Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Brauer studio 3 session

So who are Brauer? I didn't know before doing this studio 3 session. I looked them up and lots of historical pieces not related to punk came up. I did eventually come across the singer, Sloane, wearing a Jawbreaker shirt which makes sense because the band did do a cover of "Kiss the Bottle". 

When I got to the radio station Nick was waiting for me wearing an Absolut shirt so I was expecting some raging d-beat. What I wasn't expecting was an extremely sophisticated hybrid of hardcore that drew from the "Summer of revolution", straight edge bro core, and various aspects of more raging emo that defined the late 90's scene. And when we starting speaking in the interview you start getting an idea of just how deep the influence bench goes with Brauer. 

So I don't consider myself a big emo guy. Until I started watching Brauer and started trying to connect the dots with bands like Three, Gray Matter, Beefeater and songs like "Mambo's 1 through 4" have a certain Nation of Ulysses quality to their title in the subcultural analysis. In fact, Sloane's vocals remind me of Guy Picciotti of Fugazi fame.

Nick and Campbell (Wastoids, Direct Approach) reminded me of the Fred / Dug E Bird partnership of the Beefeater line up. 

Selvin and Nick talked bro core and Selvin could hit the kit like any other mosh drummers, but he also played the kit with the delicacy of a jazz kit player. 

Brauer was just mind blowing. Sloane had some of the freedom of association stream that Leah from Farang employs especially with references to ice cream and then go back to heavy subjects like sexual assault in songs like "Baptist". Musically, Brauer sounds as accomplished as the New Enemy or Victim Party or Careers in Science. In fact these bands could all play together for sure. Brauer remind me of the mash up concept of Hassler as applied to the Summer of Revolution back catalogue but with a quick witted lyricist. This is gold. Hear for yourself. The songs recorded i tonight's session include:

1. Mambo's 1 through 4
2. Technicolour Yawn
3. Skinny Wolves
4. Lesley Gore
5. What a time to be alive (2011)
6. Castlerock
7. Iron On
8. Baptist / Human Torch
9. Kiss the Bottle

The band also did some IDs for the station and the show.

10. 2011 ID
11. Human Torch ID
12. Kiss the Bottle ID

Candy at Punks and Rockers caught all of this on video.

To hear Brauer in their studio recordings go to https://brauer.bandcamp.com/.

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