Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Flesh Rag studio 3 session

Do you remember when these guys lived in Welland and Burger played guitar. It was way back and they were known as the Rocket Reducers. Jimmy Vapid was recording them and he was recommending them to me. Well Jimmy is still letting me know about Matt's latest project and Jimmy is even involved with the recording of Matt and Burger's latest band. Matt had recorded some songs with Jimmy and then Jimmy reminded him about them and then Matt and Nate became roommates and Jimmy told Matt about Eric, because Eric was in the last rendition of the Vapids and Flesh Rag came to life. Jimmy loaned a recording unit and Matt and Nate set about writing and recording songs almost everyday that TV Freaks aren't doing things. 

In our session we recorded:

1. It Ain't Enough
2. Burning Sands
3. Blood on my Mind
4. You Fucked Me Up, You Put Me Down
5. Running Around
6. Ugly Death
7. Ballad
8. Tombstone Heart
9. Fucked Up
10. Bad Attitude
11. Milk Man

Then we recorded some IDs:

12. Bad Attitude EXD ID
13. Fucked Up CIUT ID

Throughout the session it got hot and the band stripped down to their underwear. They have a lot of tattoos. 

Matt talked about a lot of shitty things that has happened to him like the break up the Mystics and the break up with his wife and the benders, but Matt talks with the verve of a guy who is high on life. 

And Burger seems super stoked to have access to an 8-track. That seems to be the driving force or the fourth member in this band. the band keeps making songs. It sounds like every band should have an 8-track. 

The last time the Rocket Reducers were on the show, Matt was getting dropped off by his mom. Now he has adult problems and drives himself.

This session was recorded by Ian Wilkinson. It was videotaped by Candy Nichols for Punk and Rockers. 

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