Sunday, January 12, 2014

Radio - Sunday January 12, 2014

Tonight's show featured a new crust band from here called IDNS which features former member of END PROGRAM and current members of MURDERSQUAD T.O. and MAKE NO GAINS. They recorded a studio 3 session on Tuesday which is played here along with an interview. You can listen to the show on the player above or download the show here, but below is the playlist.

IDNS - Destroyer of worlds (CIUT)
IDNS - Interviewer (CIUT)
IDNS - Systematik (CIUT)
IDNS - Interviewer (CIUT)
IDNS - Hierarchy of Power (CIUT)
IDNS - Interviewer (CIUT)
IDNS - Ad Naseum (CIUT)
IDNS - Interviewer (CIUT)
IDNS - Global Abuse (CIUT)
IDNS - Athabasca (Self-Released)
IDNS - Interviewer (CIUT)
IDNS - Consumption of Mass Quantities (CIUT)
IDNS - Interviewer (CIUT)
IDNS - Mental Torpor (CIUT)
IDNS - Interviewer (CIUT)
IDNS - Apotheosis of Carnage (CIUT)
IDNS - Interviewer (CIUT)
IDNS - Without Warning (CIUT)
IDNS - Interviewer (CIUT)
IDNS - Unconscionable (CIUT)
IDNS - Interviewer (CIUT)
IDNS - Eat. Shit. Die. (CIUT)

REALLY RED - Crowd Control
PF COMMANDO - Suburban Kid
THE SCREWED - Barbra (Screwed)
PUNCTURE - Mucky Pup (Almost Ready)

RAW JUSTICE - Raw Justice (Straight and Alert)
THINK AGAIN - Find Your Way (Way Back When)
DISMANTLE - Toucher (Schizophrenic)
PUSRAD - Tanter I Pals (Packe & Sveden)
THE SECRET PROSTITUES - Lelucon Sinis (Ken Rock)

Tonight's demo feature is from Boston. This demo came out in July 2013 but was only just reviewed in MRR. You can download the demo at

EXIT ORDER - Cold Sweat Fit (Self-Released)
EXIT ORDER - Hungry Enough (Self-Released)
EXIT ORDER - Rotten Thing (Self-Released)
EXIT ORDER - Fat Pockets (Self-Released)
EXIT ORDER - Lost Cause (Self-Released)
EXIT ORDER - Closer (Self-Released)
EXIT ORDER - Give it up (Self-Released)

Here is a review from the recent issue of MRR:

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