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Radio - Sunday May 13th, 2012

This is the Mother's Day (May 13th) edition of EXD and in honour of Mother's Day we started off with the Lucky Ones and a song called "Your mother's a man". Just a little humour to start off the show before getting into a set of material inspired by the student protests in Quebec, which see the provincial government making it too expenisve for kids to go to university, which really sees them pulling out of the investment in our future. So the first set is about how bleak our future is. Rob gets into some recent Ugly Pop 5 re-issues with the Hot nasties and the Rock and Roll Bitches among others. D'Arcy features an all Canadian set with the Truncheons. And the show ends up with a demo feature by a new crust band from Montreal called Disrape. Listen to the show or read our playlist below.

THE LUCKY ONES - Your Mother's a Man (Stumble)

MANLIFTINGBANNER - Fighting in the Streets (Crucial Response)
SHIPWRECKED - Fast Violent Noise (Crucial Response)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Violent Future
PICK YOUR SIDE - Dark Future (A389)
HARDCHARGER - Call from Below (No List)
END PROGRAM - White Wolves (High art for the lowdown)

BLUE DEMONS - Beatnik Bandit (Boppa do down)
ARSON - Coho? Coho! (Ugly Pop)
SPYS - Underground (Ugly Pop)
ROCK AND ROLL BITCHES - Someone could lose an eye (Ugly Pop)
HOT NASTIES - I am a confused Teenager (Ugly Pop)

SECRET PROSTITUTES - Jubaton dicopot (Bat Shit)
CHAINSAW - Fill in the blanks (Self-Released)
SS KIDS - Disorder
MAYHEM - Dogsbody
FINAL CONFLICT - In the family (Self-Released)

BILL BONDSMEN - Overcrowded Control (self-Released)
NIGHT BIRDS - Paranoid times (Artcore)
THE LOVE BELOW - Holy Dose (A389)
HUSKER DU - Something I learned today (SST)

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - I shot the devil (Frontier)
FEAR - I don't care about you (Slash)
CHANNEL 3 - I got a gun (Posh boy)
ADRENALIN OD - Bugs (Buy our Records)
ANTI-CIMEX - Pain killer (Distraught)

LIMP WRIST - They want us dead (Lengua Armada)
RESISTANCE '77 - Nottingham problem (Captain Oi!)
VARUKERS - Die for your government (Captain oi!)
BRISTLES - Bristles song (MCR)
TOTALITAR - Valj min logn (Prank)

TRUNCHEONS - Blow it all to hell (Self-released)
SCHOOL JERKS - Screamer (Cowabunga)
TOTAL WAR - Nuclear meltdown hysteria (Self-released)
DIRECT APPROACH - What did we do (Self-released)
RAPID LOSS - Negative disease (Self-released)
BORN WRONG - Promise of the godless (Self-released)

BBQ CHICKENS - Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini (pizza of death)
VITAMIN X - I can't get enough (Havoc)
ROTTEN SOUND - Plan (Full Steam)
GOOGLE PLEX - die for it (Noizaw)
DEAF MUTATIONS - Mutation shuffle (Static shock)
TERRIBLE FEELINGS - Trash and burn (Erste Tontujar theke)

Demo Feature
DISRAPE - Dis nightmare continues (Self-Released)
DISRAPE - Vulture's feast (Self-Released)
DISRAPE - Grim & frostbitten (Self-Released)
DISRAPE - Deathriders (Self-Released)
DISRAPE - Abracadaver (Self-Released)
DISRAPE - Watch it rot (Self-Released)
DISRAPE - Mercy of a swift death (Self-Released)

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