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Radio - Sunday June 3rd, 2012

We started out with the Sex Pistols "Friggin in a riggin'" because today Queen Elizabeth celebrated the Diamond Jubilee with a boat ride down the Thames River. Thirty years ago the Sex Pistols hired a boat and played "God Save the Queen" while sailing by Buckingham Palace and were arrested which prompted writing "Friggin' and a Riggin'" as a song for the "Great Rock 'n Roll Swindle". We do a top 10 for May 2012 in this show. D'Arcy programs sets on Japanese and Swedish hardcore. S.H.I.T. are featured in the demo segment at the end. Click to download or listen to the show. 

SEX PISTOLS - Friggin and a Riggin' (Virgin)

Top 10 for May 2012
GENERATION HEXED – Pushin’ a rope (Taint Pretty)
HOST – Fuck this Place (Cricket Cemetary)
CRASH KILLS FIVE – It’s Always There (Ugly Pop)
OUTBURST – Thin Ice (Lush Life / Wardance)
DOOM TOWN – Shrouded in Mystery (New Dark Ages)
ARSON - Coho? Coho! (Ugly Pop)
KRUDS – Chumbawamba / Fuck Charles Day (Buried in Hell /Patac / Riotous Outburst)
CAPTIVE BOLT – Fight To Exist (New Ethics Records)
DREAM DATES – Surfer Joe (Ugly Pop)
NAO CONFORMISMO – Justa Venganca (Self-Released)

BLUE DEMONS - Cougar Country (Boppa Do Down)
REVELATORS - Crawdad (Crypt)
RIP OFFS - Leave you cold (Pure Filth)
LEATHER UPPERS - Break my leg (Goner)

WARRIOR KIDS - Marseille Tombe
HAUTE COUTURE - Haute Couture (Shogun)
THE NERVOUS - Greatest Generation (Nervous)

AUTOATIC PUSSYCAT - Away from the eyes of nancy (Kizmiaz)
KING AUTOMATIC - closing Time (Slovenly)
SUX EVULSORS - Five Faces Woman (SDZ)
CAFETERIA DANCE FEVER - A Rainbow that shoots nunchuks at People (Hovercraft)
MONO MEN - Phantom on lane 12 (Estrus)

COPOUT - Chained (Self-Released)
DISHARGE - Protest + Survive (Clay)
CRUTCHES - Systrar + Broder (Self-Released)
CHRIST ON PARADE - Landlord Song (Pusmort)
ANTI-SEEN - I Don't Care (TKO)

INSIDIOUS PROCESS - Stedsdels formstin ingen (Turist Tillvaren)
SLOW KNIVAR - Latsas (Turist Tillvaren)
ALLVARET - Oroshard (Turist Tillvaren)
SPOTLICKS - Ou Feta Born (Turist Tillvaren)
DICK TRACY - Ak Pa Tur (Turist Tillvaren)
BABOON SHOW - What it Takes
FRV DOERR- Skor (Turist Tillvaren)

NARS - I Don't Wanna (Self-Released)
BATTLESCARD - Bent Them All (Self-Released)
BIGGER THAN YOU - # (Self-Released)
CONTRAST ATTITUDE - Death and Horror (Self-Released)
DROPEND - Inequality (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
S.H.I.T. - Feeding Time (Self-Released)
S.H.I.T. - Eraser (Self-Released)
S.H.I.T. - Human Kindness (Self-Released)
S.H.I.T. - Muscle Mag (Self-Released)
S.H.I.T. - Bondage (Self-Released)
S.H.I.T. - Mind Fuck (Self-Released)

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