Sunday, January 19, 2014

Radio - Sunday, January 19th, 2014

This show starts out with some hard to find re-issues out of Europe.
You can hear the show above or download an MP3 file.

STIGMATHE - Volando Stanotte (No Plan)
GOLA JAJA - Zajebano (NE!)
NAPRED U PROSLOST - Pogledag (No Plan)

MAKABERT FYND - Dom storsta ioiotbena arni (Phobia)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Wind of Cruelty (Hardcore Holocaust)
FEAR OF EXTINCTION - Cross, Moon and Star (Phobia)
HARPER SS - Midnight (Self-Released)
TOMORROW'S HELL - This Age in Decline (Phobia)

MOCK ORDER - Consumed (Imminent Destruction Records)
KNIVES AND FORKS FOR FREEDOM - Another Way (Self-Released)
GRUMP - Facades (Self-Released)
CUT LOOSE - Peace within my mind (Straight and Alert)

Last night we received a call for the TV Freaks and D'Arcy had seen a new video for the song "Knife" so we played that song. Here is the video.

TV FREAKS - Knife (Schizophrenic)

D'Arcy pulled toether some obscure punk bands that feature women on vocals.

PENETRATION - Money Talks (Applegoince)
THE COMES - Panic (Self-Released)
DISHRAGS - I don't love you (Other People's Music)
THE SICK THINGS - Anti-Social Disease (Damaged Goods)
AMSTERDAMNED - Traditie Ammeballe! (Gummopunx)
THE LEWD - Magnetic Heart (Chuckie Boy)

THE REACTORS - World War 4 (Artifix)
THE BRAT - Attitudes (Fatima)
DAAAN - Lust is Greed (Self-Released)
SCHUND - Schund (Self-Released)
NJF - Sitting Pretty (Green Fumes)
TRASH - Piece of what? (Self-Released)
MANISCH DEPRESIV - Zeit Maschine 1 (Soilant)
BOYS BOYS - Monkey Monkey (Pass)

LUCCATA MILK - Fucking Pacifist (Milk)
ELECTRIC DEADS - 30 Years (Electro Static)
GLUE ARMS - 365 (Punk Rules)
DE ZEWEETKUTTEN - Atomegeweld (Self-Released)
THE LEPERS - Flipout (Self-Released)
USCH - Ito (Self-Released)

MODERN HANDGUN - Oka (Self-Released)
BOMBANGREPP - Abortfragan (Phobia)
OBLITERATION - Coverup / Their War System (Beach Impediment)
THIS CLOSE - Tear up the Hedge (Self-Released)
ABUSE - Assembly Line (To Live a Lie)
PROPAGANDA - Pod Moskau (Phobia)

BAD SKIN - We're Dogs (Bad Vibrations)
BUMPIN' TACOS - Rattle It Back (Self-Released)
TEEN CRUD COMBO - Beaver County - Population Nick (Deranged)

Tonight's demo feature is Flaccid from Salem. The band has another recording which you can all find at, but
this demo is also available at

FLACCID - Dirt / Backwards (Self-Released)
FLACCID - Concrete (Self-Released)
FLACCID - Conscience (Self-Released)
FLACCID - Repetition (Self-Released)
FLACCID - Destroy Tradition (Self-Released)
FLACCID - Wrong (Self-Released)

Here is a review of their demo from the January issue of MRR.

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