed Thought)

Tonight's show also sees Rob returning to the co-host deck with material that reflects his recent trip to L.A.

X - Riding with Mary (Elektra)
WEIRDOS - Solitary Confinement (Frontier)
TEENGENERATE - Six and Change (Crypt)
THEE MILKSHAKES - Don't Destroy Me (Pink Dust)
THE NERVES - Walking Out on Love (Alive / Bomp)

AMERICAN HATE - Social Exposure (Not Normal Tapes)
CULTURE SHOCK - Lone Wolves (Self-Released)
DIRTY WORK - Stepped In It (Self-Released)
FARANG - Ear of the Bull (Self-Released)
FAMILY OUTING - Psychic Leech (Self-Released)
BIG CRUX - Warship (Self-Released)

CIRCLE JERKS - Behind the Door (Frontier)
CHEIFS - Eddie's Revenge (Hate)
THE CRAMPS - I can't find my mind (IRS)
THE PULSATING HEARTBEATS - Talkin' about you (Crypt)

GROSS - My Cool Friends (Self-Released)
GOMS - Frost Bite (Self-Released)
CAVE STATE - Self Extinct (To Live a Lie)
IRON LUNG - Strap (Iron Lung)
GETS WORSE - Boring Legend (Dead Heroes)
COLUMN OF HEAVEN - A Modern Day Sodom (SPHC)

IMPALERS - Acousmetre (Can O' Bees)
ABSOLUT - Noose (D'takt & Rapunk)
ASESINATO DEL PODER - Tortura y Crimenes de Guerra (Infeccion Sonnica)
USELESS CUNTS - Uhrit (Rapina / Hakaniemi / Bad Hair for Life)
BATTESCARD - Zeke (Self-Released)
JACKALS - No Solution (Hardware)
SUBSISTENCH - Blvd. Rene Levesque (Swollen City)

BÖRN - Þú skuldar mér að vera sexý (Self-Released)
COSMIC TOILET - Star Stuff (Low Earth Orbit)
FACE THE RAIL - Live & Try (Katorga Works)
PURA MANIA - Tus ojos (CV)
PORKERIA - Sudor (540)

FRAU - High Heels (Self-Released)
GLAMOUR GIRLS - Unhealthy (More Power Tapes)
GENERACION SUICIDA - Rechazados Por (Going Underground)
DESPERFECTO - Fracaso (Polze de la Mort)
FASTIC - Facebook Addict (Polze de la Mort)

SPINE - Hall of Death (Self-Released)
2X4 - The Law is Theirs (Self-Released)
INMATES - Sushi 39.6 (Painkiller)
BLACKHOLE - Wolves in Pig's Clothing (Or Block)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Toronto that will be recording in Studio 3 on Tuesday. here is their first demo which you can download at

BRAUER - Lesley Gore (Self-Released)
BRAUER - New Disguise (Self-Released)
BRAUER - Prison Sushi (Self-Released)
BRAUER - Castlerock (Self-Released)
BRAUER - Hot Seat (Empire) (Self-Released)
BRAUER - Iron-On (Self-Released)

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