Monday, June 18, 2012

Radio - Sunday June 17th, 2012

On this week's show we play punk from around the world. Rob does some wrap ups with the NXNE. There is a set of new straight edge releases. There is a set of darkened hardcore. And tonight's demo feature is Harhaa, a new one man band featuring Zack from Kremlin. You can download this show and here is what we played.

NAO CONFORMISMO - Instantes Covardes (Self-Released)

PARENTAL SHOCK - I Can't Handle It (United Shoebrothers / Rabbit's Foot)
SHOCK FUTURO - Sotanas (Sin Fronteras)
HAUTE COUTURE - Act your age (Shogun)
PEACE OR ANNIHILATION - The Rise of Confrontation (Shogun)
KONKRUSSI - Valedemokratia (Kamaset Levyt)
KREMLIN - Rot (Hardware)

MEAN JEANS - Anybody out there (Dirtnap)
COLD WARPS - Let's just fun (Self-Released)
REIGNING SOUND - You got me hummin' (in the Red)
TEENANGER - Lawyer Up (Telephone Explosion)
TV FREAKS - Hobby (Self-Released)

CURAHEE - Time to React (Commitment)
ABUSIVE ACTION - What's Right (Voice of a generation)
OUR GANG - No Tomorrow (Lush Life / Wardance)
URBAN UNREST - Small Minded (United Shoebrothers / Rabbit's Foot)
IN DEFENSE - All hail taco avenger (Profane Existence)
PURITY CONTROL - Sympathy Pains (Self-Released)

MELVINS - Boris (Boner)
INEPSY - The fury of Destruction (Feral Ward)
PILLSBURY HARDCORE - Hey Bob, What's Up? (Fartblossom)
SEPTIC DEATH - Thaw (Cold War) (Pusmort)
OBLIVIANS - Ride that train (Crypt)

AGAINST EMPIRE - Live for Yourself (Profane Existence)
SORROWER - Said and Done (Profane Existence)
A NEW DAWN - Intro(Self-Released)
BLOOD OF THE GODS - In the den of the lions (Profane Existence)
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT - The end of complacency (Profane Existence)

THE KIDS - This is Rock 'n Roll (Redrum)
MAGGOT SANDIWCH - You're a Bum (Redrum)
CHELSEA - Year's away (Captain oi!)
NO SIR - Kingston Beat (Family Drugs)
VILE THREAT - Sudah Bencraah (Self-Released)
OUTLOOK - Release (Self-Released)
BAN RUN - Stuff (BART)
BORED - Make me on my back (Self-Released)
LUCHS BROTHERS - Losing my lunch over you (Redrum)
KUOLEMA - Sekayaon Juhlaa (Lady lord)
OLD FEARS - Shelf Life (Self-Released)
DIRECT EFFECT - Don't lose sight (Get outta town)

Demo Feature
HARHAA - Delusion (Self-Released)
HARHAA - Exploit to the Fullest (Self-Released)
HARHAA - Test (Self-Released)

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  1. Anyone know the full tracklist for Harhaa - Demo ? I know it's 5 songs, but can't find all the track names.