Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kremlin “Will you feed me?” ep

This may be KREMLIN’s third recording, but it is their first release on a label. Surprisingly there are loads of new songs not yet heard on the previous two demoes. The opening song has an early Finnish hardcore flair to it, with a wild pace and shouted back up vocals. The production is lo fi and gives it that “Russia Bombs Finland” feel to it. This song goes immediately into a more mid paced JESUS AND THE GOSPELFUCKERS “Kill the Police” like number. All the while Zack’s guitar has this feedback snarl that reminds me of Marcel’s electric bullwhip lash in “Coho! Coho!”. The whole band reminds me of the way many early hardcore bands worked from a DISCHARGE premise and developed all these amazing different sounds. Like the FARTZ or LARM or almost any of the early great hardcore band’s. That is what DIRECT ACTION from here seemed like to me. A band that worshipped DISCHARGE but wound up playing something different than D-Beat. This is a band and a recording to be reckoned with drawing on many styles of hardcore and spitting out something unique and yet familiar. (Hardware Records – P.O. Box 1646 / 49006 Osnabruck / Germany /

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