Sunday, February 15, 2015

Radio - Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Today is the 50th anniversary for the unveiling of the Maple Leaf as Canada's flag. So to honour the day we thought we would play bands from Canada with songs about national identity, Canadian icons, and insight into their hometowns, which give the microcosm look at Canada. We pulled songs by region so starting with our hometown here is a punk look at Canada.

RANDOM KILLING - Take our flag (Aardvark)

MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS - Suburban dream (Virgin)
THE VILETONES - C.O.N.T.R.O.L. (Other Peoples Music)
THE POLES - CN Tower(Nimbus)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Why pay more (NRK)
APB - Living in the USA - Better Red than Dead (Unreleased)
HYPE - O'Canada (Reuben Kincade)
CAREER SUICIDE - Quarantined (Deranged)
SCHOOL JERKS - Slums of the future (Bad Vibrations)
URBAN BLIGHT - Toxic City (Slasher)
ABSOLUT - Neo Fuckers (Electric Assault)
HASSLER - Pig Pen II (Deranged)

GENETIC CONTROL - Brave New World (Generic)
NILS - Scratches and Needles (BYO)
S.C.U.M. - Exit Death (Psyche)
SISSY HAVOC - Spectator Sports (Mentaka)
SLOBS - Write Offs (Self-Released)

222's - Lowlife (Sonik's Chicken Shrimp)
ASEXUALS - New World (Og)
BORN DEAD ICONS - Ceremony (Dead Alive)

FORGOTTEN REBELS - National unity (Unreleased)
CHOKEHOLD - Culture Cease (G.A.S. Religion)
LEFT FOR DEAD - A nice place to Raise Children (No Idea)
BORN WRONG - True Patriot Love (Schizophrenic)

Fredericton / Ottawa
NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Face the nation (Self-Released)
GUILT PARADE - Fuck off America (Self-Released)
BUREAUCRATS - She's an American (Self-Released)
RED SQUARES - Ottawa Today (Double Helix)

POPULAR MECHANIX - Ice Box City (Dollartone)
UNWANTED - Gotta get out (BYO)
STRETCH MARKS - Who's in charge (Head Butt)
ROYAL RED BRIGADE - Search The City (Harvest King)

Edmonton / Calgary
SNFU - Thee Maul that eats Peeple (Cargo)
CURIOUS GEORGE - Canadian National Front (Nemesis)
NO PROBLEM - Living in the void (Debt Offensive)
KNUCKLEHEAD - North of the 54 (Stumble)
MOTHERFUCKERS - Bomb the Stampede (Handsome Dan)

Vancouver / Victoria
SUBHUMANS - Oh Canaduh (Self-Released)
DOA - Royal Police (Sudden Death)
DEATH SENTENCE - R.C.M.P. (Self-Released)
THE EVAPORATORS - Gassy Jack (Mint)
FROSTBACKS - Kill the Prime Minister of America (Self-Released)
INFAMOUS SCIENTISTS - Canada's Pissed (Alandhiscar)

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