Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kremlin studio 3 session

I wondered if this session was ever going to happen. CIUT is wiring in a new broadcast board into the Map Room at Hart House. How does this figure into our story? Some DJs on Tuesday night program their show from the Map Room in order that we might record in the traditional broadcast studio known as Studio 3. So the Station Manager called mid day to cancel the session, but then he figured out a two hour window that we could try. It usually takes us the entire three hours, but I didn’t want to cancel the session because there is so much effort put into scheduling that when one gets cancelled it puts a damper mood on all involved. So much so that it becomes difficult to do another session. I get there for 7:30 and I wait downstairs for the band members. Zack and Harry got a lift with their dad. But I wait downstairs for another half an hour for Ivan. Eventually Ivan finds the studio. He was waiting at the front of Hart House since 6:00pm. So we get going and we barely get the session squeezed out. I gotta say that these guys sound like they live Discharge if it isn’t obvious from the patches and tattoo. Zack plays a flying V that reminds me of Buzz from Direct Action, who were also a local Discharge inspired hardcore band. The band played these songs running into each other with a break after “Duped” and “No Work”. So it was like recording three songs. I do love the momentum that builds with songs running out of another. Here is Kremlin’s session.

1. Esprit de corps
2. Abuse Asylum
3. Rot
4. Duped
5. Why Should I?
6. Buried
7. Will you feed me
8. Unscrewed
9. No Work
10. Leave nothing alone
11. Kremlin

Punks and Rockers videotaped the session and has editted together four songs from the session.

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