Tuesday, January 7, 2014

IDNS Studio 3 session

Matt joked about it being the coldest night of the year. It was pretty damn cold. Seems like a lot of Studio 3 sessions happen on bad weather days. To paraphrase DRI "I'd rather be recording". There was ice everywhere and trying to carry heavy amps over ice was a bit unnerving, but we did get all the equipnent upstairs. Sean, the singer was the only person I had not met before. Daren, the drummer, was in with Make No Gains not that long ago.  Matt had recorded with End Program at the St. George location and Preston did the same with Murdersquad T.O. So some of this was afamiliar and some of this was new. There was some nerves and there was some hearing issues, but as everyone thing was tweaking the session came together. 35 takes produced 11 songs. Ian Wilkinson did all tough work of sifting through all the takes. Here are the finals for you to hear or download:

1. Systematik
2. Without Warning
3. Destroyer of Worlds
4. Global Abuse
5. Eat. Shit. Die.
6. Consumption of Mass Quantities (C.M.Q.)
7. Mental Torpor
8. Unconscionable
9. Apotheosis of Carnage
10. Hierarchy of Power
11. Ad Nauseum

Please note that if you go to the archive.org page there are various formats for these songs.

I also asked Sean to do IDs for the station based on their songs so here they are:

13. EXD ID

They stuck around to answer questions afterwards and you can hear the interview or check out the radio show where it is altogether.

Here is a video clip of the session filmed by Aldo from Punks `n Rockers:

To get in touch with IDNS you can reach them through their bandcamp site at http://idnscrust.bandcamp.com/. There is a contact section on the bottom right hand corner.

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