Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Rezentments - Studio 3 session

It's beginning to feel like every Studio 3 session happens on a day of an extreme cold weather alert. It was bone shattering cold when I found the rest of the Rezentments in Jay's van. Jay is the drummer and has done a Studio 3 session with Spoiled Rotten. He didn't recognize the new location because he didn't realize we had to move from the house on St. George.

Ian Wilkinson, from Big Brother, was doing sound again and was waiting when we finally luged up the equipment. I should have taken a picture of Chris Crash's amp. It had an amazing leopard print which reminded me of the best punk dye job I envyed growing up. Maybe Chris did too. It was awesome looking.
I have never met Chris before, but his legend is large having played in many bands such as the Plague and Slander and the Hammer Boys and now Steel Town Spoilers. He also runs a punk store in Hamilton called Crash Landing. They have a facebook page if you are trying to track them down. Chris was good enough to talk with me when I was doing research on Slander and he has amazing stories so I was excited to meet him in person. I was not disappointed.

Jamie Problem had wet my appetite about his new band (The Rezentments) when he came in to be interviewed about Problem Children. And as he belted out songs I could hear some of the PC melodies and optimism in a shitty story. All lived experiences.

Chris had played in a band called the Hammer Boys with Ham'r Mark and they seem to be the core of the band. Mark brought in Mayhem Mark and you can hear the story as better told in this interview we did afterwards. The song "Anxiety" reminded me of "What we want is free" by Articles of Faith. The gang vocals remind me of Sham 69. There are metal flourishes throughout and the song "Dick" approached grind speeds. The band makes the case that they are a mixed bag of influences. The band is working on a studio recording, but here are some songs recorded at CIUT's studio 3.

1. Anxiety
2. Somedays
3. Friendly Fire
4. Hey Pig
5. Piece of Me
6. Photo Bomb
7. You Got Two
8. Crowd Control
9. Barton Street Hag
10. Yer What's Wrong
11. Dick
12. Try

The band also did some IDs for the show and the station based around their songs.

13. EXD ID

And Aldo from Punks 'n Rockers video taped the session.

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