Monday, June 25, 2012

Radio - Sunday June 24th, 2012

Tonight's show happened in the shadow of the Italy v. England game. So we started off with a tribute to the game and to Italy for beating the Brits. John Di Marco, of Rubber Factory Records was in to guest host on the show, so we looked at the scene he grew up in which is York Region and he programmed a set of bands from Tennessee and we started withy bands from Florida (mostly Tampa). D'Arcy brought in a slew of new bands which included Needles because Martin is in town this week with Limp Wrist. And the demo feature was Damaged Goods, a great new two piece. You can hear the show by clicking here.

FOUR LETTER WORD - Dead Industrial (Rubber Factory)

TOMORROW - Splendore (Answer)
INDIGESTI - No al sistema / Nessuna Ragione (Vacation House)
NEGAZIONE - Mon mi Dire (R Radical)
PEGGIO PUNX - Nola (SOA Recordings)
RAW POWER - State Oppression (Soul Force)
MAZE - Dentro di noi (Inaudio)
KALASHINIKOV - Angoscia-Rock (NKTN Rehorz)

DUKES OF HILLSBOROUGH - Chad McQueen got nothing on me (A.D.D.)
GRABASS CHARLTONS - Lead us down (Barracuda)
THE TIM VERSION - I am not a tree (Snuffy Smiles)
THE ARRIVALS - Children's Crusade (Recess)
TILTWHEEL - Teach your children hell (Drunken Sailor)

THE RIVAL MOB - Mad Justice (Self-Released)
NEEDLES - Their Lord and Load (Lengua Armada)
CRIMEN - Ain't no feeble bastard (Self-Released)

BOMBSHELTER - Passing Days (Rubber Factory)
BLASTCAPS - Rat Patrol (Battersea)
ROSIE JONES BAND - Discipline (Rubber factory)
SINKIN' SHIPS - Teacher mother secret lover (Wounded paw)
DOGS - Scorpions of the night (Rubber factory)
SUMMER OF '92 - Guns to the sky (Unreleased)

SYSTEMATIK - Corrupted thoughts (Self-Released)
BURNING LOVE - Kourla (High Anxiety)
YEAR OF THE RAT - Ctrl + Alt + Del (Self-Released)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Beach slam (P Trash)

ADDC - All things considered (Plan-it-X)
THE HIDDEN SPOTS - Identity (Mauled by Tigers)
FUTURE VIRGINS - Troubled Heart (Starcleaner)
JACK PALANCE BAND - Heaven (A.D.D. / Dead Broke)

CONFUSE - People are nulcear poisoning (Violent Party)
LIFE - O.D.A. (Punk Bastard)
SLANG - Chernobyl Necklace (Prank)

Demo Feature
DAMAGED GOODS - Necessary Violence (Self-Released)
DAMAGED GOODS - Retrospect (Self-Released)
DAMAGED GOODS - My Belief (Self-Released)
DAMAGED GOODS - Super Bunny and Wonder Kitty (Self-Released)
DAMAGED GOODS - J.C.E. (Self-Released)

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