Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Violent Future studio 3 session

Violent Future are a new hardcore band featuring Christian on vocals, Mike "Beav" Huntington on guitar (Urban Blight), Steve Musgrave (Which Side / Bad Choice) on guitar, Rick Smith (Bad Choice) on bass, and Greg Benedetto (Stuck in the City) on drums. These guys are serious about their punk and there was a million collectors stories before the session actually began. Rick was having trouble with the effects on his bass. By the end Christian was shouting himself hoarse. Here is session recorded in Studio 3.

1. Goon Life
2. Government Takeover
3. Bloody victims
4. Violent Future
5. Life Sucker
6. Fatal Reality
7. Chumps
8. Street Prowler

Here are four songs filmed by Aldo Erdic for Punks 'n' Rockers from the session: